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Intake Manager/Medical Coordinator Procedures Receive Intake Call info on dog

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Intake Manager/Medical Coordinator Procedures

  1. Receive Intake Call info on dog:

    1. If dog from your area, read over eval; if anything jumps out such as major medical concerns, dog aggression, etc then look into it further, such as calling vet for records

    2. Wait for in person eval to be done

    3. For shelter dogs, usually only get the Shelter eval; after receiving this, move to # 2

  2. Once Dog Eval comes in: Go over eval and decide if we will accept dog

    1. If denying dog, then call owner to inform them

    2. Send email or call Patsy to get a number for dog

      1. Input dog # on both Intake and Eval forms and save (as noted below)

      2. If Intake Mgrs determine dog might be a candidate for a Foster-to-Adopt (F2A), contact Jude Fulghum, cc’d to Kelli Steinberg, before sending any info to the Foster Team. If Jude and Kelli agree, send all info to Jude to handle (info will not go to the Foster Team at all). IM will follow up on vet records and medical needs but won’t be involved in F2A arrangements.

    3. If dog is accepted to be placed in a foster home, then send both forms and photo(s) to the foster team member who is on duty that week as well as Martha McGuirk, FHC.

      1. Save photos as Quincy # 2328 a, Quincy #2328 b, etc for each photo.

      2. Intake eval should be saved as Quincy #2328 Intake (add GBR # to form)

      3. In person eval should be saved as Quincy #2328 Eval (add GBR # to form)

      4. If a only a shelter eval done, save as Quincy #2328 Shelter Eval

      5. Owner release form Quincy #2328 Owner Release

      6. Owner’s vet records Quincy #2328 Owners vet records

      7. GBR vet records Quincy #2328 GBR Vet records

      8. Intake medical sheet Medical Info sheet Quincy #2328

    4. Call owner to let them know we have accepted the dog and what the next steps are; usually that is telling them that we are in the process of finding a foster home which could take a few days to a week (or more) and once the foster has been found then call the owner back to let them know when we will be taking possession of the dog. This is a good time to encourage or remind owner to get the fecal test done and/or any other things that they said they would.

    5. Call owner’s vet(s) to get all records on dog.

      1. Start filling out Intake Medical Sheet for dog so you know what needs to be done.

    6. If you receive a donation check, mail to Laura Jennison: 13154 SW Broadmoor Pl, Tigard OR 97223. Make sure you note dog’s name and # and reason for check such as Surrender Donation on the memo line, or in a note attached to it.

  1. Once foster home is found:

    1. Send an email to your set up email group (see below for names for “New Intake Dog Group”) for when a new dog comes in that includes both evals & photo(s) and a brief description on the dog (age, sex, good with cats, no kids, has separation anxiety…anything that is good to know right up front) as well as who will be the foster home and when dog is going to be in the foster home.

    2. Contact foster home to see when is convenient for them to receive dog, who their GBR vet is (most are noted in the Master Foster List), ask them if they are able to get dog into vet or should we try to get dog into vet prior to coming into their home.

    3. Start planning transport of dog to foster home

    4. Call owner; let them know foster found and when we would like to get the dog.

  2. Send vet records and completed Requested Vet Procedures form to foster home’s preferred vet and, if it helps in regard to transport and the foster home getting the dog, have dog transported to vet and have the foster home pick up or meet at vet for appointment.

    1. If foster home is taking dog to the vet then make sure they have a list of requested vet work to take with them. This way they can reference it during the office visit.

    2. Inform Foster Team member who placed dog and also FHC (Martha) of the dog’s status and pending vet work.

  1. Send Sentinel to foster home and send an email to Kay Yates with dog’s name, #, weight and when you sent the first Sentinel

    1. If you know dog will be in foster care for a long time (because of medical or such) you can send two Sentinel pills, just let Kay know how many you sent.

  1. Contact foster home (or vet) to make sure all requested vet work has been done, if not when it will be done.

    1. Remember most dogs will need a Lepto booster in 3-4 weeks after the initial shot

    2. Spay and Neuters, or other types of surgeries usually require a follow up visit

    3. If something was found in the initial vet visit we need to look into it ASAP; such as in need of dental work, mass removals, etc.

      1. We generally do not do dental on most dogs. If the dog is really bad or has broken or abscessed teeth then yes.

      2. Mass removal is on a case-by-case basis as well. If it is a tiny bump that the vet has no concerns on then it is fine. If the vet has noted it in the chart with concern then we probably want to get it looked into.

      3. A good rule of thumb can also be…will the mass or lump hinder the dog being adopted?

      4. Usually any dog 9 or older we have a Senior Blood Profile done on (also for shelter dogs not in good condition)

    4. Get Microchip # and email it to DeeDee Hart. She needs to know microchip #, company, if chip is already registered to previous owner, or is it’s a pre-paid GBR chip. If you get stickers and/or a tag, etc., mail it to her: DeeDee Hart, 524 Tower Dr NW, Salem OR 97304; 503-551-1709 (cell; .

