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Lymphatic patches directions

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  1. Peel back middle protective paper of large adhesive pad (see far left picture below-bottom).

  2. Take out both smaller Lymphatic Patches from pouch (see far left picture below-top), placing one (with the mesh side facing up) in center of large adhesive pad.

  3. Place middle of foot onto patch (see middle picture below-foot on right). It is recommended that 3 patches are used on each foot the first evening (see middle picture below-foot on left) to observe which areas may have the most concentration of potential waste material. The Eastern Alternative Medicine reflexology-energy chart may be helpful (see far right picture below). The sole of the foot is recommended in Eastern Alternative Medicine since it is considered the abbreviated version of the entire human energy body, yet spanning a very small area.

  4. Peel back end protective papers of large adhesive pad and press entire large adhesive pad against foot to keep the patch in place. You may want to wear socks to ensure complete contact, especially if you have a high arch.

  1. Repeat process for other foot with remaining patch.

  2. You can wear Lymphatic Patches for approximately 8-10 hours while sleeping. If circulation is slow, you may get more results wearing Lymphatic Patches during the day but usually for less time since gravity may expedite the process.

  3. Do not use Lymphatic Patches on broken skin or skin disorders.


ymphatic Patches may help drain waste product from the human energy system, usually through the foot; however, they can also be placed directly on an area of the body such as the back, elbow, knee, neck, arms, etc.

Lymphatic Patches are composed of the very highest quality and most expensive ingredients including bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, eucalyptus, houttuynia cordata, saururus chinesis, tourmaline, chitosan, Agaricus mushroom and starch. Tourmaline is a crystal that may help to move, direct and intensify energy in the human energy body.
To order Lymphatic Patches, please complete the form below and mail it with your check or money order to: Kae Thompson, 2360 Mendocino Ave. #A2-305, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. You can purchase with a credit card at and click on the Products Page. Please let us know how you heard about us____________________
Lymphatic Patches are sold by the box at $45 each. Each box contains 30 Lymphatic Patches at $1.50/patch.

# of Boxes_________ X $45 each = _______________

Shipping & Handling: $3.00 for 1st box = _______________

$1.50 for each additional box = _______________

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: = _______________

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