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How to Embed Video into your Wikispace

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How to Embed Video into your Wikispace
For the first example, we will use Google Video. Videos from YouTube are embedded differently, and that guide follows directly after this one.


  1. Go to Google and choose the “video” option.

  2. In the search bar, list the subjects that you want to find video on.

  3. A quick tip would be to search for specific things by enclosing them in quotation marks. For example, if I was searching for a video about Bolivia, I would enter it as “Bolivia.”

  4. If you want to search for something more specific, like videos about Bolivia and coffee, you will want to do this: “Bolivia” + “Coffee.”

  5. When you have searched and found the video you would like to use, do not forget to get the information you will need for its citation in your works cited.

  6. Your results screen looks like this:

  7. Choose your video and move on to the next page.

  8. Be sure to watch your video in its entirety so you know it is relevant.

  1. Your main video screen looks like this:

  2. Once you have watched the video, you need to get the html code to add to your page. You do this by clicking the “email-Blog-Post to MySpace” button.

  3. You must then select “embed HTML.”

  4. At the next prompt, copy the HTML code and hang on to it until you get back to your wiki.

  5. Make sure you only copy the text in the box

  1. Go back to your wiki.

  1. Once you are at your page, click “Edit this Page.”

  2. In the editor, find the spot on the page where you want your video to play and click the “Embed Media” button.

  3. This box will appear:

  4. Past your HTML text from Google Video into the white space marked ‘source.”

  5. Once your source is pasted, click “OK.”

  6. Click Preview to make sure it worked, then save if you are happy with it.

From YouTube

  1. Go to and enter your search words into the search box.

  2. Your search results look like this:

  3. Your results will produce the following type of page:

  1. Select your video by clicking on it.

  2. When your video comes up, preview it and if you like it copy the text next to “embed HTML” from the right side of the screen.

  3. When you have copied the text, go back to your wiki.

  4. Open up your page and choose “Edit this Page.”

  5. Follow the directions from the Google Section above from #15 until you finish.

  6. Good luck!

The resource for this help document:

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