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Kimbra makeup (Hair Upon Request)

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Makeup (Hair Upon Request)

626 297-5742


VH1: Andrew Dice Clay Reality Show 2007, Andy Warhol Special – Sally Kirkland Interview, News, Awesomely Jewish, Awesomely Bad, Top 20 (Rachel Perry-Host), I love the 70's, 80's, 90’s, Divas Live, Fashion Awards, My VH1 Awards, Grammy’s Pre Show & Where Are They Now

MTV: 50 Funniest Women Special 2007

Nic @ Nite: Road Crew

Extra (New York) – Rachel Perry Host

David Letterman: Rose McGowan, Leslie Bibb, Sarah Jessica Parker

Jay Leno: Tara Reed, The Cranberries for

Conan O’Brien & Rosie O’Donnell: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Howard Stern & Regis and Kelly: Rose McGowan
Oxygen: Make Over Presentation Special

Reuters: Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries)

Estée Lauder: In house store video-Nationwide

The View: Rose McGowan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries)


Dreamworks Press Junkets: Jim Carrey #23, Will Ferrell - Blades of Glory
Warner Bros. Press Junkets
: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, Charmed, Popular

Ameritrade: Director: Dewey Nicks – Epoc Films

Playtex: (Shelter Films, National)

Stayfree wings: (Christopher Films, National)


Bazaar (Cover) Bruce Webber (Makeup assistant for Ralph Lauren photo shoots)
Paper (Cover) Mark Andrew

Seventeen (Cover) John Divine

Redbook (Cover) Robert Shamlian

Entertainment Weekly Michael O’Neal

Elle Dewey Nicks

InStyle Patrick Demarchelier

Nylon Robert Erdman

Movieline Mark Albiet

Flaunt Andrew Macpherson



Maybelline Iman – Makeup Assistant

Victoria’s Secret – Makeup Assistant Fosse – Bebe Neurith & Ann Reinking

Estée Lauder– Spring Collection
( In House Promotional Video)


Maybelline – Make-up Consultant, Representative

Golden Globe Awards – Sarah Michelle Geller

Bryant Park Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows - Paris, Milan, London

Laura Mercier Cosmetics
Freelance Sales Representative, 2000

Henry Bendels, NYC

Bobby Brown Cosmetics
Freelance Sales Representative, 1999

Bloomingdales, NYC

* Achieved set retail sales goals by giving exceptional customer service, link selling, up selling,
and having an effective closing to every sale.
* Demonstrated the cosmetic line via presentations and in store make-overs.
* Focused on multi-tasking and handling more than one customer's needs at a time.
* Built customer relationships to maximize sales and encourage repeat business.

Shane Rasco, VH1 Production Coordinator, 212 654-8463 MTV Networks 1633 Broadway, NYC

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