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Halogen reference

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HALOGEN Reference


In order to ensure that Mott MacDonald will produce a report which is relevant to your needs, it is vital that your requirements are clearly stated. Please complete the following form and return to the Mott MacDonald helpdesk.

Requestee Details


Job Title

Full Postal Address

Telephone No.

Email Address

Request Details

Date range of data required1

Location(s) of data required, i.e. which RCC(s)?

Which road(s) is(are) the information required for2?

Which carriageway(s) (direction) is(are) required?

What type of information is required (e.g. signal and/or message sign settings, faults, telephone records)?

In what format is the information required3?

Date report required by?

Statement of data loss required4?

Is the data to be used in a court of law5?

Any other special requirements?


  1. Please bear in mind that if signal/message sign settings are required, then only settings which were made during the period of interest will be supplied. If you need to know what signals or message signs were set to at the start of the period of interest, then please state this.

  2. If the information is available, please supply the marker posts between which the report is required. If however, this is unavailable, then please supply road junction information instead.

  3. Unless otherwise stated, the information will be supplied in an excel spreadsheet. This may be compressed to zip format in order to email it. If there are more rows that MS Excel can handle (65,536), then the data will either be supplied in many excel spreadsheets (if this can be done in a reasonable number) or in a comma separated text file.

  4. Data loss is defined to have occurred where a logging system had data available for transmission to Halogen but that data has not been successfully stored on Halogen. This usually occurs following large periods of connectivity loss between the RCC COBS and Halogen. When the COBS buffer is full, logs are rejected and therefore never transmitted to Halogen.

  5. If the information is to be used in a court of law, then the request must be directed via the Highways Agency. MM can do this on your behalf.

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