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L&t infocity (Infrastructure Developer) Company : L&t infocity Limited (ltil) Address

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L&T Infocity (Infrastructure Developer)

Company: L&T Infocity Limited (LTIL)

Address: Behind RTTC Building,
Hyderabad - 500032, INDIA.
Phone: +91 9959801113

L&T Infocity Limited (LTIL) is a JV of L&T and Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited (APIIC). The company is developing HITEC City (Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City), spread over an area of 158 acres in a phased manner spanning 8-10 years.   HITEC City is an integrated techno-township which shall comprise office area, commercial space, hotel and convention centre, club-house, petrol station with all infrastructural facilities like substation, road network, parks, rock gardens, sewage disposal, etc. HITEC City provides state-of-the-art facilities such as uninterrupted power, high bandwidth data communication and voice communication networks for software companies, engineering and consultancy firms.   The first phase of the project, Cyber Towers, with a built-up area of 5.8 lakh Sft has been fully occupied by over 40 companies, including global IT and commercial players like Microsoft, Oracle, GE Capital, Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation and Keane (formerly Metamor).   LTIL undertakes operation and maintenance of all services in HITEC City.   Phase II, Cyber Gateway, with a built-up area of 8.81 lakh Sft. is being constructed in a modular fashion, along with the development of essential infrastructure. Plots are also offered for sale to corporates for building independent customised facilities. The major companies that occupied Phase II are Microsoft, GE Capital, Oracle, Dell and ICICI Bank.   LTIL has entered into a joint venture with ASCENDAS, the Singapore-based business space solutions provider, to develop an IT complex in the third phase of HITEC City. Known as ‘Cyber Pearl’, the proposed project will offer five lakh Sft. of business space. The construction is nearing completion.   L&T Infocity Limited (LTIL) is the lead partner with 52% stake in the SPV L&T Infocity Lanka Private Limited (LTILPL) promoting the IT facility for HSBC in Colombo. LTIL has conceptualised and grounded the project. LTIL is also rendering project management services to LTILPL.   LTIL is the principal consultant to DMRC for their IT Park project at Shastri Park in New Delhi. Apart from undertaking a feasibility study with financial analysis, LTIL is now rendering the engineering & design consultancy (along with EDRC), marketing and O&M consultancy.
Contact Details:

L&T INFOCITY LIMITED, 1Q4-A1, First Floor, Cyber Towers, HITEC City, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081 INDIA. TEL:0091-40-23110217/8/9 FAX:0091-40-23110216

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