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How to Use Interactive Voice Response ivr

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How to Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Complete sign up form:

Each agency will need to fill this out for your own account. Once this form is filled out, CTS will receive an email that your account has been created. They will then follow up as to the billing contact and any other information needed. Once all information has been collected, the email that was provided on the form will receive a welcome email that provides all the necessary information to access the portal (access account information online) and a telephonic interpreter.

Once the agency has signed up, an account is created and assign a specific phone number based on the agencies requirements.

Step 1: Call 1

Step 2: Enter Account Number, followed by # sign

Step 3: Select 1 to be connected directly to your Spanish interpreter, or

Select 2 to be connected directly to your Russian interpreter, or

Select 3 to be connected directly to your Vietnamese interpreter, or

Select 4 to be connected directly to your Somali interpreter, or

Select 9 for all other languages

*If you require a 3rd party call, press 9 to reach a Customer Service Representative


What if I do not know my Account number?

You do need this information in order to reach the interpreter directly. If you are unsure of your account number, wait and the system will direct you to a live operator who will look up your account.

What is IVR? 

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. CTS LanguageLink’s IVR system allows a customer to quickly select the language desired for interpretation and be connected immediately to an interpreter without interaction with a live attendant. The benefit of this is an even faster connect time to your interpreter and better service to your limited English proficient (LEP) client.

What is a third party call? 

A third party call is when you need CTS LanguageLink to call the LEP client and then bridge the call together with you and the interpreter.

How do I make a third party call with CTS LanguageLink?

If you need a third party call, press 9 (even for Spanish) to reach a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and let the operator know you need a third party call. We are happy to assist you with this at no additional charge. Our interpreters are not able to make the third party call directly.

I need another language other than the ones listed. How do I get my interpreter on the line?

Press 9 for other languages and let the CSR know which language you require and they will connect you. If the language is unknown, you may reference the “Point to your Language” visual for help with most requested languages or ask a representative for assistance.
Please contact our Client Relations Team if you have any further questions: Toll Free: 1 (800) 208-2620


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