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First name and surname: Cristian Ioan D. Hera

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Personal Data:

First name and surname: Cristian Ioan D. HERA

Date and place of birth: December, 18, 1933, Ploiesti, Prahova County, Romania
Home address: 32, Spatar N. Milescu Str., 2nd District, Bucharest, Romania

Phone/fax: + 021 212 8654 / + 021 312 0209

Phone/fax: + 021 318 4474 / + 021 318 4478

E-mail: ;

Parents: Dumitru and Maria HERA, both teachers in Brazi/Batesti commune, Prahova County (deceased)

Civil status: married - two children.


- Georgia HERA (maiden name GHEORGHIU)

Scientific researcher ,Mathematics / retired


- Cristian Marius HERA, electronics engineer, D.Sc.

- Rodica BENYA HERA, BA, chemist engineer, BA, International Relations, MA, international management.
Study, specializations and scientific documentations:
Elementary, secondary school, university and post-university studies

    1. Elementary school in Brazi/Batesti Commune, Prahova County

    1. Secondary school "Petru and Pavel", Ploiesti

    1. Secondary school "Sfantul Gheorghe", Bucharest

    1. Faculty of Agriculture/Section of Pedology and Agrochemistry, Agronomical

Institute “Nicolae Balcescu”, Bucharest (first year)

    1. Faculty of Agrochemistry and Pedology - Academy of Agricultural Sciences "K.A.Timiriazev" Moscow (years II-V), Qualification "Agronomical engineer", specialty "Agrochemistry" with the recommendation to work in the field of scientific research.
  1. Doctor in agronomy, Dissertation topic: "The influence of different nitrogen

fertilizers on the chemical transformations in soil and plant and on the yields

obtained for the main field crops". Scientific coordinator - Acad. David Davidescu, Ph.D;D.Sc.

  1. Doctor in sciences - “Original results obtained in researches carried out between 1967-1973 on soil fertility studies and differentiated utilization of chemical fertilizers.”

Post-university specializations:

  1. Democratic Republic of Germany - two months

The Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute for Mineral Fertilizers, Leipzig; Institute for Plant Nutrition, Halle

  • Utilization of chemical fertilizers in agriculture of D. R Germany

  • The relationships soil – plants – fertilizers

Prof A. Kundler, Dr. J. Ansorge; Prof. W. Bergman, Prof. K. Kolbe, Prof. K.Schmalfuss

  1. France - three weeks

National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), Versailles,

Seminar: “Differentiation of fertilizers rates for field crops”

Prof. G. Druineau, Prof. L. Gachon, Prof. R. Schaminade, Dr. M. Coppnet

  1. Sweden - three weeks

Uppsala University

The correlation of results on soil analysis and fertilizer requirements”

Prof. L. Wiklander, Prof. H. Egner, Prof. R. Janson, prof. W. Oslander
1965 U.S.A. and Canada - six months (FAO grant)

Urbana University – Illinois

Raleigh University- North Carolina

Institute of Soil Science, Ottawa, Canada

Fertilizers use, especially liquid nitrogen fertilizers. Interactions soil – plant – fertilizer”

Prof. L. T. Kurtz, Prof. A. Paar, Prof. J. Fits, W.V. Barttolomew, Prof. E.I. Kamprath, Prof. E. McLean.
Scientific documentations (initiated and sponsored by IAEA Vienna):

  1. Australia and New Zealand - one month

  • The Council for the Reorganisation of Science, Industry and Research (CSIRO), Canberra and Adelaide, Australia;

  • Research Station for Soil Science and Plant Crops - Ruakura, New Zealand.

  1. China and Japan - one month

  • Saporo University, Hokkaido, Kyoto University, Japan

Nuclear techniques in agriculture”

  • Universities and Research Institutes in Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang and Harbin/China;

Soil fertility, plant nutrition, fertilizer use and environmental protection study”

- attending to the 14th International Congress of Soil Science.

