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Irc gender Based Violence Program Manager Chad

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IRC Gender Based Violence Program Manager Chad

Grade: OGL-2

Location: Bahai, northeastern Chad

Duration: 12 months

Reports to: Field Coordinator
In response to a growing humanitarian crisis and the influx of refugees into Chad, the IRC launched programs in Chad in February 2004, focusing on the most urgent needs of water and sanitation, education, health, and protection. IRC program activities have been concentrated on the northernmost refugee population centers in Chad, which are located in the Prefecture of Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti (BET), near the towns of Bahai and Cariari. In July 2004, the refugees were moved to Oure Cassoni camp, which was built and is managed by the IRC with support from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). IRC is currently responsible for the Primary Health Care, Environmental Health, Protection, Camp Management, Gender Based Violence, Child and Youth Protection and Education programs assisting the approximately 29,000 refugees in the camp.

Responsible for the overall planning, management and implementation of the IRC-Chad GBV program, the GBV Program Manager will:

Provide ongoing leadership, training, technical support and guidance to national staff and strategic partners to ensure GBV programming meets best practice standards. This includes developing and implementing a staff training plan for GBV team members.

• Establish and strengthen integrated case referral system between GBV, Protection, Primary Health and Reproductive Health programs;

• Develop and conduct training for IRC and partner staff on GBV issues;

• Develop activities for women and conduct community education and awareness campaigns;

• Train and supervise national and refugee GBV staff; develop the capacity of national staff to foster eventual handover of manager position to national staff team

• Oversee project activities and provide advice, support and assistance in the development of training materials, BCC materials and methodologies, etc., as necessary in order to achieve project goals.

• Collaborate with the Health Manager to develop and implement training for health staff to provide timely and appropriate post incident care using a survivor centered case management approach. Collaborate with the other Program Managers and the staff of partner organizations to develop and maintain an ongoing training program to ensure GBV is integrated into all camp programming.

• Ensure that the project undertakes continuous assessment/monitoring/analysis/evaluation so that activities are appropriate and based on a clear understanding of the problems, causes, contributing factors, and issues in the camp. Develop data collection and analysis systems for ongoing program monitoring;

• Ensure all internal and external reporting requirements are met;

• Work with Program Coordinator to develop GBV program proposals that respond to the needs of the refugees and host community;

• Plan and manage GBV program budget in order to maintain program expenditure within budget;

Coordinate with UNHCR, International and Local NGOs working in Chad on GBV issues.


• Minimum of three years professional experience, including two years international experience, working on gender-based violence issues and/or managing a GBV program in conflict-affected countries and/or refugee settings.

• University degree in social science, social work, law, health or other related field; post-graduate degree a plus

• Fluent English and proficient French, written and spoken, required. Arabic a plus.

• Proven familiarity with and understanding of international guidelines and best practices relating to programming for GBV in conflict settings. Proven ability to translate the concepts of GBV programming into tangible, appropriate activities.

• Experience in program management, project planning, and budget management.

• Previous experience with direct service provision to victims of domestic and sexual violence desirable.

• Strong communication skills and proven ability to lead the collaboration of various actors and organizations;

• Experience conducting assessments, in community development and in employing participatory approaches;

• Experienced in managing a multi-cultural staff team; excellent capacity building and training skills and experience required

• Ability to write clear and concise reports; previous experience writing proposals.

• Able to work independently while being a strong team player;

• Must be flexible to adapt to changing requirements;

• Strong computer skills;

• Ability to work well in unstable security environments, and under administrative and programmatic pressures.
This is a long term, unaccompanied position.
Applicants can apply at

Closing date is 10/22/06

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