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Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson was a small town girl who had her ups and downs as a child. Then finally she got old enough to pursue her dreams and did everything she could to do it. She had many achievements in her adulthood, and now she is pretty well known.

Kelly Clarkson was born April 24, 1982 in Fort Worth Texas. She grew up in Burleson, Texas as a small town girl. She has one brother, and one sister. Her parents broke up when she was only six and now has one stepfather. When Kelly Clarkson was little she wanted to become a marine biologist but when she was caught singing in the hallway a teacher got her to join her high school choir and her dreams changed.

After Kelly Clarkson graduated in 2000 she moved to L.A. and got a job as an extra on Sabrina a Teenage Witch. Then she quit that job and got another job as a female vocalist with song writer Gerry Goffin. Then from their she auditioned for this new television show called American Idol and she became the first American Idol winner, and for winning she got one million dollars. Then shortly their after she moved back to Texas. After she moved she wrote her first hit single and went from no fifty two to one and sold two hundred thousand copies in the firs week for the song A Moment like This.

Kelly Clarkson became the first American idol winner and was never in the bottom three. After she won her career started when she was 22. Then in 2003 she was nominated for favorite pop/rock album. Then she was nominated again in 2004 and won hottest song. Then in 2005 she was nominated for favorite female artist and for favorite pop/rock album also for favorite adult contemporary artist. Kelly Clarkson is the first artist to have to songs two in the top three billboard also first artist to hold the number one position on the us billboard chart.

Kelly Clarkson had a pretty normal childhood with lot of singing dreams which got her to doing the things she is doing in her adulthood with many accomplishments and many more to come.

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