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Now the same exercise but with a

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Anti Keylogger Software Overview
“In 2009, 89 percent of threats to confidential information exported user data and 86 percent had

a keystroke-logging component; these are increases from 78 percent and 76 percent, respectively,

in 2008.”1

Keyloggers are increasing rapidly and are the number one threat on the internet. Users and businesses are unknowingly losing their data though these hacks. Demonstrated below is a keylogger stealing my information while logging into Bank of America website.

Now the same exercise but with a anti keylogger software called Keystroke Interference loaded we still see the keylogger captures the data but this time Keystroke Interference injects random data between each keystroke pressed which confuse keyloggers making any information leaving your computer encrypted and therefore unhackable. In the end you can see the hackers still receives the data but what they get in rendered useless by a anti keylogger software like Keystroke Interference.

You will also see in the bottom right hand corner all the encrypted keystrokes going by as you type on the screen. Here is a link to a free download of keystroke interference, Note the free version only protects Internet explorer.

For any questions please contact Network Intercept at


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