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Japan Bibliography – March 2009 By Call #

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Japan Bibliography – March 2009

By Call #

294.3 NET Netzley, Patricia D. Buddhism. San Diego, Calif. : Lucent Books, c2002. Provides information about Buddhism, discussing the origins of the religion, the teachings of the Buddha, the development and spread of Buddhism, and the different paths the belief system has followed, and looking at Buddhist practices.

294.3 WIL Wilkinson, Philip. Buddhism. 1st American ed. London ; New York : DK, 2003. A visual overview of Buddhist history and practices featuring more than 180 color photos and illustrations of ancient Buddhist art, sculpture, and architecture as well as modern followers of the faith.

299.5 STO Storm, Rachel. Asian mythology : myths and legends of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. London ; New York : Lorenz Books, 2000. More than 130 color illustrations accompany cross-referenced, alphabetically arranged entries on the gods, demons, spirits, and creatures that shape the myths, legends, and religions of China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Also includes several articles on related topics, a chronology, and a Shinto creation myth family tree.

299.512 HOO Hoobler, Thomas. Confucianism. New York : Facts on File, c1993. Confucius and his time -- The development of Confucianism -- Confucian literature -- Rituals and standards of conduct -- Confucianism in the twentieth century. Text and accompanying photographs describe how the teachings of Confucius evolved from a social order to a religion, infusing all phases of Chinese life for 2000 years.

299.514 ALL Allen, William, 1952-. Taoism. Philadelphia : Chelsea House, c2005. Presents a discussion of the fundamentals of Taoism including its origins, core beliefs, rituals, holidays, and changes it faces in contemporary society. Includes time line, glossary, and index.

299.56 THO Thomsen, Harry. The new religions of Japan.    Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1978,

299.561 KAL Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-. Shinto. San Diego : Lucent, c2001. Examines the historical origins, teachings and practices of Shinto, and discusses the spread of the religion into modern times.

299.561 WIL Williams, George, 1940-. Shinto. Philadelphia : Chelsea House, c2005. Presents the fundamental concepts and traditions of Shinto and provides information on its history, worship of "Kami"--"way of the gods," its rituals and festivals that preach harmony and tolerance with nature and people, and its concern with achieving happiness in this life.

305.8 ISH Ishikida, Miki Y. Living together : minority people and disadvantaged groups in Japan. New York : iUniverse, c2005.

306.0952 WOR The worlds of Japanese popular culture : gender, shifting boundaries and global cultures. Cambridge, UK ; New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 1998.

306.4 KAW Kawano, Satsuki, 1966- Ritual practice in modern Japan : ordering place, people, and action.    Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, c2005.  

306.484 KAR Karaoke around the world : global technology, local singing. London ; New York : Routledge, 1998.

315.2 FAC Facts and figures of Japan. Tokyo : Foreign Press Center,.

390 BRA Bramble, Sean P. Culture shock! Japan. Portland, OR: Graphic Arts Center Pub., c2005.

391.00952 AOK Aoki, Sh›oichi. Fresh fruits. London ; New York : Phaidon, 2005.

394.1 SAT Sat›o, Sh›oz›o, 1933-. Tea ceremony. 1st ed. Boston : Tuttle Pub., 2005. Presents full-color illustrated instructions to performing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony and includes information on its history, various kinds of tea, and hosting family and friends.

395 JAP De Mente, Boye. Etiquette guide to Japan : know the rules that make the difference. North Claredon, VT : Tuttle Pub., 2006.

395.52 ALS Alston, Jon P., 1937-. Japanese business culture and practices : a guide to twenty-first century Japanese business. Lincoln, Neb. : IUniverse, 2005.

641.3 JUN Junior Worldmark encyclopedia of foods and recipes of the world. Detroit, MI : U-X-L : Gale Group/Thomson Learning, c2002. Vol. 1. Algeria to France -- v. 2. Germany to Japan -- v. 3. Kazakhstan to South Africa -- v. 4. Spain to Zimbabwe, cumulative index. Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about the dietary customs of seventy countries and regions around the world, each with two maps and approximately ten recipes. Includes a glossary of cooking terms.

641.5 KAZ Kazuko, Emi. Japanese food and cooking : a timeless cuisine: the traditions, techniques, ingredients and recipes. London : Lorenz Books, c2001.

