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How many days, hours, and minutes does it take for the earth to revolve around the sun?

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Stephen Goodly, Sr.

ETEC 620 Dr. Ennis

Scavenger Hunt

  1. How many days, hours, and minutes does it take for the earth to revolve around the sun?

The Length of a Year

There is no finish line in the orbit of the Earth around the Sun that shows when the Earth has completed another lap (year), so we have to invent our own rule for detecting when another year is past. Many rules can be invented, which all give a different length for the year. To the nearest minute, we have:









the northern solstice




calendar year

the average of the Gregorian calendar




the average of the seasons




tropical year

the ascending equinox




the descending equinox




the southern solstice




siderical year

return to the same star




anomalistical year

the perigee of the Sun

  1. What types of books did R. L. Stine write before he began writing horror?

As a writer, before he was R.L., he was Jovial Bob, author of such works as "101 Silly Monster Jokes", and "Bozos on Patrol" and was the editor of Bananas magazine.

R.L. Stine started writing when he was 9 years old! He also wrote for his high school newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, but after graduating from Ohio State University, he moved to New York City, where he worked on a variety of writing jobs.

  1. What is the Louisiana State insect?

The honeybee is the official Louisiana state insect. Honey has been collected in Louisiana since before it became a state in 1812. In the 19th century, some of Louisiana's big plantations produced thousands of pounds of honey each year. Today, not only are thousands of pounds of honey collected every year in Louisiana, but queen bees bred in Louisiana are sent all over the United States to raise bee colonies.

  1. Name one of your U. S. Congressman or Representatives and give his or her email address.

DC Address:

The Honorable William J. Jefferson
United States House of Representatives
2113 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-1802

DC Phone:


DC Fax:


Email Address:

WWW Homepage:

  1. What is the color and size of the famous Hope Diamond?



45.52 carats


Length 25.60 mm
Width 21.78 mm
Depth 12.00 mm


Cushion antique brilliant with a faceted girdle and extra facets on the pavilion.


VS1. Whitish graining is present.


Fancy dark grayish-blue

  1. When President Clinton was a senior in high school, he was selected by Boy's Nation to go the the White House and meet the president. Which President's hand did he shake on the visit?

As a delegate to Boys Nation while in high school, he met President John Kennedy in the White House Rose Garden. The encounter led him to enter a life of public service.

  1. What is estimated population of the United States at this very second?

U.S. POPClock Projection
According to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the resident population of the United States, projected to 04/25/05 at 03:59 GMT (EST+5) is


One birth every.................................. 8 seconds

One death every.................................. 12 seconds

One international migrant (net) every............ 26 seconds

Net gain of one person every..................... 13 seconds

  1. While in Munchkin Land, what did the Witch of the North do to give Dorothy the courage to make her journey along the Yellow Brick Road?

The Witch of the North gave Dorothy silver slippers. In screen tests with Technicolor, silver didn't stand out, so the color was changed to a garish ruby color.

  1. What is the name of the state bird of Alaska? 

[Willow Ptarmigan.]

[Lagopus lagopus.]

  1. Where is the tallest bridge (from the water to the bridge) in the world located? What is its name? How tall is it?
The tallest bridge in the world is in Cañon City, Colorado. It is the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. It is the tallest footbridge at 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River.
This bridge looks pretty scary.

The world's highest motor vehicle bridge is located in MILLAU, France. It is 343 meters. above ground level.

  1. Find the following information about the city of your choice:
Current Temperature in Washington, DC on Updated Apr 25 12:45 a.m. ET

Feels Like

The highest recorded temperature was 93 °F / 33 °C (1960)

The lowest recorded temperature was 28°F in 1949.

Time of today's sunrise and sunset? 6:19 am 7:26pm

  1. How old is the male star of the movie Titanic?

Leonardo Di Caprio is 30 years old. His birthday is November 11, 1974.

  1. Where is the world's tallest waterfall located, and how tall is it? .

It is located in Bolivar Venezuela and called Angel, Salto: 3,212 feet  /   979 meters

  1. What person is the movie Men of Honor the story of? What was his/her name and rank, and in what branch of the military did he/she serve?


The movie Men Of Honor is based on a Master Chief Diver in the U.S. Navy named Charles Brashear. He was the first African American to achieve this rank.

Roller Coasters

  1. Do roller coasters have engines?

A roller coaster does not have engines. The cars are pulled to the top of the first hill and the coaster must complete the ride on its own.

  1. What drives a roller coaster?

The conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy is what drives the roller coaster,

  1. What is the difference between running wheels and friction wheels?

Running wheels guide the coaster on the track. Friction wheels control lateral motion

  1. How do roller coasters stop?

Compressed air brakes stop the car as the ride ends.

  1. What is centripetal force?

Motion along a curve or through a circle is always caused by a centripetal force. This is a force that pushes an object in an inward direction.

  1. What is gravitational force?

Any two objects with mass attract each other with a type of force known as a gravitational force.

  1. What were the forerunners of present day roller coasters?

The forerunners of present-day roller coasters were huge blocks of ice that were fashioned into sleds, with straw or fur on the icy seat for passenger comfort.

  1. What type of materials did they use?

Sand was used to help slow down the sled at the end of the ride to keep it from crashing. Wooden sleds were built with iron runners to increase the speed and intensity of the ride.

  1. What was the first American roller coaster introduced?

The first American roller coaster introduced Coney Island in 1875. The first rides at these parks were carousels, but in 1884, the first gravity switchback train was introduced. This was the first true roller coaster in America.

  1. What year and where did the nation's first theme park open?

In 1955, the nation's first theme park opened: Disneyland.

  1. What was the name of the first tubular steel coaster and what year was it introduced?

In 1959 Disney introduced the Matterhorn, the first tubular steel coaster.

  1. Have you been on a roller coaster before?

I am a roller coaster fanatic. I love roller coasters

  1. If yes, what was the name of it, where was it, and what did you like most about it?

I have been on so many roller coasters. My favorite coaster is the dueling dragons at Isle of Adventure. The reason I like it so much is because when you are riding the rides the coaster look as if they are going to hit each other while you are riding.

  1. If no, would you go on one now that you know more about them?

List four additional facts that you have learned.

1. John Miller is considered the Thomas Edison of roller coasters.

2. Roller coaster stop by compressed air at the end of the track.
3. Centripetal force is a force that pushes an object in an inward direction. Gravitational force is any two objects with mass attract each other with a type of force.
4. The forerunners of present-day roller coasters were huge blocks of ice

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