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Iva Vladimirova

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Iva Vladimirova Vladimirova was born in Sofia on Sept. 11th, 1957.

She graduated from the National Art School – “Ilija Petrov” in Sofia in 1976. In1985 she graduated in Painting at the National Art Academy, in Prof. Ivan Kirkov’s class.

From1989 to 1994 she worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Drawing and Modeling at the Architecture and Building High Institute (ABHI).

1991-1993 she was a lecturer at the Architecture College at the ABHI.

1993-1997 she was an assistant professor in Drawing and Painting with the private academy “Zhul Paskin”.

1995-1999 – Teacher of Fine Arts in12-th secondary school “Ivan Asen II”.

2001-2004 – Teacher of Painting at the Secondary School of Applied Arts.

Since march 2003 she works as an assistant professor in the department of “Plastic Arts” at New Bulgarian University.

Since 1987 she is a member of Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA).

1993-1996 – member of Organizing Cimmittee of UBA.

She lives and works in Sofia.

Iva Vladimirova participates actively in art exhibitions and plein airs in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria.

Solo exhibitions:

1986 Sofia, Gallery, 108 Rakovski Str.

1988 Sofia, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str.

1991 Paris, France, Cite Internationale Des Arts

1997 Sofia, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str.

1999 Sofia, Institute of French Culture, 2 Vasil levski Str.

2001 Vienna, Institute of Bulgarian Culture “Wittgenstein”, Vienna, 18 Parkgasse Str.

2002 Kavarna, Town Art gallery

2004 Sofia, “Do not turn backward”, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str.

2005 Bratislava, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Jesensko 7

2005 Berlin, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Leipzigerstr. 114-115
Collective exhibitions:

1988 Helsinki, Finland Reprehensive Exhibition of Bulgarian Arts.

1989 Basel, Switzerland Arts festival

1990 Vienna, Austria, “Wittgenstein

1991 Paris, France, Cite Internationale Des Arts

1993 Geneva, Switzerland

1996 Sofia, UBA Gallery Raiko Aleksiev

1997 Sofia, Macta Gallery

1998 Dimitrovgrad, Serbia, Likovna Kolonia – Poganov Monastery ‘97

1998 Sofia, National exhibition “The Paintings: - UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str.

1998 Sofia, Drita Gallery

1999 Zagreb, Croatia – Kuklitza ‘99

1999 Veliko Tarnovo, Specter gallery

1999 Sofia, Drita Gallery – Djufara ’99

1999 Kumanovo, Macedonia – Likovna Kolonia Kumanovo ‘99

2000 Kumanovo, Macedonia – Kumanovo 2000

2001 Zagreb, Croatia

2001 Paintings/…but – Sofia, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str.

2001 Sofia, Drita Gallery – Djufara 2001

2001 Sofia, “A Selection from Croatian Plein Airs”, Sredec Gallery, Ministry of Culture

2002 Sofia, UBA Gallery Raiko Aleksiev – “Selfportraits”

2002 Sofia, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str. – “Male body”

2002 Sofia, Gallery Stalbata, Gallery for foreign art “St. St. Cyril and Metodius” – Balkans without borders

2002 Pleven, First Biennial of the Small Forms, Town Art Gallery

2003 Sofia, Gallery Ickar, 2 Loui Leje Str. – Daskaliada

2003 Sofia, Gallery Otechestvo – Artists of the gallery

2003 Sofia, Gallery Sezoni – Sea and Coasts

2003 Sofia, Gallery Sredec, An exhibition of the teachers from the Secondary School of Applied Art

2004 Sofia, Gallery Sredec – Balkans without Borders

2004 Sofia, UBA Gallery, 6 Shipka Str. – Landscape

Special participations:

1998 a fresco “Lazar’s Resurrection” in the chapel of St. Spirit. – the village of Karnare.

2001 a painting on glass in café-restaurant “Celuvkata”, 15 Hristo Botev Str., Sofia, arch. Aleksi Patev.

2003 Iva Vladimirova participatesin the project “Orbis Pictus, Europe” with the Czeck Cultural Institute, Sofia

Awards and scholarships:

2001 – Iva Vladimirova won a one-month scholarship of KulturKontakt – Vienna.

2003 – Iva Vladimirova was awarded The Prize for Painting of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality


“The Teacher of Fine Arts – Key of Knowledge, Self Knowledge, Self Unity and Evolution”. Published in newspaper “Azbuki” 7/16 – 22 Febr 2000
Her works are owned by the national Arts Gallery, galleries in Silistra, Kardjali, Plovdiv, Russe, Varna, public and private collections in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria and France.

Address: Sofia1680, Beli Brezi, Bl.13, ap.4

Tel: (00359 2) 58 185 21, Mobilepfone: 00359 886 39 57 96


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