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Holbrook Field Office

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Certification of Soil and Site Information

Holbrook Field Office

Section Content:

a. A designated “Official Copy” of each published soil survey in the field office administrative

area is on file and referenced in the FOTG.

b. A current “Descriptive Legend” for each nonproject area is on file and referenced in the FOTG.

All request mapping prior to March 2000 is located, organized and referenced in the Descriptive Legend. Request mapping after March 2000 includes the following minimum content:

  1. MUG generated map unit and taxonomic unit descriptions with reference to the aerial photo used for soil mapping.

  2. Sufficient soil data entered in NASIS to meet each mapping request objective and to populate MUG.

  1. (3) Conventional and Special Symbols Legend.

(4) NASIS generated tables and interpretations.

  1. Documentation to support field mapping and interpretations is on file in the field office and located by geographic coordinates.

  2. NASIS generated Identification Legend and Classification Legend.

  1. NASIS generated HEL and Hydric soil lists for each survey area have been prepared, are current, have been adjusted for any 1992 FSA exemptions, and are on file in the FOTG. Includes both “frozen” and “update” lists. Update lists are maintained for the purpose of updating state and national lists. Update HEL lists include soils identified after distribution of the 1990 frozen soil lists. Wind and water equation factor values remain frozen. Update Hydric lists include soils identified after the most recent Federal Register notice of changes.

  1. NASIS generated Prime Farmland lists for all mapping in each survey area have been prepared, are current and on file in the FOTG.

  1. Request forms for Soil Scientist assistance are completed and on file in the FOTG.

  1. References on file in the FOTG.

  1. Field Indicators of Hydric Soils

  2. C and R factor maps

  3. SSURGO certification notifications

  4. Soil Quality Institute Thunderbook

  5. State distribution bulletins for HEL, Hydric, etc.

  6. 1992 HEL exemption

  7. Internet address for soil survey progress map, SSURGO status map, MLRA/LRU map, other.

I certify the FOTG meets the above minimum requirements for the field office administrative area.

/S/ Al DeWall August 2001

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