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L., I dorian's attitude to Lord Henry

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Dorian's attitude to Lord Henry
I suppose that if I was the one to give a title to this novel, I would prefer the title "All about influence". The book is so full of various shapes of influence that it could easily bear such a title.

The most obvious and most important is the influence that Lord Henry has on Dorian. The most special thing about it is that at first Dorian is not aware of it. Well, maybe he is aware of it's effect subconsciously, but he certainly does not want to show it at the beginning. He enjoys all the Lord Henry's theories, even though he is not quite sure about their dignity. At the beginning he feels that Lord Henry is his friend and he enjoys his company very much. He loves listening to his opinion and points of view. He believes him and does not even want to really doubt his theories. Maybe he is aware of their poisonous effect but he prefers enjoyable and undignified things. Lord Henry is maybe a person who dragged up his other side, the side that sort of wants to lead a joyful but corrupt life.

It is at the end of the story when we find out that Dorian's attitude to Lord Henry has changed a lot. He does not want his influence anymore, he wants to live an uncorrupt, virtuous life, but most of all - he wants to live it by his own thoughts and feelings and not with Lord Henry's words constantly echoing in his head. But unfortunately it is too late - the first impression of Lord Henry was fatal for Dorian as he is incapable to get rid of his influence until the end of the book. And even if he had been able to do it, it would have still been too late - Dorian is too corrupted by then to be able to really change his life and save his soul.

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