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Ibo island lodge. Honeymoon Packages

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Honeymoon Packages

Ibo Island lodge is located on the prime waterfront site, where romantic dhows sail out to sea on each high tide. The lodge encompasses magnificent mansions each over one hundred years old with walls over a meter thick and lofty high ceilings. The lodge has two swimming pools set in tropical gardens, an air-conditioned lounge and private dining room as well as a roof terrace restaurant with an open-air lounge area for after dinner drinks under the stars.

SADC Rate from:
International rates on request.

5 nights

7 nights

Valid until 31 December 2011 subject to availability.


Especially For You

  • Congratulatory card from the Lodge Manager

  • Bubbly in room on arrival

  • Romantic turndown

  • Three course romantic dinner for two in the lodge’s garden, including 1 bottle of Ibo house wine

  • Traditional Ibo Massage for 2 people

  • Choice between a sunset dhow cruise or kayak trip into the mangrove forest (drinks excluded)

Rate Terms:
Flight rates are subject to change depending on
time of booking and taxes of the day when booking and paying.
Rates for the lodge are in US$ AND are converted at an exchange
rate of R 7.00 to one US$.
Rates are an indication of cost and are subject to change. Precise rates are available when booking.

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