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Letter of support by host

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For Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2) programmes coordinated by University of Turku (Triple I, Aurora, BMU-MID, MID)

This document is a model of Letter of Support by Host. Host universities may also use their own templates or informal invitation letters.

Letter of Support corresponds with preliminary invitation letter issued to applicant by the Host University. Letter should be written and signed by legal representative of the Hosting University e.g. professor or other academic staff willing to host the applicant if s/he is nominated for the grant.

Letter of Support by Host is a compulsory document for doctorate and post-doctorates, staff applicants should submit it if requested by the Hosting University.

DETAILS OF PRELIMINARY INVITATION: (to be filled in by the Host University)

Surname and given names of the person invited


Home University / enterprise of the person invited


Hosting Department


Host University


Purpose of visit (e.g. research/teaching/working) and more information (if any)


Period of planned visit (dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy)


DETAILS OF HOST UNIVERSITY’S REPRESENTATIVE: (to be filled in by the Host university)

Name of Representative


Host University


Current position at the Host University


Contact details


Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Representative’s signature and university’s official stamp

Completed Letter of Support by Host should be emailed to by 18 December 2013, 2 p.m. Finnish time (GMT +2).

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