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Georgi Petrov

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Georgi Petrov

Krastyo Sarafov 7 str.
Sofia phone: +359 898 483 974

Bulgaria е-mail:

Bethany College of West Virginia Bethany, West Virginia, USA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Graduated: May 2004

Minor: Experimental Physics GPA 3.85 of 4.00

Secondary School for Professional Technical

Education Vratsa, Bulgaria

Technology and programming of computerized Graduated: May 2000

metal-cutting machines

Professional Experience
Freelance translator (full-time since September 2013) 2008 - present
Languages: English < > Bulgarian. I started in the spring of 2008, here is a pick of my clients and translation work I have done since then:

Caterpillar – translation of operation and maintenance manuals for excavators, material

handlers, motor graders, etc. English > Bulgarian

Desmet BallestraRosedowns Sterling series of screw presses - translation of installation and operation manuals English > Bulgarian

CE – A translation agency based in Sweden - translation of their website English > Bulgarian.

AutoMaster – А flexible software solution specially designed to support and improve the business processes in large automotive companies with many branches and franchisers, as well as in smaller dealers. English > Bulgarian, ~50,000 words. – Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism official web portal - translation of tourism and history material: English > Bulgarian.

Ambitio Ltd. – Translation of product descriptions (luxurious lighting and home-automation systems), marketing & advertising texts, company website, their specialized site for home automation, correspondence - Bulgarian > English. I also do interpreting for them English < > Bulgarian.

• Subtitles translation English > Bulgarian of TED videos – Robert Gupta: Between music and medicine, Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

• Interpreting - I was one of the two English < > Bulgarian interpreters during a 4 day seminar of MIJARC Europe in Etropole (Bulgaria) in August 2009. It was attended by 43 participants from 10 European countries.

CAT tools: I currently use SDL Trados Studio 2011. I have also used and have excellent knowledge of SLDX and Trados (versions 2006 and later), Idiom World Server (now owned by SDL), XBench.


Capita Translation and Interpreting Sofia, Bulgaria

Project Manager August 2009 –

September 2013
Managing the entire life cycle of complex, deadline-driven multilingual localization and translation projects for some of the company's high-end clients, most with highly technical content including software, technical manuals, websites, etc. This involves:

• Management of multiple projects to ensure quality, on-time deliveries and meeting budget

• Liaising with resources throughout life cycle of each project to ensure instructions are communicated and understood, all tools and support is available and up to date, feedback is properly handled, deadlines are met and supplier cost targets are achieved

• Maintaining project and system files correctly

• Contribution to account reporting, with a focus in particular on reporting of linguist quality

• Raising Customer Service Reports about quality issues and supporting the investigation and resolution as required and in line with processes and procedures

• Supporting Sales and Account Management initiatives, including client audits, client visits, company events and conferences

• Working closely with Vendor Management to ensure optimum level of resources are used and sourced

• Identifying and addressing risks to quality or service

• Completing required administrative and reporting tasks for projects and accounts

• Keeping all logs for specific accounts up to date

• Preparing files for translation and reformatting translated documents as required

• Performing quality checks on final documents to ensure they meet the agreed quality standard

• Ensuring that procedures and company standards are adhered to at all times

• Participating in internal and external meetings

Capita Translation and Interpreting Sofia, Bulgaria

Localization engineer November 2006 – August 2009
• Handling enquiries on project issues related to technical file types or technical issues on standard file types

• Dealing with file engineering queries during the quotation process

• If tasked to, be required to manage other file engineers and be responsible for the quality of service delivered by that team to internal customers

• Take responsibility for the pre and post processing of technical files types so that project managers and others are able to work with the translatable text

• Maintain good communication with the Sales and Project Management teams to keep them informed about any issues with the tasks in hand, or any delays in getting the relevant information to them or into the systems

• Have direct contact with technical staff on the client's side in order to resolve/clarify any issues about their files or discuss how they are going to use the files

• Keep abreast of the benefits of different software tools available for translation and software localization

• Complete administration and client-specific setup of the globalization management system SDL World Server

• Provide ongoing support, training and written instruction manuals for users of SDL World Server within the company and for users on the clients' side

FOROS - National Real Estate Company Sofia, Bulgaria

Real estate consultant & broker July. 2006 – October 2006
• Consult clients about real estate property - buying and selling

• Contact construction companies and negotiate cooperation conditions

• Interpret for non-English speaking clients and colleagues, translate correspondence when necessary (being the only fluent speaker of English in the office)
i:FAO Sofia, Bulgaria

Junior Software developer (Java) March. 2006 – June 2006
• Work on simple tasks improving the functionality of a software system that provides travel solutions via the internet

• Attend lectures led by team leaders, managers and senior software developers

Vratzata Ltd Vratsa, Bulgaria

Operations manager January 2005 – June 2005
• Coordinate the work of the accountant and the lawyer, report directly to the company owner

• Purchase rural real estates in the region of Vratsa, negotiate prices with estate owners and prepare the necessary documents

• Arrange for basic renovation and cleanup of the properties
New Solutions Ltd. Vratsa, Bulgaria

Associate January 2005 – June 2005
• Active involvement in creating a website promoting north-western Bulgaria as a destination for tourism and business investing -

• Translate websites of New Solutions Ltd. and other companies into English

• Opened a shop for authentic souvenirs and materials on Bulgarian tourism in the city of Vratsa

Manhattan Pedicab Inc New York City, USA

Tour agent, tour guide May 2004 – December 2004

May 2003 October 2003
• Conduct tours of New York City with a focus on Manhattan, presenting the city's landmarks and history to multinational groups of tourists

• Sell guided tours packages, arrange custom tours by negotiating routes and prices for each

group, deal directly with customers
Bethany College - IT department Bethany, WV, USA
Technical support & Computer Lab Proctor September 2002 – May 2004
• Perform hardware installation, troubleshoot computers, printers, scanners, and projectors

• Assist faculty, students and staff with hardware and software troubleshooting, operating systems recovery, e-mail client set-up and virus cleanups

• Assist the campus network administrator; resolve Helpdesk issues as an IT department representative, providing technical support over the phone

Edmonds Community College – IT department Lynnwood, WA, USA
Technical support & Student Assistant January 2001 – June 2002
• Manage computer labs specialized for foreign students, handle communication between faculty, students and the IT department on a daily basis

• Perform hardware, software and printers maintenance for 150 computers, actively involved in computer and network reconfiguration during vacations

• Supervised computer labs, performed orientations and presentations for incoming students

• Assisted students with Java, Visual Basic, Solid Works and MS Office


  • Software – MS Windows, Linux (Debian), SDL Trados Studio and Multiterm versions 2006 to 2011, SDLX , SDL (Idiom) World Server, ApSIC Xbench, MS Office, etc.

  • Programming – VB, Java, C, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Shell Scripting


  • Scientific – background and interest in project management, physics, psychology.

  • Personal - strong customer service, communication, analytical and problem solving skills.

  • Languages - English - proficient; Spanish - B2 upper-intermediate level;

Activities & Honors
• Designer of - a free car-sharing website, in Bulgarian only

• Creator and webmaster of Bethany College Student Government Association’s website during September 2002 – May 2004

• Winner of the Summa Cum Laude graduate honors of Bethany College of West Virginia

• Member of the American National Computer Science Honorary Society - Upsilon Tau Epsilon

• Secretary of the International Students Association at Bethany College Sept 2002 – May 2004.

• Member of Edmonds Community College and Bethany College Honor rolls and Dean’s lists

• Winner of the Edmonds Community College Foundation Scholarship
References are available upon request.

Free of military obligation (served June 2005 - January 2006); Driver license cat. B

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