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MD’s 2008 Flo-Master M85 to Exhibit at cedia, 9/3/08 at booth 211

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MD’s 2008 Flo-Master M85 to Exhibit at CEDIA, 9/3/08 at BOOTH 211

New central vacuum unit exhibits most power in its classfull info at
9/3/08 Bakersfield, CA

M.D. Manufacturing, Inc. recently released the most powerful mid-range central vacuum, running fewer than 20 amps, available on the market today. The Flo-Master® M85 boasts 650 AirWatts of vacuuming power. The special feature about this vacuum is its super efficiency. While it is one of the most powerful domestic vacuums in the industry, it costs just pennies to run per hour. The power of M85 means that an owner may vacuum less to achieve the same cleanliness that similar vacuums have to offer.

Central vacuums are normally installed in the garage or basement of a home with a few runs of PVC pipe placed in the walls. So, all the dust and dander are vacuumed up and relocated to a part of the house that is unoccupied. The Flo-Master M85 improves the breathing air of a home by completely displacing the germ-laden particles away from the living space, and the unit does not require outside exhaust. M85 uses micro-geometric HyperFlow™ filtration so its exhaust is safe and will not leave dust on the walls or floor around the vacuum.
Flo-Master M85 central vacuum is American made, built from a solid steel frame encased in a 20-gauge steel body and has a powder coated paint finish inside and out. All M85 central vacuums are hand-made by MD central vacuum professionals in Bakersfield, CA. This allows for the quality that MD is known for to live-on with every unit that passes through its factory.
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Grant Olewiler

M.D. Manufacturing, Inc.

General Manager

(800) 997-2278

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