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J’Accuse/Blast/Moon Pie/Harrison Bergeron/Terrier Tussle April 2005

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J’Accuse/Blast/Moon Pie/Harrison Bergeron/Terrier Tussle April 2005

Tossups by Berkeley A and UNC
1. Before a new class, W, was invented for Wolf-Rayet stars, those would have been stars of this class, having broad emission lines in their spectra. For a general star of this class, hydrogen lines are relatively weak, while ionized helium and highly ionized metals are the most prominent lines due to the extreme heat. Naos, in the Puppis constellation, is a star of this type, emitting most of its radiation in the ultra-violet. A main-sequence star of this class would have a violet color, a temperature of around 40,000 Kelvins, and 500,000 times the Sun’s luminosity. For 10 points, what is this spectral class, which contains the hottest and brightest stars?


2. Minor texts sacred to this sect include a chronicle of the history of a tooth taken from their inspirational leader’s funeral pyre and a dialogue between the Bactrian King Menander and the monk Nagasena. In America it has taken on the form of Vipassana meditation groups, although there are traditional Viharas in most big cities. The language of this sect is a form of Indo-Aryan called Pali, and the main text is divided into the Vinaya, Sutta and Abhidhamma sections and is known as the Tripitaka. For 10 points, name this sect of Buddhism, most popular in Thailand and Sri Lanka.

ANSWER: Theravada Buddhism [accept Hinayana]

3. A fuse is a wick that burns at one end, and examples include the baker, the beacon maker, and the washer woman. The anvil, the corner, the dove, and the long bookend are all examples of induction coils, while the rabbit, the acorn, and the switch engine are all examples of methuselahs. More famous objects include spaceships and guns, as well as puffers which are like spaceships but leave behind debris. The beacon, the flip-flop, and the blinker are two-period oscillators in, for 10 points, what mathematical game invented in 1970 by John Conway?

ANSWER: the game of Life [or Conway’s Game of Life; or any variant using Conway and Life]

4. A sequence in the fifth chapter takes the protagonist to the palace of the Disenchantment Fairy, where we are introduced to some alternate titles for the story. A play about golden days has twelve prophetic verses, The Twelve Beauties of Jinling is the name of the register the protagonist finds, full of mysterious pictures and couplets, as well as the collective name for the 12 girls of the Jia household that the play refers to. A missing block of jade from heaven inspires the monniker “Story of the Stone.” For 10 points, Bao-yu’s first glimpse of the land of Illusion he originally came from is chronicled in what Cao Xueqin novel, left unfinished in the eighteenth century?

ANSWER: Hong Lou Meng [or The Dream of the Red Chamber; or Dream of Red Rooms; or Dream of Red Mansions; accept The Story of the Stone before it is mentioned; accept The Play of Golden Days before it is mentioned; accept The Twelve Beauties of Jinling before it is mentioned]

5. Among those that use it are sugarcane and corn, as well as many others, all characterized by the special leaf anatomy required for this procedure. In the bundle-sheath cells, the Calvin cycle takes place as normal, using the CO2 from malate, sending the carbohydrate product into the vascular system while the excess pyruvate returns to the mesophyll, where it is phosphorylated, forming PEP, which is used to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, allowing the process to repeat. For 10 points, this describes what alternative photosynthetic pathway that allows for spatial separation of the light and dark reactions?

ANSWER: C4 photosynthesis

6. This painting’s second-named title figure has perhaps the most famous foot in all of art, as Terry Gilliam used it to end the opening credits of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. An allegorical painting, it was a gift from Cosimo de’Medici to Francis I of France. Two masks lie near the lower right, under a putto holding rose petals, identified as the third title figure, who stands below the forth title figure and in front of a creature with the head and hands of a girl, serpent’s tail, and lion’s legs, who profers a honeycomb and may be Fraud. For 10 points, name this Bronzino work featuring the Goddess of love being fondled by her son while the other two title figures look on.

