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Fort Calhoun Invitational Sep

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Fort Calhoun Invitational – Sept. 24

A shakeup took place among the members of the Yutan boys cross country team at Fort Atkinson. No. 2 runner, Tyler Christiansen, beat the top runner, Jordan Zauha, while the fourth runner, Luke Janecek, edged normal No. 3 Jacob Peitzmeier. Christiansen’s and Zauha’s times both rank among the top 20 for Yutan performers on this course.

The boys team totaled 108 points to finish sixth in the 11-team invitational. Louisville was the only Class D team to finish ahead of the Chieftains.

Yutan’s girls team had a shock at the starting line when No. 1 runner Hannah Pogue was a last-minute scratch. The freshman has experienced pain in her foot and it proved to be too painful during warm-ups for her to run. Alyssa Ranard led the Chieftain girls with a 31st-place finish, her time ranking 17th for Yutan runners.

The championship of the junior high division was determined at this meet by totaling the places of the top three finishers from each school in both the boys and girls divisions. Yutan captured this title by one point over Louisville.

Coach Rod Henkel – “It was nice to see a shakeup among the boys runners because that promotes competition. Boys don’t like to get beat by teammates they usually finish ahead of, so this can only help our overall team. Our girls did a nice job. Alyssa keeps getting stronger and stronger. The performance by our junior high runners was awesome. We have a nice group there. Hopefully they will all run in high school for us.”

Varsity Boys Results – Team 6th out of 11

17. Tyler Christiansen 18:48

22. Jordan Zauha 19:06

37. Luke Janecek 19:53

38. Jacob Peitzmeier 19:53

46. Matt Callahan 20:42

51. Colin Schnoes 22:00

Junior Varsity Boys

23. Nile Limbach 22:45

29. Chandler Sorensen 23:42

32. Ryan Ambrose 24:06

33. Patrick Dooley 24:10

Varisty Girls Results – No Team Score

31. Alyssa Ranard 20:01

39. Abby Schnoes 22:45

42. Katie Buhman 25:30

Junior High Results – TEAM CHAMPIONS

2. Sarah Pogue 10:53

4. Cassie Wade 11:15

19. Brook Phillips 13:21

5. Danny Greblunas 10:25

8. Colton Leal 10:41

13. Jacob Schulz 11:17

33. Ezra Effrin 14:09

38. Jaymz Bean 14:43

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