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Jesus, Anna and Simeon

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Jesus, Anna and Simeon
Cast:Joseph, Mary (with a doll for Jesus), Simeon and Anna and Narrator
Narrator: At the time Jesus was born, all God's followers took a lamb or some doves to the Temple, to say thank you that a baby had been born. Jesus's parents were poor so they went to the Temple with two doves.
Joseph: I wish we had enough money for a lamb. This is such a special baby.
Mary: I don't think God will mind. If he had wanted his Son to be rich, he would have given him to a rich family. Instead he gave him to us.
Joseph: Here comes an old man. I wonder what he wants.
Simeon: Hello, my name is Simeon. God has promised me that I will see the Messiah before I die. And today he has kept his promise because this baby is the Messiah.
(Simeon take the baby from Mary and starts praying); Thank you for keeping your promise. Now I can die in peace. I have seen your saviour. He will be like a light to guide everyone on earth.
Simeon give Jesus back to Mary: This child will be a sign from God which many people will not understand. He will bring you great sorrow as well as great joy.
(Simeon goes away)
Joseph: Well that was pretty amazing.
Mary: Here comes someone else. It is a very, very old lady.
Anna: Hello, my name is Anna. I have lived here in the Temple for 84 years.

This is the special baby God has sent. This is the child that will set all Jerusalem free.

Joseph: This has been an amazing day. God has certainly done something very special with this baby.
Mary: Yes indeed.

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