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Jake, Reinvented Sections on Final Exam – Spring, 2013

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Jake, Reinvented Sections on Final Exam – Spring, 2013
You can expect to answer questions in multiple choice, true/false and short answer formats on the following topics:
1) Who’s who among the characters
2) Different motivations of different characters
3) Key plot points
4) Quotation identification: Who said what (the important stuff)?
5) Short answer questions on Jake, Reinvented, which will include the following types:

  1. There are two ways people respond to tragedy: with egoism or with altruism: Who in this story responds to their own tragedy with either one…?

  1. Is Jake in the end a cautionary tale? Or is Jake finally just a tragedy…?

  1. In what was does Jake’s naïveté help him…?

  1. Which is the greater tragedy, Didi’s or Jake’s…?

  1. Is the nobility of Jake’s desire enough to outweigh the shady way in which he gained his money…?

  1. Under what circumstances is it valid to recreate oneself…?

Remember: forewarned is forearmed.

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