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Meeting minutes from the youth camps and exchange chairpersons meeting held in tampere, finland 17-19 september, 2009

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Agenda Item 1: Opening and Welcome
Ayca Seral and Jari Rytkönen welcomed all participants to the YEC meeting.
Agenda Item 2: List of Attendees and Apologies
Paul Vanderhaeghen (Belgium) read the list of attendees and apologies.
Agenda Item 3: Report Cannes Meeting October 2-4 2008
Frans Pannekoek read the report from Cannes meeting October 2-4 2008.

The minutes were approved.

Agenda Item 4: Results of Action Points from Meetings in Cannes
Frans Pannekoek read through the action points from the previous meeting.
Discussion about the YEC meeting being the official part of the EF continuously. Frans Pannekoek assumes we are from now on an official part of the Europa Forum (we need to see the official approval though) -> AP to be added to Tampere meeting on this. Both in our own working meeting and the official EF minutes of meeting. Jari took an AP on this.
All participants agreed unanimously that we should be having the meetings in connection with EF. Camp dates should always be ready in June. Next year the EF is in Italy, YEC meeting will be part of it.

Decision taken : No reservations to the camps done before the EF has been held from now on.

In European Council’s meeting September 19th has been confirmed decision made in Bucharest that YCE meetings are official part of Europa Forum. This has also written on European Council’s minutes.

Agenda Item 5: Results of Decisions, Guidelines and Norms: Cannes Decisions
The following items of the Cannes action list have been discussed in Tampere.

They will be added for the Results Decisions, Guidelines and Norms.

4a3: Resolution : YCEC meeting is an official part of the EF.
4a3: Decision : All the countries to send their brochures to Paul 2 weeks before

the next international Convention. Paul will see to that Lene Lund Bendix, the

Skandinavian representative, will also receive it to display it in the YE stand in

4a3: Oak Brook to inform non european YEC’s that the application forms must

be properly singed by the responsible YEC.
4b2: Oak Brook promised to participate and finance the EF YEC meeting for

their own participation.

4b3: Oak Brook should read their policy regarding excessive camp fees and

figure out how to resolve it.

9a: Oak Brook to promote the new application procedure to be adopted by the

non european countries. (MD chairperson must sign it)

11: The recommendation is to refuse and return the applications that are not

signed by the MD chairperson. If in doubt, Oak Brook can always verify the

authorized persons.
Agenda Item 6: Setup of YCE Board & Functioning for 2010
Ayca read the Board members for EF 2010. Finland will be represented, but not by Jari who is retiring. Frans Pannekoek will be replaced by Richard Williams.

Agenda Item 7: Lions Clubs International Board Policy Manual, YCE Policy
Jessica : LCI Board Policy Manual : Chapter 23 deals with the YE.

HQ require all the signatures that are in the `YCE-501A form.

Communication from the HQ is based on YCE-501A form being filled in properly and sent to the DG. This ensures that the database is updated correctly. These are the contact persons and receivers of all the information regarding YE issues.
Discussion about the policies: we should try to follow the policy always. Everything is not possible to write down in the policy.

Camp fees should be always informed beforehand.

Oak Brook can be used for support as Jessica stated.

Agenda Item 8: Cancellation of Camps
a) Timing of Cancellation

Before 31st of March is ok to cancel - not any later.

b) Communication of Cancellation

This should also take place before 31st of March.

c) Compensation of Costs

We recommend that each country tries to secure cancellation costs with a special insurance, if possible.

d) Alternative Camps

We recommend to look for alternative camps and host families in a cancellation situation.

Agenda Item 9: Electronic Administration
a) Standard Application Form

We use the standard application 2010 form that has been sent out by Paul.

Make sure the phone numbers are in international form.

Paul to combine the letter to the host family and photo to the standard form. Blood type: optional field.

b) Obligation to Use Acceptance Form

Decision : Not obliged to use the acceptance form.

c) PDF Format and Excel Form

If the application is not sent in excel format, but instead as PDF - the information need to be filled in to Excel by someone else. This is time consuming then in the other end. The Excel data can be copied and used by so many other people saving all their time.

d) Application for Internet Based Software for Incoming YES

Proposal: Issue will be taken up with next YEC meeting in EF 2010.

This will be presented by Lou Hessing.

Agenda Item 10: How to Stop Camp Shopping

Proposal: Should not happen, if we follow the rule and procedure. Only the

authorized persons can send applications (signatures). No direct applications from the students are acceptable.

Agenda Item 11: Last Minute No Shows and How to Deal with It

Proposal : This need to be solved in each country separately.

Agenda Item 12: When Corresponding with Applicants Always Put the "Parents" and "the Authorized YCE Chairperson Responsible for the Form" in CC.

