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Jv saints lose heartbreaker to Russell Christian Academy by Dana Newsom

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JV Saints lose heartbreaker to Russell Christian Academy

by Dana Newsom

Prentiss Christian School's Junior Varsity Saints traveled to Meridian, Mississippi to take on the Warriors of Russell Christian Academy on Thursday, September 23. The Saints were undefeated going into the game, but they left with a 4-1 record.

Play began with the Saints receiving the kickoff; the ball was spotted on the Warriors' 43 yard line. In spite of two fumbled snaps, the Saints managed to retain possession. Carries by Jason Hinton and Layke Daughdrill set up a 53 yard pass by Daughdrill to Tyler Shivers who ran it in for the touchdown. Jason Hinton carried the ball across the goal line for the 2 point conversion, and the score early in the first quarter was 0-8.

The Warriors answered with their own scoring drive on their first possession of the game. However, the 2 point conversion was foiled by a Layke Daughdrill tackle, making the score 6-8. Each team presented a defensive stance and held the other short of the goal line for the rest of the half.

Russell Christian took possession of the ball as the second half of the game began, but the Saint's defensive line stopped the Warriors and thwarted their efforts at a touchdown. Russell Christian was forced to punt to the Saints, and Tyler Shivers took the punt and returned it 3 yards before being tackled. Layke Daughdrill carried the ball deep into Warriors' territory when he was tackled by several RCA linemen. To the disbelief of the PCS fans, an RCA lineman came up from the pile with the ball and managed to run it back to the Saints' 1 yard line before being stopped by the Saints. The Warriors carried the ball over the goal line for 6, but Adam McKenzie made a tackle that prevented the 2 point conversion. The score was 12-8 in favor of RCA.

The Saints were fired up and ready to add to their 8 points, and they seemed to be in perfect position to do so. However, several questionable calls by the referees and an inattentive clock operator, who allowed the clock to run during time-outs, sealed the fate of the Saints. The score at the end of the game was 12-8 in favor of the Russell Christian Academy Warriors.

Offensively for the Saints, Jason Hinton had 12 carries for 83 yards. Layke Daughdrill carried 10 times for 30 yards. Tyler Shivers had 3 carries for 8 yards including 1 punt return for 3. Michael Goddard had 1 kickoff return for 7 yards.

Layke Daughdrill completed 2 of 3 passes for a total of 77 yards. Tanner Hathorn completed 0 of 3 passes; and Tyler Shivers received two passes for a total of 77 yards.

Defensively for the Saints, Kody Miller led with 9 tackles and 1 assist. Layke Daughdrill had 5 tackles with 3 assists, and Adam McKenzie had 5 tackles with 2 assists. Wesley Daughdrill had 5 tackles with 1 assist, and Tanner Hathorn had 5 tackles. Jason Hinton and Hunter Berry each had 3 tackles, and Blake Lightsey had 2 tackles and 1 assist. Brody Matthews had 2 tackles and 4 assists, and Tyler Shivers had 2 tackles. Austin Herod had 1 assist.

The JV Saints play at home this Thursday night against their rivals, Columbia Academy. The game begins at 6:30 after a pee wee game, which starts at 5:00.

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