ANSWER: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time [or Triumph of Venus; prompt on Allegory of Love]

7. Because the instantaneous velocity at the point of contact is always zero in the frame of a stationary observer, the work done by the static frictional force is zero during this process. During this process, that point draws out a cycloid, which solves the brachistochrone problem. On Earth, this process will occur if the condition r times omega squared equals mu times g is met. If the velocity is too great for this process to occur, then translational kinetic energy will be converted to rotational energy until the condition v = omega r is met. For 10 points, what is this process, in which an object moves in combined translational and rotational motion?

ANSWER: rolling without slipping [accept logical equivalents, prompt on rolling]

8. During a two-year world tour in the early 1990s, he routinely dressed up as “Mister MacPhisto” and placed calls to world leaders including Bhutros Bhutros-Ghali. In 2002 he took then US Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill on a four-country tour of Africa. As the leading spokesman for the Drop the Debt campaign, he met with Jesse Helms in August of 2001, and after the meeting the North Carolina Senator asked him to run for his seat. He also seems to think that, in Spanish, the proper way to count is “one, two three, fourteen.” For 10 points, name this lead singer on such albums as The Joshua Tree for U2.

ANSWER: Bono Vox [or Paul David Hewson]

9. He took a new title four years after defeating the forces of Senggum and created the Yasa law code. His father Yegusei had taken him to see the Ongirat tribe and found a wife for him, Bortei. While staying with his wife’s family, his father was murdered by Tatars, leading this man to swear revenge, and thus beginning what became a lifelong military campaign. His campaign against the Tangut kingdom Hsi Hsia was quickly followed by the dispatch of Muqali to quell North China, and he later took Kwarezm and sent expeditionary forces into Persia and Russia before leaving the empire to his son Ögödei. For 10 points, who is this man, a leader of the united Mongol tribes who began the conquest of Eurasia?

ANSWER: Temujin [or Genghis Khan; or Jenghis Khan; or Chinghiz Khan]

10. In the last two stanzas, the poet addresses the author of “I Came Near Being a Fascist” as follows: “Ramon Fernandez, tell me, if you know, / Why ... The lights in the fishing boats at anchor there ... Mastered the night and portioned out the sea.” The speaker answers himself in the next stanza, seeing the effect as the result of “the maker’s” “blessed rage.” Starting with a singer for whom “The sea was not a mask; no more was she” who “sang beyond the genius of the sea,” this is, for 10 points, what Wallace Stevens poem about creation and control in the titular Floridian locale?

ANSWER: The Idea of Order at Key West

11. Tom, the title character, is persuaded to believe that a machine can turn stones into bread, to marry the bearded lady Baba the Turk, and to visit Mother Goose’s Brothel by his servant, Nick Shadow. After a year and a day, Tom successfully guesses Shadow’s three cards to save his soul, so Shadow makes him insane, which is how Anne Trulove finds him. Her father takes her home, Tom is left in Bedlam, and the opera ends with the main characters singing, “For idle hands and hearts and minds, the Devil finds a work to do.” For 10 points, name this opera with libretto by Chester Kallman and W.H. Auden, inspired by Igor Stravinsky’s viewing of the Hogarth series whose name it shares.

ANSWER: The Rake’s Progress

12. It was called the “cattle field” during the Middle Ages, when it was covered by centuries of debris. Carlo Fea began excavating it centuries after interest in it was revived by Urban V’s departure from Avignon. The Senate House here today is a Fascist reconstruction put up in the 1930s, which bears little resemblance to the original Curia. It contains, among much else, the Column of Phocis, Temple of Concordia, Tabularium, Regia, Basilica Aemilia, Rostra, and Arch of Titus. For 10 points, name this center of commerce, business, and government of ancient Rome.

ANSWER: Roman Forum [or Forum Romanum; or Forum Magnum]

13. In the television series Static Shock, this figure has the power to create illusions, and his “boys” are the subject of a sequel to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. After collecting all of the world’s wisdom in a calabash, he found it was too heavy to drag up a tree and decided to disperse it among the people of the world. He successfully captured Onini the python, Osebo, the leopard, Mmoboro the hornet and Mmoatia the fairy, after which he was able to win all the stories in the world from his father, the sky god Nyame, with some help from his wife Aso. For 10 points, name this trickster, the legendary spider of African myth.

