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Help us give orphans and abandoned children a new family 6 villages for 2006 at the Final Draw for the 2006 fifa world CupTM

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Help us give orphans and abandoned children a new family
6 villages for 2006 at the Final Draw for the 2006 FIFA World CupTM

on 9 December 2005 in Leipzig, Germany
Andriy Shevchenko, European Footballer of the Year 2004, will appeal to millions of football fans to support 6 villages for 2006, in a two-minute film which will be aired worldwide during the television broadcast of the Final Draw for the 2006 FIFA World CupTM.

6 villages for 2006, a joint charity campaign between the international non-governmental organisation SOS Children's Villages and FIFA, is the most ambitious fundraising project ever in the history of football's biggest tournament.
Every donation made will help SOS Children's Villages and FIFA provide 800 orphaned, abandoned and destitute children with a new home in a family environment at six new children's villages. A further 5,000 children and 1,000 families will benefit from new ancillary schools and social centres. One of the new six children's villages will be built in Shevchenko's native Ukraine, the first such project of SOS Children's Villages in the country.
"There are many problems in the Ukraine and we need to improve the situation of the children. I support SOS Children's Villages and the 6 villages for 2006 campaign," said Shevchenko.
The other new children's villages under the 6 villages for 2006 campaign are being built one each in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and Vietnam. The goal is to collect €18 million by the end of the final match of the 2006 FIFA World CupTM, for the construction and five-year maintenance of these six new children's villages and ancillary projects. One-third of this sum has been collected so far.
Shevchenko is one of more than 70 football greats serving as a "FIFA for SOS Children's Villages" ambassador, one of many FIFA projects, events and funds that have benefited SOS Children's Villages since the two organisation's joined forces in 1995. Other footballers serving in this honorary role include: Wayne Rooney, Fabio Cannavaro, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Jay Jay Okocha, Lucas Radebe, Juninho Pernambucano and Mahmoud El-Khatieb.
SOS Children's Villages is active in 132 countries and territories. 438 SOS Children's Villages and 346 SOS Youth Facilities provide more than 59,000 children and youths in need with a new home. More than 131,000 children/youths attend SOS Kindergartens, SOS Schools and SOS Vocational Training Centres. Around 397,000 people benefit from the services provided by SOS Medical Centres, 115,000 people from services provided by SOS Social Centres. SOS Children's Villages also helps in situations of crisis and disaster through emergency relief programmes.
For more information on 6 villages for 2006 contact:
Adriana Pontieri

International Press Officer, Tel: +43 1 368 2457 2185


Michaela Schalk

Campaign Coordinator, Tel: +43 512 3310 5128


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