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Getting to lithuania by airplane

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The supervision summer university will be held in second biggest city of Lithuania – Kaunas. It is situated in the centre of Lithuania, ca. 100 km west of the capital Vilnius. Here we are giving some traveling instructions that may help you when planning your journey to the summer university. There are many possibilities for you!



  • International flights to Vilnius (capital of Lithuania)

The main international airport in Lithuania is Vilnius airport. Here you can check connections:

From Vilnius one can continue to Kaunas by train or by bus. To the train and bus stations there is city bus or train connection. It takes max. 3 hours you will reach Kaunas.

There is also a minibus connection from Vilnius Airport to Kaunas ( ).

Kaunas also has an international airport. Here you can check connections:

The distance between airport and Kaunas city center is about 15 km and there a city bus line.

  • International flights to Riga (Latvia)

The capital of Latvia – Riga is only 250 km. from Kaunas. Riga has many flights from whole Europe. Check:

There is a bus connection from Riga airport to Kaunas (one change of bus in Panevežys). It takes ca. 6 hours to reach Kaunas.


There are bus connections to Kaunas from main cities of Europe. You can check: There is also a train connection via Warsaw (Poland), but it for those who like travel adventures, because you would have to swap a number of trains.

There are ferries (from e.g. Germany, Sweden and Poland) that arrive either in Klaipeda (Lithuania) or Riga (Latvia).

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