ANSWER: Kwaku Anansi

14. In Kazantzakis’s The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel, Kapetan Enas takes this literary figure’s name as his alias, while his horse names the mount of Tristram Shandy’s Parson Yorick. Identified in part 1 of the novel as an “hidalgo” and in the second as a “caballero,” his story was furthered by an imposter after part 1 was printed, leading his creator to rail against such chicanery in part 2 and to end it with the death of this character. His tale is rewritten word for word by Pierre Menard, who never read it, in a Borges story. For 10 points, name this tilter at windmills who is accompanied by Sancho Panza in a novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

ANSWER: Don Quixote de la Mancha [or Alonso Quijano; or Quesada]

15. He was said to have followed the traditional teachings of Zhu Xi so devotedly that he meditated for 7 days and nights in a grove of bamboo in an attempt to understand the patterns of the world. He had a nervous breakdown, and on recovering, decided to reject Zhu Xi’s asceticism and investigation in favor of a more individualistic style. For 10 points, who is this philosopher of the early 16th century, whose proclamation that “the principle is the self” was said to be responsible for the Meiji restoration, Zen Buddhism, and the collapse of the Ming dynasty?

ANSWER: Wang Yangming [accept either; or Wang Shouren; or Bo’an; or Yangming Xiansheng]

16. Pope Clement VIII, upon learning of it, lamented “This crucifies me.” It offered an amnesty, protection from the Inquisition while travelling abroad, and the right to bring grievances directly to the king, but did not exempt the group concerned from the tithe or antipathetic marriage restrictions. It created zones of special religious expression in 100 specific geographic areas, including La Rochelle. The Edict of Fontainebleau issued by Louis XIV revoked, for 10 points, what 1598 declaration of Henry IV promising tolerance for French Huguenots?

ANSWER: Edict of Nantes

17. The doctrine it created was overturned by Justice Field’s opinion in Illinois Railroad v. Illinois. Finding that any attempt to alter property which had “passed into the hands of a purchaser for a valuable consideration” constituted an ex post facto law, it grew out of the corruption of a legislator who had been bribed and booted out of office in the next election. It held that the legislature could not change the terms of a contract even if the contract was illegally secured. John Marshall’s opinion found an unconstitutional violation of the contract clause of the Constitution by the Georgia legislature. For 10 points, name this 1810 Supreme Court decision.

ANSWER: Fletcher v. Peck [accept either or both party names in any order]

18. The Nash equilibrium solution to this situation is known as the Bertrand equilibrium. If one of the firms acts as a leader, this produces the Stackelberg equilibrium, in which the output is higher than the original solution to this problem, known as the Cournot equilibrium, whose creator initially had a thought experiment involving access to two natural springs. For 10 points, what is this economic situation, a special case of oligopoly in which only two firms are selling in a market?

ANSWER: duopoly [prompt on oligopoly before it is read]

19. Electron dipole transitions can only connect states with the opposite values of this quantity. For Dirac spinors, this transformation is equivalent to multiplying by gamma-zero, and the appearance of the totally antisymmetric symbol epsilon will always indicate its violation. The spherical harmonics of hydrogen are eigenstates of its operator with eigenvalues 1 raised to the minus l. Its most well-known violation comes from the V minus A nature of a certain current, which produces the maximal violation of it, as shown experimentally by Lee and Yang. For 10 points, what is this property, not preserved by the weak interaction, in which a system remains the same under reflection in a mirror?

ANSWER: parity [or P]

20. The protagonist of this novel finally achieves inner peace when he meets a peasant named Platon Karataev, who is killed by soldiers when they are being led out of the city. That lead character had earlier failed to find inner peace by joining the Freemasons after his disastrous marriage to Helene Kuragina, a wealthy but foolish woman who leads him into a duel with Dolokhov after which he finds contentment with Natasha Rostova. After the death of Andrey Bolkonsky at Austerlitz, Pierre Bezhukov takes over as the focus of, for 10 points, what long novel about the Napoleonic invasion of Russia, by Leo Tolstoy?

