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Juniper junos a simple and Innovative Operating System

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Juniper JUNOS A Simple and Innovative Operating System

Juniper (JUNOS) is a reliable, high-performing network operating system consistently set to use for routing, switching, and security purposes. JUNOS cut down the time which is vital system to expand new services, as well as the cutback of network-operating costs. JUNOS plans secure programming interfaces in addition, the JUNOS SDK for broadening application developments, thus adding up further worth from the network.

JUNOS’ focal principle and design features absolutely change the scheme of network objective.

JUNOS’ method (or concept) is one operating system, one release train, and one modular software architecture, to say complete network operating system
One operating system that lessens time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate featuring in the network infrastructure.
One release train that transfer steady delivery of new service function in an objective, time tested or tried and truly proven pace.
One modular software architecture that is very much accessible and is acclimatizing to transformations and changes in due course, and is scalable software, an Scalable Network Technology
As a result, JUNOS not only enriched reliability, performance and security of subsisting applications but also provides and automates network operating systems on a simplified system.
JUNOS A Simple and Innovative Operating System
Operations of Juniper JUNOS, in a network operating system, enhance reliability, performance, and security of subsisting applications. JUNOS’ capability to computerize present network operations on a simplified system allocates more time to contemplate on distributing new applications and services. An advantage to JUNOS is both up and down scalability, which distribute a dependable, unfailing, even system as part of long term sustainability beneficial to operators and developers.

Development History
Juniper Networks has its center of operation in Sunnyvale, California, a provider of computer networking and information technology solutions. Juniper Networks founded in 1996, designs high-performance Internet protocol network services and products and market them as application acceleration solutions to businesses on a national scale. Pradeep Sindhu, Juniper Networks founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), was a chief scientist at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, who proposes an idea to provide high-performance router solutions to sustain the speedy and potential growth of Internet communication equipment. JUNOS, originally resulting from FreeBSD (a free Unix-like operating system) with significant alteration as well as all the standard FreeBSD user programs and tools make available FreeBSD binaries also. JUNOS’ subsequent product responsibility stems from primary development in the kernel and infrastructure.
Technical Details
Juniper JUNOS happen to be the foremost accessible fully developed operating system using fault-tolerant modularity with total memory protection for routing products. JUNOS utilize a single code-base that control across most of Juniper’s platforms. Since 1998, Juniper releases a new version four times a year and pursue with massive debility testing and persistent development using the core system to enhance network accessibility. JUNOS aspects are routing, modularity, security, policy and control, in addition , a simple command-line interface for exclusively activating network services like control and packet forwarding. Further characteristics has its structurally complex functionality like non-stop forwarding (NSR), in-service software upgrades (ISSU), secure administration, and advanced security attributes like firewall, and A virtual private network (VPN) .
According to (2010),
The JUNOS Platform is an adaptable software platform that provide developers incomparable

suppleness to create forceful applications that interconnect with the network from the user to the cloud. It is created on the JUNOS operating system, that make available a common language across Juniper Networks routing, switching, and security devices.

Market Share
JUNOS have a competitive edge in network operating system solutions for routing, switching, and security along with the market share in technology. Jupiter’s progress pattern is rise up every quarter in contrast to some other modular OS competitor. Converge Digest (2010) stated, “Juniper generated net cash from operations for the second quarter of 2010 of $221.3 million, compared to net cash provided by operations of $88.5 million, after litigation settlement payments of $169.3 million, in the first quarter of 2010” (para 3).
Real-World Use
At the start, the Cisco System’s Internetwork Operating System (IOS) was the primary competitor of JUNOS. Even now, JUNOS compete mostly with some types of modular systems, like Alcatel-Lucent SR-OS and Cisco IOS-XR. JUNOS feature modularity equally just as vertical and horizontal, in addition extend Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party applications like JUNOS Space (network infrastructure automation).
According to (2010),
Juniper Networks® has said publicly that the Juniper Networks Junos® Pulse App, that facilitates at all time, at all place , ubiquitously secure remote access and connectivity to iPhone and iPod touch, is at the present obtainable on the App Store. Running the Junos Pulse App, the computer business pioneering downloadable Virtual Private Network (VPN) app for the iPhone, together with the Juniper Networks SA Series SSL VPN Appliances, clients can at present access any corporate core from the iPhone and iPod touch enabling the mobile workforce to keep on connected, effective and informed up to date while busy .
JUNOS is an affirmed network operating system that provides routing, switching and security strategies to develop and boost up network functionality and Internet communication solutions in the configuration and technique of networking functions. A copious feature is modernization in this network operating system technology, which leads to it, is the forerunner in the market of modular systems.

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