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Land explored by Leon Route Leon took to Florida

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Juan Ponce de Leon
Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer who went with Columbus on his second journey to the Americas. Juan was the first person European to set foot on Florida. Juan liked the village so much that he decided to stay there. De Leon was later named governor of

the newly founded country, Puerto Rico. One

of the first myths that he heard about on the

island was about an everlasting fountain, called

the Fountain of Youth. Legend had it that this

Fountain would give eternal life to whomever

drank from it. Over the next few years, Juan

spent most of his time plotting out where this

Fountain was. Finally, in March 1513, Ponce

de Leon set sail for the nearby coast of Florida.

On March 27th of that same year, Juan

reached the coast of Florida. He searched

for the Fountain for many months. After

countless attacks of disease and Native Americans, Ponce de Leon decided to come back to Puerto Rico. He went back again in search of the Fountain of Youth on September 27, 1514. He did not find it so he left. He made one last search in 1521 but was attacked by the Native Americans who he had mistreated in previous visits. Ponce de Leon and many of his men were wounded. They never found the Fountain of Youth. Juan Ponce De Leon’s exploration was important because he was the first known European to set foot on what is now the United States and he found the Bahama Channel during his search for the Fountain of Youth, which gave a shorter route between Cuba and Europe.

Land explored by Leon Route Leon took to Florida

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