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Part Two, Scene 1: Enter Kolin Pope

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Part Two, Scene 1: Enter Kolin Pope
Spotlight lights on Kolin as he enters the band is playing the full kolin song, the rest of the theater goes dark except for the lights on the DoomsDay device. Maggie disappears. Kolin walks inside…Father Time lights up and begins to speak.
Father Time: Velocity Gnome, You have arrived!
Lights up on the band and everywhere. The dancers usher Kolin to the middle and dance about as the song plays.
Kolin’s Song
And his name was pope

Voice that brought us hope

That the robots could never surrender and sever the will of a MAN!!!!!
Not just any man

Kolin Pope had a plan

To unleash the potential released from the heart and the hand!
Velocity Gnome! The messiah at last!

As the future unravels he leads us to battle

But we’re still in the past!
So we lifted our swords

And our rayguns high

As we followed our leader and fought for the right of command
Now many were slain

Some lived to tell tales

Of slashed battery cells and the robotic hell that we call our lives!
Velocity Gnome! The messiah at last!

As the future unravels he leads us to battle

But we’re still in the past!
Some said we were doomed

That they’d sealed our tomb

That the cyborgs and eyesores who crippled our lifestyle had won!
But there was a man

Who claimed Earth as our home

As he led the resistance for our sheer existence VELOCITY GNOME!
Velocity Gnome! The messiah at last!

As the future unravels he leads us to battle

But we’re still in the past!



Father Time: My, oh, my, I may not know my lips from a lighthouse, but I know Kolin Pope when I see him! I’m sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced; I’m Father Time, owner and proprietor of time itself. Tell me: how are you, young fellow?
Kolin: Which way is the bathroom?
Father Time: Ha ha ha! Oh, Kolin Pope, now isn’t the time! There are important matters to attend to…such as that eyesore right there. Go on and take a look. Now I can help you, but I can only affect the timestream so much before-
As Kolin reaches the device, spotlight on Zane up in the catwalk, or houselights up.
*Zane is headstrong but clearly frazzled…this isn’t quite how he wanted it to be*
Zane: FAAAAAAAATHHHHHERRRRR!!!! How did you get here! Speak now!
Kolin: blah blah blah, I’m uncomfortable. I think I’m in over my head.
Zane: To tempt fate is ill advised, Father. As I am now a man and you a boy I take it upon myself to responsibly usurp your paternal duties as I offer you these gentle words: go home wretch…there is nothing for you here. I have made my choice, fully prepared to suffer the consequences. What say you?
Kolin: blah blah blah what choice have you made?
Zane: A man much wiser than I once said “Time heals all wounds?”…but wise men are fools, Kolin. They spin wisdom into deceit, into lies. “Time heals all wounds…” There was a time when I was your son, your flesh and blood, but you took my heart, a heart filled with nothing short of complete loyalty and devotion, and you chewed it up like so many family dinners left half eaten in your rush to the drycleaners before close.
Father Time: Every father has choices he must make, Zane Figiam.
Zane: Stay out of this, old man. You meddle enough in the affairs of Man. You judge me. You speak of me as ungrateful for despising a father who chooses to toss his own son to the CyBears.
FT: Zane Figiam…you know it wasn’t as simple as that. Conscientious people are apt to see their duty in that which is the most painful course. Kolin Pope knows what he must do, and he sometimes must live with the regret his responsibilities force him to shoulder.
Futurian: A man’s actions write his legacy.
Pastorian: A man’s past seals his fate.
Zane: Do your duty today and repent tomorrow, then, is it? Worthless ramblings. Look at you, father, rushing to the rescue. You, who think you have all the answers; you, whose compassion overshadows your ignorance. I am living proof of your failure as a parent and a friend! I loved you, father…
Kolin: Uh…time out! I’m getting a phone IM!

Pastorian: Have you seen what I’ve seen?
Father Time: Kolin Pope! It is never too late…!
Futurian: Will you see what I’ll see?

Zane: NO! I will not hear it! It is too late. Too late for you. Too late for us. For all of us.
Kolin: I interje-

Futurian: Fear the footsteps traveling toward us…
Pastorian: They bring with them a history of terror.
Zane: It’s him. The End Day is close, now…
FT: Ah…Maggie Hark.

Maggie: Muuhhuuuhahahahahahha-
FT: Oh, dear.
Maggie: You. YOU!!!! You…bothersome, meddling, insignificant churl!! You, for whom I have traveled through time, space, and death to destroy…how do you still manage to…?! You’re after this…but it’s too late…too late. Remember this? Hm? You won’t manage to interfere with me this time, Gnome, no- I’m afraid this time, it’s NO DICE!!! .> Careful, boy. You stare a greater man in the eyes and he blinks bullets. I’m all out of eye drops Gnome. Oh, these old lids of mine are feeling quite weak… BOOM!!! Ah haha hahahahahahahah!