This is important and should be mandatory procedure.

Agenda Item 13: Consequences of a YES Sent Home Before the End of the Camp: Rights and Dues of the Sending and Receiving Country

Bad behaviour: Student’s family (sending) pays the sending back costs.

Host country and sending country to settle this issue before new tickets are bought. This is in line with the Board Policy.

Agenda Item 14: No Reply from YCEC Incoming/Outgoing Youth

District governor is the responsible person in case YCEC MD is not reachable.

Agenda Item 15: How not to Organise a Bad Camps

Board policy for YEC need to be followed.

CC or DG are the ones responsible for the camps by their authorization (signatures).

Christopher Knag wanted to begin exploring the possibility to train camp leaders to build up the competence. This issue will be prepared by him and presented in the 2010 EF.

Agenda Item 16 : Special Camps
a) Special October Camp in Bulgaria

We should not promote the other camps that do not belong to Lions Organization. They are competition to us.

b) Special Youth Camp in Hungary

We should not promote the other camps that do not belong to Lions Organization. They are competition to us.

Agenda Item 17: Proof of Being Insured for Certain Countries

Participants are asked to provide a proof of being insured. There is a YE Program Policy (Chapter 23 p.25 g) describing this and we only need to follow it.

Agenda Item 18: Face Book for All YCEC

Frans wanted to know the interest of participants for the Face book.

Decision: It will be on a voluntary basis only.
Agenda Item 19: Eye2Eye

All participants were in favour of the Newsletter and thought it is useful. European Youth Exchange News are published on a quarterly basis. News and articles need to be sent to Richard, the editor.

Agenda Item 20: Presentation of the Next YCE Europa Forum in Italy

Simone Roba welcomed us all into the next YCE EF in Italy. This is to be arranged in Bologne during 4th to 6th November 2010.

Agenda Item 21: Contracts made in the Bazaar and or in Correspondence

The agreements and contracts need to be kept and respected.

MD 105 does not sign contracts.

Preference should be given to those first time applying.

If a deadline is agreed it should be kept.
Agenda Item 22: Varia and Any Other Business

Acceptance to the camps should come right away (in few days) in order to be able to apply for another camp in case of refusal.

Japan wanted to inform about some instructions regarding the YE for/from Japan. This will be attached to the MoM.
Denmark restrictions, only 2 persons for the same camps from the same country. Also would be good to inform the youth coming to Scandinavia that we expect the students to participate in the normal family household activities.
Agenda Item 23: Summary of the Working Meeting of the YCE Meetings in Tampere, Finland

Ayca wanted to review the MoM right after the meeting in order to have them ready for the working session on Friday 18th of September..

Agenda Item 24: Closing of the Meeting

Ayca closed the meeting at 4 p.m.

Paul: The list of participants

Frans: A list of the Action points of the Tampere meeting

Japanese request list for the YE

Tampere 17th of September 2009

Ayca Seral Jaana Majanen

Chairperson of the meeting Secretary of the meeting



8:30-10:00 SOPRAANO

Agenda Item 1: Opening Remarks
MD-YCEC Ayca Seral, MD 118 Turkey opened the workshop.
Agenda Item 2: Conclusions from the YCEC meeting on Thursday, September 17, 2009
YCEC Ayca Seral, MD 118 Turkey briefly described the YCEC meeting and the results of it. The most important conclusion being that the YCEC meeting shall be the official part of the EF from now on.
Agenda Item 3: The Declaration of Human Rights
YCEC Loris BaraldI, MD 108 Italy read the Declaration of Human Rights.

YCEC Simone Roba, MD 108 Italy read the document of Campo Italia from summer 2009.

Agenda Item 4: New youth Program AID in Meeting (AIM)
MD YCEC, PDG Christopher Knag and Lion Kjerstin Owren, MD 104 Norway. Kjerstin, being the AID project manager, described us what AID is and what has it been doing in Uganda.
MD YCEC Richard Williams, MD 105 British Islands & Ireland informed us

about the magazine and the publication. All news and articles are welcome.

Agenda Item 6: Other Youth Camp and Exchange Program Examples
Jessica Hoey from HQ in Oak Brook told us about the Board Policy that exist for YE.

Jessica‘s presentation can be requested from her, in case someone needs it for presentations.

Agenda Item 7: Questions and Answers
MD-YCEC Ayca Seral, MD 118 Turkey welcomed all questions.
Agenda Item 8: Closing Remarks
MD-YCEC Ayca Seral, MD 118 Turkey closed the workshop.

Ayca Seral Jari Rytkönen

Chairperson of the meeting Vice Chairperson of the meeting

Jaana Majanen

The secretary of the meeting

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