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Multi-Screen Display & Video Wall

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Multi-Screen Display & Video Wall

9XMedia offers their multi-screen display systems that are expandable and customizable. Their catalogue (featured here is a 15 screen multi-display) includes up to 30-screen triple row scalable ergonomic multi-monitor display solution available with customized Multi-screen servers and optional upgrades and software.

Can you even imagine working on something like this?

Orion Upgrades PDP Tiling at InfoComm

Orion Plasma (Seoul, Korea; was at InfoComm this year in the booth of its exclusive US distributor, Salitek (Northbrook, IL; The company introduced its upgrade to the 42-inch Plasma Video Wall, dubbed the "Infinitely Expandable Multi-PDP." Among other things, the solution can be configured in a cube and includes the new "Dead Zone Free" technology from Orion.

This is actually a very thin bezel solution using technology the company calls "a nearly invisible seam between the panels" that is less than 3 mm. The company said the dead-zone-free technology allows the panel edges to emit light. For more details, click here.

The solution also includes multiple screen control software that allows for RS-232C control and media playback from a standard PC with Windows operating system.

Salitek will target NOCs (network operating centers), public display and other "themed environments."

Orion introduced the video wall technology in 2006 and had three updates since, including the 4230, the 4220 and 4210 displays. At InfoComm, the Orion 4230 was shown using the Comotronix (Karlsrue, Germany; burn-in compensation technology (BIC, for short). BIC was launched in an Orion panel at InfoComm 2007.

Comotronix said its BIC technology generates a dynamically changing compensation picture to compensate any "occurring inhomogene" deterioration, rendering burn-in effects "almost invisible," according to company literature.

BIC uses an optimized real-time algorithm for processing complete sub-pixel history information. The approach includes capturing the video stream, logging the brightness value for each color pixel, processing the values, generating a correction picture, all in real time, then processing the dynamic correction picture into video stream, balancing brightness and blue (color) emission. Beyond PDP, Comotronix also sees applications in OLED, SED and FED technologies, plus a possible application in TFT-based LCDs.

Orion’s M-PDP cube solution offers flexible design and claims thickness and ambient light brightness advantages over conventional projection cube designs, with both horizontal and vertical build formats available.

We see several potential effects of this dead-zone free and BIC technology now available in the Orion panels. First, it may help breathe new life into PDP displays in the pro AV market, a sales channel they once dominated, but are now clearly ceding to LCDs. Orion’s advanced tiling and burn-in compensation technology will go a long way toward making plasma a viable alternative to LCD panels, particularly in sports bars and other venues where fast motion response is desired.

It also offers one more example of how flat screens are developing to serve the growing needs of the pro AV market, particularly as digital signage continues to mature into a major growth engine for displays. Long term, advanced tiling like Orion’s dead-zone free technology may even help flat panels displace projectors as the entrenched display choice for board rooms, video conference systems and even education, a trend we are now seeing in this space.

Portable Media Center-Portable Video Wall,Portable Multiple Monitor Systems,Portable Video Controller

Invented by 9X Media to address the very real need for a powerful and portable solution, the 9X-PMC Portable Media Center provides turnkey ultra-high performance capabilities in an easily portable and user-friendly format. This self-contained system is a complete Multi-Screen solution which can easily travel around a facility or around the world.

Portable Media Center Features & Options
> Available in over 325 customizeable configurations ranging from 28" to 131" wide
> 4 Servers options ranging from no server to powerful PC controllers & HD servers
> Wireless G/B with high-gain antenna for wireless communication up to 2.5 miles
> Bluetooth wireless communication with any Bluetooth device
> Mobile Multi-Screen Office Center & Servers
> Video conferencing with sealed / ruggedized configuratons
> Customized and ruggedized travel cases
The Portable Media Center substantially extends productivity and return on investment by integrating video conferencing, wireless G, Wireless B, and Bluetooth technology together with the 9X Media Multi-screen Video Wall and Video Wall Controller within an easily portable form factor.

Unleash Powerful Possibilities with one central system easily moved from department to department, to tradeshows, to sales conferences and interface with virtually every video conferencing sytem, video player, computer, laptop, PDA, in the world and bring them all together onto one giant Windows or Linux desktop.

These system are already at the corporate board rooms of General Electric, and Caterpillar, they are used by Boeing, Northrup Gumman, and other entities where multi-department collaboration is essential.

The 9X Media Portable media center is expandable and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

PMC - Mobile Multi-Screen Office Option - is a ruggedized and powerful multi-screen hardshell case solution incorporating the Portable Media Center and designed to provide long-lasting shipping enclosures and on-the-fly deployment & out-of-the-box operation.

Features: 9X Media Multi-Screen Workstations including access to X-Top multi-screen displays, X-Wall Video Walls and 9X Multi-screen computers and Video Wall controllers - built right in to rackmount cases with optional worktable and workstations included.

Multi-Screen™: 9X Media™ world leader in multi-monitors, designs manufactures and fully supports the warranty on advanced multi-screens.

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