  1. Once all vet work has been completed call vet to get all records faxed to you.

    1. Inform Kelli Steinberg that the dog is ready and send PAQ to the foster home

    2. Send completed Medical Info sheet to Patsy Nolte, Kelli Steinberg and to the foster home to be passed along to the adopter.

    3. Send owner’s vet records, signed owner release form, GBR vet records, Medical Info sheet and other related info to Jill Groves and Kathy Blackburn.

    4. Inform appropriate vet when the dog has been adopted.

New Intake Dog Group (set up e-mail list for this):

Jill Groves

Dana Bennett

Kathy Blackburn

Shari Chombeau

Judy Carmella

Jude Fulghum

DeeDee Hart

Kathie Jones

Kathy Kamerer

Katherine Keller

Patricia Kemner

Stephanie Lake

Eric Levine

Betty Lindstrom

Jody Maddox

Martha McGuirk

Merryl Mix

Lyn Molstrom

Patsy Nolte

Susan Paquin

Michele Scaglia

Kerrie A. Simpson

Monica Soren

Kelli Steinberg

Sue Stell

Jan Stoughton

Barbara Warren

Diane White

Kay Yates

Volunteer Coordinator, Jan Stoughton,

She is a great resource when you need help with transport; send her an email with all the details (when needed, from here to there, good or bad in car, age, fixed or not, etc.) and she will send it out to all who have said they want to help with transporting dogs.

Dog Evaluation E-mail list

Patsy Nolte

Stephanie Lake

Kathie Jones

Jody Maddox

Kay Yates

Jill Groves

Kelli Steinberg

Susan Paquin

Kathy Blackburn

Teams and their E-mails:


Jill Groves

Intake Call Team:

Shari & Don Blackett

Judy Carmella

Mary Ellen Lunde (ME)

Kathy Kamerer

Jay MacAfee

Jody Maddox

Eric Schuman

Monica Soren (emergency back-up only)

Cathryn Wallace

Intake Managers/Medical Coordinators:

Patsy Nolte (Intake/Foster/Medical Co-Director)

Kay Yates (Intake/Foster/Medical Co-Director)

Stephanie Lake

Jody Maddox

Kathie Jones

Foster team:

Martha McGuirk (Foster Home Coordinator)

Michele Scaglia

Jan Stoughton

Barbara Warren
Adoption Team:

Kelli Steinberg (Director)

Dana Bennett

Shari Chombeau

Jude Fulghum (Foster-to-Adopt Coordinator)

Pat Kemner

Eric Levine

Betty Lindstrom

Lyn Molstrom

Merryl Mix

Kerrie Anne Simpson

Sue Stell

Diane White

Kathy Kamerer (Website write-ups for dogs)

Application Screening Coordinator: Jack Delaini

Medical Records Coordinator: Kathy Blackburn

Sentinel Coordinator: Kay Yates

Microchip Records Coordinator: DeeDee Hart

Training/Behavior: Shari Chombeau
INTAKE DOG “TO DO” LIST DATE: ________________
Dog Name: GBR#:
___ After reviewing evals, make decision to accept or reject

___ Contact Patsy to get GBR #

___ If dog is F2A candidate, contact Jude & Kelli before sending info to Foster Team

___ Send Intake and Eval + photos to Foster Team member & Martha - Request foster home

___ Call owner – next steps

___ Call owner’s Vet to get all records on dog

___ Start filling out Intake Medical Information sheet

___ Send Donation check (if any) to Laura Jennison

___ When foster home found, e-mail all appropriate info to New Intake Dog Group

___ Contact foster home about details, vet, medical, etc.

___ Arrange transportation of dog to foster home

___ Call owner to arrange pick up of dog

___ Send vet records and needed medical procedures to foster home’s vet (and/or provide

foster home with list of requested vet work)

___ Send Sentinel to foster home

___ Send e-mail to Kay re: Sentinel info

___ Get Microchip # and email to DeeDee Hart (or mail if tag/stickers, etc.)

___ Contact foster home to make sure all requested vet work has been done

___ Inform Kelli that dog is ready for adoption; send PAQ to foster home

___ Once all vet work completed, get all records faxed to me

___ Send completed Medical Info sheet to Patsy, Kelli & to foster home (to give to adopter)

___ Send owner’s vet records (scanned), signed owner release form, GBR vet records,

Medical Info sheet and other related info to Jill and Kathy B.

___ Inform appropriate vet that the dog has been adopted

Intake Manager Procedures Revised 1/7/2016

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