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In-class Writing Tasks Formal letter

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In-class Writing Tasks

  1. Formal letter

Three of your company employees are being sent on an official a 3-day government-related visit to Brussels. You have been asked to contact the European Parliament representative to organise and confirm attendance from 16.07.2009 to 18.07.2009. Ask about the following:

  • Availability of conference room and hotel accommodation.

  • Internet access in the rooms

  • Times meals are served during the conference and in the hotel

  • availability of a (think of something to add here)

  • any additional costs including VAT

REMEMBER to use: fully-blocked style, open punctuation, letter headed paper, four-point plan,

MAKE UP: names, dates, addresses, logo etc.

  1. Your company has hired an interior designer, Ms Elena Paparizou, who was asked to renovate some of the offices and the reception area at your headquarters. It seems that the works have now lasted two months longer than it was agreed. Moreover, walls in three offices have been painted in a different colour than in had been planned earlier, your your employees complain they cannot stand the colour Ms Paparizou chose. Furthermore, the painters damaged a very expensive painting.

Write an email to Ms Paparizou:

  • Asking her to finish renovations as soon as possible (ask her to tell you the exact date she finishes her job)

  • Informing her about the damaged painting and requesting that she pays for the damage

  • Asking her to paint the three offices again to the agreed colour

Make sure you use the tight tone.

  1. Memo

You are a Health and Safety Officer in a large company in Cyprus. It has been agreed by the Board of Directors that the company will become a smoke free environment. As of 16.03.2009 smoking on the company premises will be forbidden with the exception of areas specially designated for smoking. A failure to observe the new rule will be subject to disciplinary action.

Write a memorandum to all company employees telling them about the new rule.

REMEMBER to use fully-blocked style, open punctuation and the four-point plan.

  1. Describing a graph (Dell share prices January – December 2007)

REMEMBER to include a short introduction and conclusions.

  1. Letter of application and CV

  1. Itinerary

You are a general manager in a company producing lighting equipment. You send two sales managers for a 3-day business trip to international fair in Belgrade in order to promote your new line of products and find new customers.

Write a memorandum and an itinerary.

REMEMBER to use: fully-blocked style, open punctuation, letter headed paper, four-point plan,

MAKE UP: names, dates, addresses, logo etc.

  1. Publicity materials

  1. The manager of the department in which you work has decided to put on a teambuilding event for the employees. She decided to invite everyone in the department to a two-day trip to Troodos. One of the planned activities is skiing.

Prepare a notice inviting the employees to take part in the event.

  1. One of the directors in your company, Tom Smith, has retired recently. Write a short article to a staff newsletter informing everyone about Smith’s retirement.

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