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Hire of elstead riding club field

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Our club field is available for ERC Members to hire throughout the year. Members can book it for flatwork, show jumping or cross country schooling or private instruction. Some members may just like to park their lorry safely and go for a hack. The field is ideally located for superb hacking over the sandy bridleways linking Crooksbury and Puttenham Commons.


  • Please book well in advance (and no less than 24 hours in advance) via Tish Harwood – text request to 07884 495940 or e-mail with your name, phone number and membership number saying when the date and time you want the field. If you are not able to text or e-mail, please leave a message on the above number.

  • Please make cheques payable to ‘Elstead Riding Club’

  • You will need to pick the field key up from Tish (in Elstead) and return it after use

  • Make sure someone has a mobile phone with them for emergencies

  • Hats must be worn at all times when mounted and should be to the minimum standard with harness properly adjusted and fastened.

  • Please do not leave poles lying on the ground as this reduces their life

  • Any accidents, breakages of jumps or damage to equipment or the field must be reported to Tish – leave a note when returning key, text to above number or e-mail

  • Please do not use any arenas that have been prepared ready for a competition

  • Please make sure that the field gate is kept closed – make sure that the gate chain and padlock are not dragged on the ground when opening and closing the gate

  • Remember to lock the field securely when you leave

  • The Club reserve the right to cancel field bookings

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