Maggie: Behold the DoomsDay Device!!
DoomsDay device wheels out in full and uncovered Maggie begins moving it around with the controls adjusting it yelling out coordinates, cities, countries, and people’s names. This scene must be milked. The device is on – it’s automatic; it is smoking and moving and should steal the show for a minute.

FT: No, Kolin Pope! Do not be rash! He has become too powerful!

Pastorian: May history forget this day.
Futurian: The forests shall give way to scorched earth.
FT: From it this device has risen, the purest bloom of evil.
Maggie: Ahhh hahahahahha!! Bricks for bread, and moss for meat…you know, I’ve done this all for you, Gnome. It’s all…because…of…YOU. Take a bow, wave goodbye to your precious human race I hate so much…and say HELLO to THE END DAY!!! Mmmhmm…mmha…WAAAHAHAHAHA!!!
Maggie: You…I know you. You’re- arrrrgh…you’re the one who took my dear, dear championship! Well, not again! Humans- you’re always working together to take…my championship belt…to stop my machine! My key, my password…there’s no need, no need! Beautiful implosion!! Bang! BOOM!
Zane: Take note, father whom I despise. Maggie Hark – humanity’s greatest enemy, and my creation – is a madman.
Maggie: A madman!?
Futurian: A mad man?
Pastorian: A mad man?
Maggie: I AM NO HUMAN!
Zane: Yes, Hark, you are. Only a human could possess such evil. I just didn’t know how far you would go…and as I witnessed the construction of this accursed machine I realized that my revenge was being overshadowed by utter chaos.
Maggie: You- you see it, then?! The perfection?
Zane: Oh, yes Hark, I see it – your “perfection.” And there was a time when I entertained thoughts of stopping you. All I would need is that key hung round your neck, and it would be as simple as entering your maintenance override code during the final countdown. A failure in the core like that could shut down your machine and destroy it completely-
Maggie: WHAT?!? Spy!! SPY!! A MOLE IN MY MIDST!! I must say, you know entirely too much. You’ve been a naughty peeper and you’ve gone and learned my password without…my…permission. It really would be lovely if you were to breathe your last breath…why, I believe now is as good a time as any.
Zane: Why not? I might as well perish along with this chaos, in this time…this is it. This is the revenge I asked for. I have nothing left to lose. I’ve already lost…> all I once cared about.
Maggie: Yes! Ah, yes. Well, and just as a little extra “insurance policy”…
PA System: Final countdown initiated. End Day will occur in two minutes, zero seconds. All space and time within an infinite radius from the DoomsDay device will cease to exist. Please ensure that all your affairs are in order…
Maggie: Hee hee! Dweedly hee! And that, as they say, Gnome, is that! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pop off to another era for a better view of the IMPLOSION! Weee-HA! “TTYL!” WAAAAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Ping! PONG. AAAAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!
PA System: (continue softly while others speak) In case of emergency or a lack of cabin pressure oxygen masks will drop from the overhead compartment above you. Please place the mask on yourself before assisting others. Familiarize yourself with the cabin by locating the emergency exit closest to your seat…
FT: Kolin Pope! The machine…see what you can do.
Kolin: What do I do? Nothing’s working! Zane, help! Zane, I need the password!
Zane: I won’t…no. There is nothing…you don’t care.
PA System: One minute and counting until implosion.
FT: Hmmm…even with the password, you need the key to stop the machine.
Kolin: The key is in pieces! Can’t you do something?
FT: The power to weave time as I see fit is at my fingertips, Kolin Pope! Now I’ll admit, I’m more used to time loops than hot pursuits, so this new fangled human portal technology may be difficult to navigate, but I’ll take a crack at sending you back to find that key. Kolin! You must stop him from destroying your life’s work… life itself! Follow Maggie Hark! In you go boy, through the portal!
Kolin: gfdg
FT: No time to spare Kolin, we must be flight of foot, one foot after the other… 3 feet make a yard… the yard needs mowing boy…
Futurian: Be careful gnome, lest you return to a time which no longer exists.
Pastorian: Mind your actions in the past.
Futurian: For it may change the future!
FT: The timestream is fragile…do not change too much, but do not forget your mission!
Futurian and Pastorian: The day is yours, Gnome. May your victory be humanity’s greatest!
FT: Consider your fate… unsealed. Now! I’m something of a greenhorn at this…I’m not really sure where or when you’ll go on your timeline.
PA System: 10 seconds until implosion. 10…9…8…7…
Kolin: Okay, okay! Do it!
FT: And remember, hurry yourself up! I won’t be able to hold the timeline forever!
PA System: 5…4…3…
FT: Kerhtel-alt Eff-Tooky!

[more to come in future script excerpts!]

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