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Generalist Intervention Model (gim)

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Generalist Intervention Model (GIM)


Greet the client

Demonstrate effective attending skills

  • Listen carefully

  • Make eye contact (aware of cultural differences)

  • Focus on client thoughts and feelings (use open ended questions)

  • Use silence as necessary

  • Take notes of information you are unlikely to remember

Discuss agency services and client expectations

Decide if the agency and worker can help

Offer agency and worker services to the client

Orient the client to the helping process

Complete required paperwork

(Acquire an understanding of a problem or issue, what causes it, and what can be changed to minimize or resolve it) Note: Common tool used: DSM


  • Work with the client

  • Prioritize problems

  • Translate problems into needs

  • Evaluate levels of intervention for each need

  • Establish goals

  • Specify objectives

  • Specify action steps

  • Formalize a contract


  • Follow plan

  • Monitor progress

  • Revise plan (when necessary)

  • Complete plan (to greatest extent possible)

Evaluation (choose one)

  • Single subject design

  • Goal attainment scaling

  • Task – Achievement scaling

  • Client satisfaction questionnaire

  • Target-problem scaling



  • Actively represent the consumer

  • Discuss problems

  • Straighten out difficulties

  • Prepare the consumer

Items to include for the final:

Written contract

Written evaluation (statement saying why it’s the best evaluation to use)

Written documentation on the client

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