ANSWER: War and Peace [or Voyna i Mir]

J’Accuse/Blast/Moon Pie/Harrison Bergeron/Terrier Tussle April 2005

Boni by Berkeley A and UNC
1. Given a film that won Best Picture but not Best Director, name its director, for 10 points each.

[10] Rebecca

ANSWER: Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

[10] An American in Paris

ANSWER: Lester Anthony “Vincente” Minnelli

[10] The Godfather

ANSWER: Francis Ford Coppola
2. For 10 points each, identify some Chinese treaties.

[10] The Song emperor agreed to send a tribute of silk and silver to the Khitans and address the Liao emperor by the humiliatingly deferential term “elder brother” in this treaty of 1004.

ANSWER: Treaty of Shanyuan

[10] Cession of the province of Fengtian and the islands of Formosa and the Pescadores, reparations of 200 million taels of silver, and the forefeiture of all territory south of the Yalu river in favor of Japan were the terms of this treaty ending the Sino-Japanese War.

ANSWER: Treaty of Shimonoseki

[10] In this agreement ending the First Opium War, China committed to reparations of 20 million pounds, gave up Hong Kong, and opened the treaty ports of Canton, Fuzhou, Amoy, Ningbo, and Shanghai.

ANSWER: Treaty of Nanjing [or Nanking]
3. Name these meta-philosophers, for 10 points each.

[10] His dialogues are primarily concerned with ethics, but such works as the Meno, Gorgias, Crito, and Apology discuss the aims and values of philosophy.


[10] His Philosophy as a Science argues that the philosophy’s proper work is in making appraisals, which he contrasts with descriptions.

ANSWER: Curt John Ducasse

[10] This encyclopedist and cofounder of the Great Books of the Western World series divided second-order problems into those dealing with objects of thought and those dealing with subjects of thought.

ANSWER: Mortimer Jerome Adler
4. For 10 points each, give the first lines of these poems, given later lines and their author.

[10] “Inebriate of air am I, / And debauchee of dew, / Reeling, through endless summer days, / From inns of molten blue,” by Emily Dickinson.

ANSWER: I taste a liquor never brewed

[10] A.E. Housman, “Oh many a peer of England brews / Livelier liquor than the Muse, / And malt does more than Milton can / To justify God’s ways to man.”

ANSWER: Terrence, this is stupid stuff

[10] Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “Water, water, every where, / And all the boards did shrink; / Water, water, every where, / Nor any drop to drink.”

ANSWER: It is an ancient Mariner
5. Name these Caribbean authors for 10 points each.

[10] This St. Lucian wrote Henri Christopher, What the Twilight Says, and Omeros as well as the biography of Camille Pisarro, Tiepolo’s Hound.

ANSWER: Derek Alton Walcott

[10] This Indian-Trinidanian wrote Magic Seeds, In a Free State, A Bend in the River, and A House for Mr. Biswas as well as a lot of works bashing Islam.

ANSWER: Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul

[10] This Haitian is the author of Krik? Krak!; Breath, Eyes, Memory; and The Farming of the Bones.

ANSWER: Edwidge Danticat
6. Identify these figures from dream mythology, for 10 points each.

[10] This greek god, the son of Hypnos, is able to assume the form of any mortal and is sent by his father into people’s dreams.

ANSWER: Morpheus

[10] Ptolemy once dreamed of a statue of this syncretic supreme Helleno-Egyptian deity, whose center of worship was a namesake temple in Alexandria.

ANSWER: Serapis

[10] This Norse deity brings people into the violent dream state of gangr under the guise of Svafnir.

7. Name these nineteenth-century French writers for 10 points each.

[10] Among his volumes of lyric poetry are Les Orientales, Autumn Leaves, Inner Voices, and Sunbeams and Shadows, though he remains best known in America as the author of such novels as Les Miserables.

ANSWER: Victor Marie Hugo

[10] His ironic short stories include The Necklace and The Piece of String, but his best work is clearly Le Horla, a novel about humanity’s displacement by Brazilian vampires.

