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Hema Inaugurates Beach Plan

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Hema Inaugurates Beach Plan

By Hansel D'Souza -
It was a red-letter day both for newly nominated Member of Parliament Hema Malini and the citizens of Juhu. A packed hall at the Holiday Inn waited patiently for the Chief Guest’s arrival. Looking as demure as she used to in her heyday, Ms. Malini strode in at the dot of eleven to inaugurate the Juhu Beach Redevelopment Plan.
Ms. Veera Mahabat, the anchor for the morning began by inviting Mr. Vish Mada to introduce the Chief Guest. Ms. Malini then lit the traditional samayee in a symbolic unveiling of the effort. This was followed by the national anthem.
In his address, Mr. Hansel D’Souza briefed the 300-plus audiences about the genesis of JCWG and the efforts that culminated in support for the plan conceived and designed by Mr. P. K. Das, architect. He said, “We would like to dedicate this effort to the working class citizens of Mumbai, for whom today, Juhu beach is the only affordable family getaway.”
Mr. Shantanu Poredi, Ms. Manisha Agarwal and Ms Dhanashree then made a power point presentation detailing the Juhu Beach Redevelopment Plan. This was followed by another presentation by Mr. Anand Deasi and Mr. Adolf D’Souza on the efforts of the JCWG to beautify Juhu. Besides street adoption and garbage dump removal, the other areas of work included drainage, roads and use of the Maharashtra Right to Information Act to ensure accountability.
Ms. Hema Malini then addressed the citizens. She began by expressing her joy in being involved in the beach project. She said, “I am extremely happy to use the first of my MPLAD funds for the benefit of Juhu”. She spoke with nostalgia about the suburb when she first came to live here 30 years ago. Ms. Malini praised the efforts of JCWG and hoped that soon Juhu would be transformed into the most beautiful locality in Mumbai.
Ms. Malini then distributed medals and certificates to honour activists from different areas of Juhu. The recipients were Dr. Sujit Bopardikar (United Juhu ALM), Jayul Patel (JRA), Neha Kumar (Chand-Chandan), Zahida Banatwala (AB Nair Rd), Anand Gupta (Gandhi Gram Rd), Gleason Baretto (GARAJ), Vish Mada, T. Sonpar, Vera Mahajan and Veera Mahabat of JCWG.
This was followed by a question and answer session when the audience was given the opportunity to express opinions, clarify doubts and make suggestions. Mr. P. C. Jain then delivered the vote of thanks. He expressly thanked Mr. Dinesh Khanna Executive Director of Holiday Inn for his hospitality and others who had contributed to the success of the function.

Ms. Hema Malini then addressed an impromptu press conference before leaving.

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