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October 5, 2010 Dear Roxanne

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October 5, 2010
Dear Roxanne:

We can't thank you all enough, Pawbrokers, for coming to Cherokee County and hosting the party for our shelter animals!  Because of you we will be able to help animals that would otherwise have been left behind.  We're going to earmark the proceeds from this party to pay for heartworm treatments for dogs who have a place to go but the rescue/adopter can't afford the cost of treatments.  

Our vet works with us at her cost for supplies and medication, and because of that, heartworm treatments (which often are $500-1000) are between $155 and $300.  We will be able to save a lot of lives due to your selfless efforts and outstanding organization and presentation.  And we'll send you photos and bios of each and every one of them!

I still plan to contact the Ellen DeGeneres Show and give them the buzz on Pawbrokers.  My only reservation is that I don't want you to go national before we can squeeze in another party *_*  Your plan to train others to do what you do is admirable, but I don't think there are as many women as you think out there with the business sense and charisma to launch such a major undertaking.  Don't underestimate your burning desire to make a real difference for the animals that has been the defining factor in the genius of Pawbrokers.  I'm not sure you can easily replicate yourself, Roxanne.  

Words can't say what you mean to us and our county's homeless and abandoned companion animals.  So I'll send you a "face."  Cindy is a 2 year old boxer mix whose family brought her to the shelter because they were losing their home and couldn't take her with them.  Cindy lovingly licked their 10 month old baby goodbye, and we're sure she wondered why they drove off and left her behind.  This dog is a gentle soul and didn't deserve to die.  

Because of Tina's good work getting Cindy photographed and posted on Petfinder, we found a kind lady who agreed to foster her, then a rescue that would sponsor her vetting (shots, spay, etc.).  It was going to be a real strain financially for them to pay for her heartworm treatments, but they said they'd make payments if they had to.  Thanks to the blessings you produced in our community last night, now they don't have to.  

I authorized the vet to give Cindy her first heartworm treatment today and she'll be going to her foster home and rescue the end of this month.  Hooray for Pawbrokers and all of you who give your time and considerable energy toward the only thing separating a lot of animals from life and death--the funds to save them!


Judy Wyles
Humane Society of Cherokee County, Inc.
Cherokee Shelter Rescue Coordinator

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