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Kami insurance agencies ltd

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kami insurance agencies ltd.

200-678 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 1G1

Phone: (604)-876-7999 Fax: (604) 876-7909

Business Insurance for Gardeners and Landscapers
Dear Sirs/Mesdames,
Thank you for your inquiry regarding Business Insurance.
There are two main parts of a business insurance policy: Property coverage and Liability coverage.
Property coverage is the insurance for equipment, tools, computers, office furniture, etc. The insurance will cover the property from loss caused by Fire, Theft, Water & Smoke damage, Falling objects, Vehicle Impacts, etc. It does not cover disappearance, breakdown, rust/mould, etc.
The property can be covered for “Replacement Cost” meaning a ten-year old computer would be replaced with a brand new computer if it were damaged in a claim. However, heavy-use items such as tools and equipment may be replaced on a depreciated basis. A deductible of $500 ~ $1000 is applied to most claims.
Liability coverage is the insurance that covers injury or damage to other parties. For example, if a rock from a lawnmower was thrown and injured someone, this insurance would pay for your legal defence costs (lawyer costs) and the settlement if you were found legally responsible. It will not cover pollution, explosives or mould/fungi damage which is caused by you. There are other exclusions which you should be aware of as well.
The annual cost of an insurance policy depends on factors such as: your past experience and loss history, the gross sales of your business, the type of work you do. Most plans start at around $1000/year.
Check your home insurance policy as there may be some coverage for business property. Also ensure your vehicle insurance covers the use of the truck for business.
If you would like a quotation for business insurance, please give us a call.

Yours truly,

John Kamitakahara

Beecham Pearson

Kami Insurance Agencies Ltd.

Gardeners/Landscaper’s Insurance Questionnaire.

Legal Name: _________________________________________________________________
Operating name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Work ph: _________ Cell ph: ________ home ph: ____________ fax: _____________
email: __________________________ website: _________________
Full Description of the business: __________________________________________________


Estimated Annual Gross Sales: $_____________
Percent by Residential: ______% Percent by Commercial: __________% Other: ___________%
Number of Employees: full time: ___ part time: ___
Do you use any contractors?: _____________ If so, what percent of sales?: ____ %
*We require proof of insurance from the subcontractors.
Any pesticide spraying? (if so, describe): ______________________________________________
Any tall tree cutting/removing? (if so describe): __________________________________________
Previous Losses (list all even if no insurance or no claim made): ____________________________
Home Insurance company name: ____________________ expiry date: _____________
Do you have vehicles (trucks, bobcats, trailers, etc): ______________________________________
Were you referred to us by someone?: _________________________________________________

Kami Insurance Agencies Ltd.

200-678 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1 ph: 604-876-7999 fx: 604-876-7909


Contact: John Kamitakahara or Beecham Pearson (Japanese-speaking)
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