641.5 SLA Slack, Susan Fuller. Japanese cooking. Tucson, AZ : HPBooks, c1985.

641.5 STE Steinberg, Rafael, 1927-. The cooking of Japan,. New York, : Time-Life Books, [1969].

641.5952 BAR Barber, Kimiko. Sushi : taste and technique. 1st American ed. London ; New York : DK Pub., 2002. Describes the techniques of assembling sushi at home, explains how to prepare ingredients, and provides recipes for traditional, vegetarian, and fusion sushi. Includes tips on eating etiquette.

700.952 TRA Traditional Japanese arts and culture : an illustrated sourcebook. Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, c2006. Early Japan: the Jômon, Yayoi, Tumulus, Asuka, and Nara periods -- Courtly Japan: the Heian period and after -- Samurai Japan: the Kamakura and Muromachi periods -- Merchant Japan: the Momoyama and Edo (Tokugawa) periods -- Suggested further readings in western languages.

703 LAN Landi, Ann. Schirmer encyclopedia of art. New York : Schirmer Reference, 2001.

709.52 ABB Japanese art and Korean art. London : Octopus Books, 1972.

709.52 REE Reeve, John, 1951-. Japanese art in detail. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, [2006], c2005. Explores the history and development of Japanese art, highlighting examples of design and craft in prints, paintings, and screens, metalwork, ceramics, wood, and stone and describing common themes found in traditional Japanese art.

709.52 SAD Sadao, Tsuneko S. Discovering the arts of Japan : a historical overview. Tokyo ; New York : Kodansha International, 2003.

712 MEH Mehta, Geeta K. Japanese gardens : tranquility, simplicity, harmony. 1st ed. Tokyo ; Rutland, VT : Tuttle Pub., c2008. Temple gardens -- Private gardens -- Public gardens. Photographs and text profile twenty-three traditional Japanese gardens that celebrate the essence of Japan, with descriptions of the techniques and elements that make Japanese gardens unique.

726.1 KID Kidder, J. Edward (Jonathan Edward). Japanese temples : sculpture, paintings, gardens and architecture,. London, : Thames and Hudson, [1964].

728 RAO Rao, Peggy Landers. Building the Japanese house today. New York : Abrams, 2005. Design -- Precise drawings -- Wood -- Joinery -- Groundwork and framework -- Refinements -- On being an apprentice. Documents the building of a single guest house in California by Len Brackett, a traditionally trained temple carpenter in Kyoto who, as proprietor of East Wind Inc., has dedicated his practice to adapting ancient Japanese designs to Western needs.

728.370952 BLA Black, Alexandra. The Japanese house : architecture and interiors.    Boston : Tuttle Pub., 2000.   

736.98 HAR Harbin, Robert, 1909-. Origami : a step by step guide. London ; New York : Hamlyn, 1974.

736.98 HON Honda, Isao, 1888-. How to make origami : the Japanese art of paper folding. New York : McDowell, Obolensky, 1959.

736.98 JAC Jackson, Paul, 1952-. Origami and papercraft : a step-by-step guide. New York : Crescent Books : Distributed by Crown, 1988.

736.98 KNE Kneibler, Irmgard. Creative origami : step-by-step illustrated instructions for more than 20 projects. New York : Crescent Books, 1992, c1987.

741.5 THO Thompson, Jason. Manga : the complete guide. New York : Ballantine Books/Del Rey Books, c2007. A comprehensive guide to manga that provides rated reviews of over nine hundred manga series, suggests guidelines for age appropriateness, discusses the history of the industry; and includes background information on authors and artists.

745.6 PAR Parker, Muriel M. Calligraphy, a practical handbook for the beginner. New York: Bonanza Books: Distributed by Crown Publishers, 1982, c1980.

745.6 EVA Evans, George. An introduction to calligraphy. Secaucus, NJ: Chartwell Books, c1987.

745.92 SAT Sato, Shozo. The art of arranging flowers : a complete guide to Japanese ikebana. New York : H. N. Abrams, [1966].

745.92 SAT Sat›o, Sh›oz›o, 1933-. Ikebana. 1st ed. Boston : Tuttle Pub., c2004. Discusses the history and characteristics of the art of Japanese flower arrangement known as ikebana, and describes nine simple projects.

780 NEW The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians. 2nd ed. New York : Grove, 2001.

780.95 MAR Marsh, Mary Val. ed. The Spectrum of music with related arts : music of the Orient. Teacher's annotated ed. New York : Macmillan, c1975.

780.952 WAD Wade, Bonnie C. Music in Japan : experiencing music, expressing culture.    New York : Oxford University Press, 2005.

