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6 July 2010

Ref: 23/10

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority has a clear vision for protecting estuaries along the Great Ocean Road.
Corangamite CMA has finalised guidelines outlining how it will manage 40 estuaries along the region’s coast in line with the Corangamite River Health Strategy.
The planned outcomes for each estuary are outlined in a new brochure highlighting the importance of these great natural assets to the Great Ocean Road region.
The brochure stems from the organisation’s Great Ocean Road Estuaries Restoration project, which has resulted in many positive outcomes for river and estuary health within the catchment.
Corangamite CMA estuary project officer Rhys Collins said the guidelines for estuary management were another step forward in protecting and enhancing the Great Ocean Road coastline.
“We now have a definite set of outcomes for each estuary which will guide our projects moving forward,” he said.
Work achieved through the Great Ocean Road Estuaries Restoration project by the Corangamite CMA, its stakeholder partners and the community includes the protection of 80 hectares of remnant vegetation through fencing, the planting of 500,000 indigenous seedlings, 30 off-stream water sources for livestock and almost 200 kilometres of waterways opened for fish migration.
The project has also led to the development of the Corangamite EstuaryWatch Program, a community based water monitoring scheme aimed at improving river and estuarine health.
The EstuaryWatch program, which involves the testing and recording of water quality conditions for the region’s estuaries in an online database, has 11 monitoring teams and conducts monthly testing at 47 sites across the region.
The Victorian Government’s Our Water Our Future Large Scale River Restoration Program helped fund the brochure.
For more information, a copy of the brochure, or to get involved in EstuaryWatch call 5232 9100.
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For further information contact:

Johanna Wade, Communications Manager, 5232 9116 or 0427 005 187

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority ABN: 60 355 974 029

PO Box 159, 64 Dennis Street, Colac, Victoria, 3250

t: 03 5232 9100 f: 03 5232 2759


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