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The kimono
is a

traditional Japanese

garment worn by men and women. There are proper ways to put on and wear a kimono, as well as proper etiquette and accessories. The color, design and fabric are linked to holidays, seasons, and special occasions. University of Hawai`i undergraduates who are interested in Japanese culture or traditional Japanese clothing design can use this pathfinder to begin an investigation of the kimono.

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a legacy of

culture and art

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NK8884 (Textile design Japan)

GT1560 (Kimonos)

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The following articles are available online via the UH Manoa Libraries home page at Go to “Electronic Resources,” then type in the title of the encyclopedia. Search keyword “Kimono.”

Massachussetts Institute of Technology. JP
Net Kimono Hypertext.
Home page on-line. Available from; Internet; accessed 12 Feb 2005.
∙A pictorial history.
Japanese Kimono, Kimono Fabric, and Japanese Clothing. Home page on-line. Available from; Internet; accessed 12 Feb 2005.

∙Traditional kimono-wear and how-to’s.

The Japanese Kimono-do Ring. The Kimono and Other Japanese Clothing. Home page on-line. Available from

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∙Photos, history, and kimono facts.
Japanese LifeStyle. Kimono Encyclopedia. Home page on-line. Available from kimono.html; Internet; accessed 12 Feb 2005.

∙A kimono encyclopedia.

Databases and Indexes
Art Abstracts

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LexisNexis Academic

Guided News Search--Step One: select General News. Step Two: select Major Papers. Step Three: type “kimono” in Headline. Step Four: select previous ten years. On the results page, select "sort by relevance".

WuDunn, Sheryl. “To Put On a Kimono, 2

Years of Classes Might Help.” The New

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LIS 601 - Spring 2005

Kaori Ueki and Wanda Wong

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