791.43 CLE Clements, Jonathan, 1971-. The anime encyclopedia : a guide to Japanese animation since 1917. Rev. & expanded ed. Berkeley, CA : Stone Bridge Press, c2006. Contains more than three thousand alphabetized, cross-referenced entries on anime titles--providing reviews, titles in English and Japanese, parental advisories, and other information--as well as anime studios, creators, and history.

791.43 MAR Marcovitz, Hal. Anime. Detroit : Lucent Books, c2008. Introduction: anime: a gift from Japan -- The roots of anime -- Anime in America -- What makes anime different? -- The role of women in anime -- The messages of anime -- Bringing two cultures together. Examines the history of anime, explores its popularity in America, looks at the role of women in Japanese animation, and discusses the messages of the art.

791.430951 RIC Richie, Donald, 1924-. A hundred years of Japanese film : a concise history, with a selective guide to videos and DVDs. 1st ed. Tokyo ; New York : Kodansha International : Distributed in the United States by Kodansha America, 2001.

792.0952 CAV Cavaye, Ronald, 1951-. A guide to the Japanese stage : from traditional to cutting edge. 1st edition. Tokyo ; New York : Kodansha International, 2004. Kabuki -- Bunraku -- No -- Kyogen -- Contemporary theater.

792.952 SCO Scott, A. C. (Adolphe Clarence), 1909- The Kabuki theatre of Japan.    New York, Collier [1966]  

793.3 HAH Hahn, Tomie. Sensational knowledge : embodying culture through Japanese dance. Middletown, Conn. : Wesleyan University Press, c2007. Introduction--sensual orientations -- Moving scenes--history and social structure -- Unfolding essence--energetic sensibilities and aesthetics -- Revealing lessons--modes of transmission : visual, tactile, oral/aural, & media -- Transforming sensu--presence and orientation.

793.3 HAT Hata, Michiyo. Tradition and creativity in Japanese dance : Kikunokai. 1st ed. New York : Weatherhill, 2001. Preface -- The history of Japanese dance and Kikunokai / by Haruo Misumi -- Dancing in nature : the world of Michiyo Hata -- Michi, the way, the path -- Classical dances -- Kyoto and Kikunokai -- The works of Kikunokai -- Chronology.

793.3 TOG Togi, Masataro, 1910-. Gagaku; : court music and dance. [1st ed.]. New York, : Walker/Weatherhill, [1971].

796.0952 GUT Guttmann, Allen. Japanese sports : a history.    Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press, c2001.   

796.357 MII Miike, Fred N. Baseball-mad Japan.      

796.357 WHI Whiting, Robert. The chrysanthemum and the bat : baseball samurai style.    New York : Dodd, Mead, c1977.  

796.8 MIT Mitchell, David The Overlook martial arts handbook.    Woodstock, N.Y. : Overlook Press, 1988, c1984.

895.6 FRO From the country of eight islands : an anthology of Japanese poetry.    New York : Columbia University Press, 1986, c1981.   

895.6 MOD Modern Japanese tanka : an anthology. New York : Columbia University Press, c1996. A collection of four hundred tanka (Waka) written by twenty poets of modern Japan, includes information on each poet and the history of tanka. Original poems in romanized Japanese are appended at the bottom of each page.

895.6 MOD Modern Japanese tanka : an anthology.    New York : Columbia University Press, c1996.   

895.608 BOW Bownas, Geoffrey, ed. and tr. The Penguin book of Japanese verse.    Baltimore, Penguin Books [1964]   

895.61 BAR Baron, Virginia Olsen, comp. The seasons of time; tanka poetry of ancient Japan.    New York, Dial Press [1968]   

895.61 HEN Henderson, Harold Gould, ed. and tr. An introduction to haiku; : an anthology of poems and poets from Basho to Shiki. Garden City, N.Y., : Doubleday, 1958.

895.615 GUE Guest, Harry, 1932- ed. Post-war Japanese poetry.    [Harmondsworth] Penguin Books [1972]   

895.62 NIH Nihon Gakujutsu Shinkokai. Dai 17 Sho (Nihon Koten Hon'yaku) Iinkai. The Noh drama : ten plays from the Japenese. Tokyo ; Rutland, Vt. : C.E. Tuttle Co., [1960]. Ten plays chosen for their "intrinsic excellence, cultural and historical significance, and appeal to the Western reader." With a general introduction on Noh drama, and individual introductions to the plays.

