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Period 11- language Arts- shal

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Jason Lee

Period 11- Language Arts- Shal


China Theme- Final

Chinese Food- Rice
Rice, many people consider it as a normal side dish, but if one thinks back long ago in ancient China it was an important building block to society. Common information often known about rice is that it is a grain grown in fields and is eaten usually as a side dish. However when one considers the origins, importance, and daily significance, one may see how it affects ancient and daily China.

Rice, a grain that is abundant in the northern region of China, was found by immigrants moving north. They discovered when steamed it became an edible delicacy, so from that day forward it became one of China’s most valuable treasures. The people of China sought it as a bit tasteless; they also discovered that when eaten with other foods it becomes a delicious dish, and a great source of energy. From that day rice is still valued as a treasure in China. (Rice: History)

Rice is the an important building block to Chinese society, in fact since it was so abundant and could be used in so many different dishes China revolved around it. Many different recipes can be found for rice and as this empire spread it became more and more popular. It soon became world wide reaching all corners of the Earth, it was now one of the world’s favorite dish or side dish. (Rice and its importance)

Today, rice is valued all over the world by most cultures, and is formed into new dishes by other cultures. It has become the corner stone to almost all daily meals, and is a piece of Chinese ethnicity. If China had not found this grain, it would not be to where it is today. Even to this day the people of China value it as a precious jewel to society. In this present day, people all over the world feel that it is a significant part to daily life. (Daily Rice)

One may now see that daily Chinese lifestyle orbits around rice, and how China could not be where it is without it. Also one can perceive how the origins, importance, and how it plays into daily life show how it is extremely significant. All the points mentioned explain how rice is an important building block too Chinese society.
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