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London Council for Adult Education September 15, 2009

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London Council for Adult Education

September 15, 2009

London City Hall- Committee Room #3

Dianne Rumney- Thames Valley District School Board

Brian Rhoden- London Public Library

Heidi Williams-London Public Library

Donna Moore- UWO/Toastmasters

Gordon Leffley-IAPA (City of London) (Secretary)

Jane Ellyatt- City of London-Ontario Works

Frances Shamley- Middlesex Learning Resource Centre

Amanda Burdick- Literacy Link

Alice Brona- London and Area Council of Women

Kym Wolfe- London Military Family Resource Centre

Jennifer Stapleton –London Training Centre

Nancy McQuillan-London Unemployment Help Centre


Tom Crouch- London Unemployment Help Centre

Frank Stilson- No Kee Kwe Occupational Skills Development

Ann Walker- Women Immigrants of London (WIL)

Bill Pigram- Middlesex County Employment Counselling

Beverly Payne-Thames Valley District School Board

Heather Jeffery- Hutton House Learning Centre
1. Call to Order- Nancy McQuillan
2. Minutes- Gord Leffley is serving as recording secretary for this year and will take meeting minutes. Members with longer reports asked to provide Gord with written information for minutes.
3. Round Table Discussion/Member Association developments:

a) Frank Stilson –No Kee Kwe- Literacy for First Nations and Second Career Directions programs are operating and very busy.

b) Frances Shamley- Middlesex County Learning Resource Centre- Adult education programs are running in several of the areas more distant from London. She expressed appreciation for support from several of the London based organizations, and outlined some of the many difficulties for people living outside the city accessing resources that are needed.

c) Kym Wolfe- London Military Family Resource Centre- “Family Day Walk in the Park” is planned in support of military personnel and their families for Springbank Park on Sept 26/09 with registration starting at 9 am.

d) Heather Jeffery- Hutton House- Brochure on programs was provided. Hutton House programs are up and running including new programs on fitness/wellness. Organization supports all persons with ability challenges.

e) Dianne Rumney- TVDSB-Literacy and Basic Skills- Brochures on programs provided. Heavy demand on programs due to economic climate. Oct 30 will begin a new term at Wheable and programs will be accepting applications on Oct. 15. TVDSB is running a computer training program in Glencoe and has received funding from Ministry of Education to provide programs.

f) Jennifer Stapleton- London Training Centre- Programs for skills development for hospitality industry and computer training are continuing. Organization was recently accredited by the provincial government in regards to service delivery standards. Public information session on programs is coming up on Oct. 23 at 10 am.

g) Beverly Payne- TVDSB-ESL programs- Brochures on programs provided. With economy, lots of demand for services. Funding is winding down for workplace literacy programs but still is some availability.

h) Ann Walker- WIL- Programs are continuing. Discussed program for foreign trained professionals, as well as career planning, development counselling, and GED equivalency. This year is organization’s 25th anniversary and in recognition it will be providing 10 bursaries of $2500 each for education and retraining. These will be open to the community. WIL is also conducting fundraising efforts to support London Intercommunity Health program, London and District Foodbank and THAW program.

i) Jane Ellyatt- City of London –Ontario Works Program- Community and protective services committee of city council will be receiving a report on this programs, current demands and program status. London recently received funding for programs to support new immigrants in locating and getting education in our community.

j) Alice Brona- London Council of Women- This organization has decreased frequency of meetings but is still conducting research and making recommendations regarding womens’ issues in London community to various levels of government. “Take Back the Night” event is coming up later this month. Arrangements have been made for presentations and workshops by Mark Burch on voluntary simplicity and environmental citizenship. Short lecture on Sept 24 and full day event on Sept 26 at Kings College, UWO.

k) Amanda Burdick- Literacy Link- This organization is working with various action centres to help with laid off workers by providing counselling and referrals to other organizations. They are also looking to assist with job creation partnership projects.

l) Bill Pigram- Middlesex County Employment Counselling- Currently organization is operating a variety of programs with various community partner organizations at 5 sites in Middlesex county, and the program is now into its 11th year.

m) Brian Rohden-London Public Library- Library has set up a partnership to assist with settling new immigrants to London. Please look for the Library Road Show currently at Western Fair. 3rd week of October will be “Library Week” with a variety of programs and events planned. The library is also working with a team looking at providing support and services to vulnerable populations within the city.

n) Gordon Leffley- IAPA- Gord reported on restructuring in safety associations underway, as well as proposed workplace violence prevention amendments to the OHSA. Oct 27 IAPA London Day of Workshops at the Lamplighter Inn will feature a mock coroners’ inquest and sessions on a variety of topics including workplace violence prevention.
o) Donna Moore UWO/Toastmasters- Discussed Toastmasters programs and why many seek these out. UWO has noted a drop in mature student enrollments and discussed why this may be happening. LCAE has received a number of communications over the summer including thanks for contributions to London Military Family Resource Centre, from Frances Shamley for donation in memory of her husband, and from Frances on her Lifetime Achievement Award. Member donation forms were circulated and these (along with cheques) should be forwarded to Donna.

p) Tom Crouch- London Employment Help Centre- Tom noted his organization has also received accreditation from provincial government for service delivery standards, and continues to be busy assisting with placements, second career counselling and planning.

q) Nancy McQuillan- LEHC- Brochures on programs was provided. Skills centre will be having its AGM on Sept 28 from 4-7 pm. Continuing work with London and Middlesex county to speed up responses to plant closures/layoffs.
4. Locations for 2009/10 meetings- list circulated asking for volunteers to host meetings.
5. Ideas for topics for future meetings: Anticipated announcements from Employment Ontario; Changes proposed to Employment Insurance; LHIN- health care and an update on issues; “Transitions to Training” and educational assessments (Kim Miller possible speaker); “Workstart” online program; violence prevention and new legislation; session on various workplace training requirements; rural community challenges and needs; “JobConnect” services, etc.; program and support needs for older workers.
6. Meeting Adjourned- next meeting October 20/09 (location to be confirmed). Executive meeting scheduled Sept 22nd at UWO Continuing Education office.

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