895.63 NET A net of fireflies : Japanese haiku and haiku paintings.    Rutland, Vt. : Charles E. Tuttle, c1960.

910.3 ENC Encyclopedia of world geography. 2nd ed., Reference ed. New York : Marshall Cavendish, 2002. Vol. 1. United States I -- v. 2. United States II -- v. 3. Canada/the Arctic -- v. 4. Central America/the Caribbean -- v. 5. South America -- v. 6. The Nordic Countries -- v. 7. The British Isles -- v. 8. France -- v. 9. Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg -- v. 10. Spain/Portugal -- v. 11. Italy/Greece -- v. 12. Germany/Austria/Switzerland -- v. 13. Eastern Europe -- v. 14. Russia/Northern Eurasia -- v. 15. The Middle East -- v. 16. North Africa -- v. 17. West Africa/Central Africa/East Africa -- v. 18. Southern Africa -- v. 19. The Indian Subcontinent -- v. 20. China/Taiwan -- v. 21. Southeast Asia -- v. 22. Japan/Korea -- v. 23. Australasia/the Pacific Islands/Antarctica -- v. 24. Index. Presents illustrated overviews of every region in the world, describing each one's physical geography, habitats and conservation, animal and plant life, agriculture, industries, economy, peoples and cultures, cities, government, and environmental issues, and includes profiles of each region's individual countries.

910.3 WOR The World Book encyclopedia of people and places. Chicago : World Book, 2001.

950 ENC Encyclopedia of modern Asia. New York : Detroit : Scribner ; Thomson/Gale, c2002. Vol. 1. Abacus to China -- v. 2. China-India relations to Hyogo -- v. 3. Iaido to Malay-Indonesian language --v. 4. Malaysia to Portuguese in Southeast asia -- v. 5. Possession to Turkey -- v. 6. Tirkic languages to Zuo Zongtang. A six-volume set in which alphabetically arranged entries provide information on every aspect of modern Asia, including its culture, people, economy, government, arts, geography, architecture, religion, and history.

950 ENC Encyclopedia of modern Asia.    New York : Scribner ; Detroit : Thomson/Gale, c2002.

952 COL Collcutt, Martin, 1939-. Cultural atlas of Japan. New York : Facts on File, 1988.

952 ELL Ellington, Lucien. Japan : a global studies handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2002. A reference guide to Japan that provides an overview of the country's history, geography, culture, customs, economics, politics, and society; includes an alphabetically arranged section which profiles significant people, places, and events.

952 HEN Henshall, Kenneth G. A history of Japan : from stone age to superpower. 2nd ed. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. Traces the history of Japan from the stone age to Japan's indirect involvement in the Gulf War and tensions with North Korea, exploring the values and practices of the country that led to its becoming first a major imperial power, and then an economic superpower in the post-World War II years.

952 JAP Japan : an invitation. Rutland, VT. : Charles E. Tuttle Co., c1991.

952 JAP Japan. 10th ed. Footscray, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet Publications, c2007. A comprehensive travel guide to Japan that provides information on travel, accommodations, and restaurants, entertainment and festivals, shopping, and ancient sites.

952 KAM Kamachi, Noriko. Culture and customs of Japan. Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1999. Examines the religious rituals, classic and modern literature, performing arts, fine arts, handicrafts, housing, clothing, family life, holidays, festivals, and social customs of the Japanese culture.

952 REI Reischauer, Edwin O. (Edwin Oldfather), 1910-. The Japanese today : change and continuity. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press, 1988.

952 ROU The rough guide to Japan. London : New York : Rough Guides ; Distributed by the Penguin Group, 2001-.

952 WHI Whipple, Charles T. Seeing Japan. 1st ed. Tokyo ; New York : Kodansha International, 2005.

952.03 NAR Nardo, Don, 1947-. Modern Japan. San Diego, CA: Lucent Books. : c1995.

952.04 ALL Allinson, Gary D. Japan's postwar history. 2nd ed. Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2004. Offers a comprehensive overview of Japan's social, political, and economic history from 1932 to 2004, highlighting the policies, events, and people that have shaped the country and its place in the modern world.

952.135 KAL Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-. Life in Tokyo. San Diego, CA : Lucent Books, c2001. Discusses life in Tokyo including the history of Tokyo, its geographical significance, home life, education, economic role, arts and entertainment.

CIRC DESK 495.6 JAP Abe, Yoshi. Japanese phrasebook. 3rd ed. Hawthorn, Vic., Australia ; Oakland, CA : Lonely Planet, 1998.

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