ANSWER: Henri-Rene-Albert-Guy de Maupassant

[10] This lover of George Sand wrote The October Night, Lorenzaccio, and Stories of Spain and Italy.

ANSWER: Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
8. For 10 points each, identify each of the following biologists central to the early understanding of DNA.

[10] In 1944, this man announced that DNA could be taken in by streptococcus bacteria through transformation, allowing them to change from harmless to fatal. This confirmed that this mysterious substance contained the cell’s genetic information.

ANSWER: Oswald Theodore Avery

[10] This Austrian-American used paper chromatography to show that the amount of adenine in DNA would always equal the amount of thymine, and the amount of cytosine the amount of guanine, establishing his namesake rules.

ANSWER: Erwin Chargaff

[10] In King’s College in London, a series of X-ray crystallography images inspired Watson and Crick’s formulation of the double helix model. While her partner, Maurice Wilkins, shared their Nobel for this contribution, this woman that actually produced the images did not.

ANSWER: Rosalind Elsie Franklin
9. For 10 points each, identify these figures from that gang of idiots, the 2004 Red Sox.

[10] This chief idiot may be as well-known for his long flowing mane and his marital issues as for any play on the field.

ANSWER: Johnny Damon

[10] This backup first baseman got in a tiff with the Sox about the ball from the last out, and was shipped to the Mets.

ANSWER: Doug Mientkewicz (pronounced min-KAY-vich, but be lenient)

[10] This pitcher who left the Sox for the Dodgers caused a minor controversy when he appeared at the April 2005 ring ceremony wearing a Sox jersey. The controversy was largely because sports talk show hosts are idiots.

ANSWER: Derek Lowe
10. Answer these questions about the Wittig reaction, for 10 points each.

[10] The key intermediate in the Wittig reaction are these compounds, a strongly polar and highly reactive molecule containing phosphorus and a carbanionic carbon.

ANSWER: ylides

[10] The ylide reacts with an aldehyde or a ketone to yield this final product.

ANSWER: alkene

[10] This variant on the Wittig reaction uses a phosphite ester instead of a phosphine initially.

ANSWER: Wittig-Horner reaction
11. Answer the following questions about a composer and his works, for 10 points each.

[10] This composer, a cousin of Mozart’s wife Constanze, is known for operas such as Euryanthe and Oberon along with piano works like Invitation to the Dance.

ANSWER: Carl Maria von Weber

[10] Weber wrote this opera, in which the demon Samiel gives Caspar magic ammunition to help him steal Agathe from Max.

ANSWER: Der Freischütz [or The Freeshooter]

[10] Weber also wrote two concertos for this woodwind in B-flat for Heinrich Baermann.

ANSWER: clarinet
12. Given characters with Latinate names in a Shakespeare play, name the play for 10 points each.

[10] Calpurnia, Cassius

ANSWER: Julius Caesar

[10] Volumnia, Virgilia

ANSWER: Coriolanus

[10] Caius Lucius, Posthumus Leonatus

ANSWER: Cymbeline
13. Answer these questions about tests of general relativity, for 10 points each.

[10] This prediction of general relativity was verified by Pound, Rebka, and Snider using the Mossbauer effect to very precisely measure the change in wavelength.

ANSWER: gravitational redshift

[10] The precession in the perihelion of this planet was not correctly predicted by Newtonian dynamics, but GR explains the discrepancy.

ANSWER: Mercury

[10] Measuring the gravitational deflection of light by the Sun is commonly done using these very strong radio sources.

ANSWER: quasars
14. Identify these subjects of disputes in Africa, for 10 points each.

[10] This territory in northwest Africa was long the subject of dispute between Morocco and Mauritania. Partitioned between the two in 1976, it is currently occupied by the former.

ANSWER: Western Sahara

[10] This uranium-rich strip lying in northern Chad was annexed by Libya in 1976, but forces from Chad forced Libya’s withdrawal in 1987.

ANSWER: Aozou strip

[10] Puntland and Jubaland are among the nascent states that have broken away from this anarchic pseudo-country since 1991.

ANSWER: Somalia
15. Name these nineteenth-century French writers for 10 points each.

