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Clinical analysis and results of operative treatment of 41 brain abscesses

…, A Paşaoğlu, MH Özkul, Ö Aral, N Özkul - Neurosurgical review, 1991 - Springer

Abstract In this study, 41 cases of cerebral abscess operated on in our clinics between 1977 

and 1986 were investigated retrospectively. The surgical strategy and the factors affecting 
the mortality rate were discussed. It was confirmed that the most important factor affecting ...

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[HTML] A comparison of the effects of Veau-Wardill-Kilner palatoplasty and Furlow double-opposing Z-plasty operations on eustachian tube function

…, Z Özsoy, M Ulay, E Eryilmaz, H Özkul… - The Cleft palate- …, 2000 -

Abstract Objective: The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of Veau-Wardill-

Kilner (VWK) two-flap palatoplasty and Furlow double-opposing Z-plasty operations on 
eustachian tube (ET) opening in patients with cleft palate (CP). Design: Twenty-six ...

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Computer simulation tool for rhinoplasty planning

T Ozkul, MH Ozkul - Computers in biology and medicine, 2004 - Elsevier

Rhinoplasty is a collection of surgical procedures performed on nose for the purpose of

correcting functional and shape deformities. Nose is a facial feature wh.

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Bilateral congenital choanal atresia in a 51-year-old woman

H Yasar, MH Ozkul - American journal of rhinology, 2007 -

Background: A 51-year-old woman with bilateral congenital choanal atresia (CCA) is 

presented. She had episodes of respiratory distress that were relieved by crying and 
worsened by breastfeeding during her newborn period. No other abnormality had been ...

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The effect of intratympanic vitamin C administration on cisplatin-induced ototoxicity

S Celebi, MM Gurdal, MH Ozkul, H Yasar… - European Archives of Oto …, 2013 - Springer

Abstract The Objective of this study is to investigate the effect of intratympanic injection of 

vitamin C on cisplatin-induced ototoxicity. The study included 24 albino adult female rats (48 
ears). The study animals were divided into four groups each of which was composed of six ...

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[PDF] A software tool for measurement of facial parameters

T Ozkul, MH Ozkul, R Akhtar… - Open Chem Biomed …, 2009 -

... A Software Tool for Measurement of Facial Parameters Tarik Ozkul*,1, Murat Haluk Ozkul2, Raheal
Akhtar1, Fatima Al-Kaabi1 and Tahani Jumaia1 ... 99-109. [19] Crumley, RL; Lanser, M. Quantitative
analysis of nasal tip projec- tion. ... Ozkul et al.; Licensee Bentham Open. ...

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Septal perforation repair: mucosal regeneration technique

…, A Meric, A Verim, B Ozucer, H Yasar, MH Ozkul - European Archives of …, 2012 - Springer

... Alper Yenigun · Aysenur Meric · Aysegul Verim · Berke Ozucer · Husamettin Yasar · Murat Haluk
Ozkul ... H. Yasar · MH Ozkul Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Haseki Training and Research Hospital,
Haseki, Istanbul, Turkey ... Ann Plast Surg 66:633–636 3. Kazkayasi M, Tuna E, Kilic C ...

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A study towards fuzzy logic-based assessment of nasal harmony of rhinoplasty patients

T Ozkul, MH Ozkul - Journal of the Franklin Institute, 2006 - Elsevier

... [1]; T. Ozkul, H. Ozkul; Computer simulation tool for rhinoplasty planning. Comput. Biol. Med.,
34 (2004), pp. 697–718. ... [2]; RK Daniel; The nasal tip: anatomy and aesthetics. Plast. Reconstr.
Surg., 89 (1992), pp. 216–224. ... [3]; M. Ercolani, B. Baldaro, N. Rossi, E. Trombini, G. Trombini ...

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Bilateral aplasia of paranasal sinuses

S Celebi, U Taskin, F Altın, MH Ozkul - European Archives of Oto-Rhino- …, 2012 - Springer

Abstract Paranasal sinus anatomical anomalies with unknown etiology are common. 

Maxillary and/or frontal sinus aplasia or hypoplasia are more common than the other types. 
Although there are some reports about paranasal sinus anomalies in the literature, there ...

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