[10] Among his volumes of lyric poetry are Autumn Leaves, Inner Voices, and Sunbeams and Shadows, though he remains best known in America as the author of such novels as Les Miserables.

ANSWER: Victor Marie Hugo

[10] His ironic short stories include The Necklace and The Piece of String, but his best work is clearly Le Horla, a novel about humanity’s displacement by Brazilian vampires.

ANSWER: Henri-Rene-Albert-Guy de Maupassant

[10] This lover of George Sand wrote The October Night, Lorenzaccio, and Stories of Spain and Italy.

ANSWER: Louis Charles Alfred de Musset
16. For 10 points each, identify these elements of Judeo-Christian mythology that may have something else in common.

[10] When Jesus was crucified, the Roman soldiers were about to break his legs, but one centurion said that he was already dead, and proved it by using this to pierce the side of Jesus’ body. You can retrieve it from Hitler in a humdrum first-person shooter.

ANSWER: Spear of Destiny [or Lance of Longinus or equivalents to either]

[10] She was Adam’s first wife, made out of dust just as he was, making her his equal, unlike the later Eve, who was inferior, because Eve had been created using one of Adam’s ribs. She shares her name with a secret character from Marvel v. Capcom.

ANSWER: Lilit or Lilith or Lilitu

[10] They are said to be the ten emanations of God into our universe, diametrically opposed to the Qliphoth. They are led by Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, each of which heads one of the pillars of the tree of life. Also, he’s the final boss of Final Fantasy 7.

ANSWER: Sephiroth or Sephirah
17. A weeklong joint effort from the FBI, ATF, US Marshals, and HUD resulted in over ten thousand arrests during a single operation. For 10 points each:

[10] What was the operational name of this April 2005 dragnet?


[10] This was a result of the efforts of what newly appointed attorney general?

ANSWER: Alberto Gonzales

[10] For 10, tell either what FALCON stands for, or what nationally designated special week, first observed in 1981 at the order of Ronald Reagan, the operation was designed to coincide with.

ANSWER: Federal And Local Cops Organized Nationally or Crime Victims Rights Week
18. Name these people involved in African-American participation in the American Revolution for 10 points each.

[10] John Adams remarked of this man killed during the Boston Massacre, “ First to defy, and the first to die.”

ANSWER: Crispus Attucks

[10] Washington reinstated black soldiers after this British governor of Virginia offered freedom to any slave who joined the British army. He is also the namesake of a 1774 skirmish with the Pawnee concluded at Point Pleasant.

ANSWER: John Murray Dunmore, 4th Earl of Dunmore, Viscount Of Fincastle, Lord Murray Of Blair, Moulin, And Tillemo

[10] This clockmaker and almanacist challenged Thomas Jefferson to apply the rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence to the slave population.

ANSWER: Benjamin Banneker
19. Answer some questions about tissues, for 10 points each.

[10] This is the term used to refer to the functional parts of an organ in the body, such as the nephrons in the kidneys. In plants, tissues of this type make up most of the nonwoody structures.

ANSWER: parenchyma

[10] This is the connective tissue that supports the parenchyma. It is also the name of the fluid-filled area of a cholorplast outside the thylakoid membrane.

ANSWER: stroma

[10] Typically encircled by a ring of xylem and a ring of phloem outside that, this is the soft center consisting of parenchyma cells that is found in vascular plants. This tissue gives its name to a type of cork headgear.

ANSWER: pith
20. For 10 points each, name these Canadian Prime Ministers.

[10] Serving from 1896 to 1911, he was Canada’s first French-speaking Prime Minister.

ANSWER: Sir Wilfrid Laurier

[10] As Prime Minister, in 1970 he imposed martial law in Quebec during the FLQ Crisis. This Liberal Party leader oversaw full independence from British control and the writing of a constitution during his terms from 1968 to 1984.

ANSWER: Pierre Elliot Trudeau

[10] He won the 1957 Nobel Peace Prize for his actions in the Suez crisis, and Toronto’s International Airport is named for him. As PM, he adopted the national flag and anthem.

ANSWER: Lester Bowles Pearson

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