Scientific Titles:

1969 Doctor in Agronomy, Agronomic Institute “Nicolae Balcescu”, Bucharest


1973 Doctor in Science, Agronomic Institute “Nicolae Balcescu” (AINB), Bucharest

1982 Corresponding member of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (AAFS)

  1. Full member of AAFS

  1. Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy

  1. Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy for Agricultural Sciences, Institute for Atomic Energy Applications

  1. Doctor Honoris Causa - University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM), Cluj-Napoca

  1. Doctor Honoris Causa - University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM), Bucharest

  2. Honorary Member Accademia dei Georgofili, Italy, on the anniversary of 250 years since the foundation of the Academy

2004 Foreign honorary member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural


2004 Doctor Honoris Causa - University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iaşi

  1. Doctor Honoris Causa - University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM), Iaşi

  1. Doctor Honoris Causa - Academy of Agricultural Sciences "K.A.

Timiriazev", Moscow

2004 Full member of Romanian Academy

2007 Doctor Honoris Causa – University “Ştefan cel Mare”, Suceava

2008 Doctor Honoris Causa - University “Ovidius” Constanta

2009 Doctor Honoris Causa – University of Agronomic Science and Veterinary Medicine Banat, Timisoara

2009 Doctor Honoris Causa - University “Transilvania”, Brasov

2012 Doctor Honoris CausaBulgarian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

2013 Honorary Member of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences

2013 Doctor Honoris Causa, Alecu Russo University, Republic of Moldova

Foreign languages: English, Russian, French, German
Professional and administrative-management functions:

  • In Romania:

  • In research:

    1. Research assistant, Agricultural Research Institute of Romania (ARIR), Bucharest

    1. Scientific researcher, ARIR, Bucharest

    1. Senior scientific researcher, Research Institute for Cereals and Industrial Crops (RICIC), Fundulea

    1. Laboratory head (senior scientific researcher, second degree), RICIC, Fundulea

    1. Head of department (senior scientific researcher, first degree) RICIC, Fundulea.

    1. Scientific researcher coordinator for Romania of the research programmes organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Vienna, on the use of stable and radioactive isotopes aiming to improve the

fertilizer utilization

    1. Scientific manager, RICIC, Fundulea

    1. General manager, RICIC, Fundulea

1982-1991 Member in Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Presidium

1985-1991 President of "Field Crops" Section - AAFS

    1. President of "Field Crops" Section – AAFS

2001- 2009 President of the Academy of Agricultire and Forestry Sciences – AAFS- (elected by the General Assembly of AAFS on 5 November 2001, re-elected by GA of AAFS on 8 December 2005)

2002-2005 Vice-president of the National Council of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development (MAFRD)

2004- 2010 Vice-president of the National College for Research-Development-Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Research (MER) (elected by secret vote).

2004-2006 Vice-president of the National Confirmation Council for university degrees, titles, diplomas and certificates of MER

2007 - 2009 President of the National Ethics University Council (MER)

2008 - present President of the “Agricultural and Forestry Sciences” Section –

Romanian Academy

2008 - present Member of the Romanian Academy (RA) Presidium

2009 - present Honorary President of the Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences – AAFS - (elected by the General Assembly of AAFS on December, 2010)

2010 Vice President of the Romanian Academy (elected by the General Assembly AR, on 27th April, 2010)

In Higher Education:

    1. Assistant professor and lector (part-time), Agrochemistry Section, Agronomic Institute "Nicolae Balcescu" (AINB), Bucharest

1974-present Doctor's degree scientific coordinator, specialty Agrochemistry

    1. Associate professor, AINB Bucharest, Agrochemistry Section

    1. Professor, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM), Bucharest

1999-present Consulting professor, UASVM, Bucharest

2002-present Honorary member of UASVM Senate, Bucharest

2007–present Honorary member of the University “Stefan cel Mare” Senate, Suceava
Other Functions:

  • In Romania

    1. Scientific Secretary, Romanian Academy (part-time), Section of Biological and Agricultural Sciences (Section President - acad. Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti)

    1. President of the 4th Commission "Soil fertility and plants nutrition" of the Romanian National Society of Soil Science (RNSSS).

    1. Vice-president of RNSSS.

1999-present President of the Commission for Soil Protection of the Romanian Academy.

2004-present President of the Patrimony Commission, Romanian Academy

  • In international organisms:

    1. Scientific secretary of the IVth Commission "Soil fertility and plants nutrition" - International Society for Soil Science (ISSS).

1964-1982 Scientific researcher, responsible for research international programs coordinated by IAEA, regarding utilization of stable and radioactive isotopes in rational use of fertilizers: wheat crop (1964-1968), corn crop (1968-1972), leguminous crop for beans (1972-1982).

1968-1969 Expert, to build a Isotopes Laboratory and establish field experiments with labelled fertilizers, Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute, Ankara, Turkey

    1. Expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - Vienna, guiding the specialists from different countries all over the world in the field of stable isotopes and radioactive use in the study of soil fertilization and fertilizers use

  1. President of the XIIth General Assembly of the European Conference on

Chemical Fertilizers, Bucharest.

  1. President of the United Nations Organization for Industry Development)

(UNIDO) Conference “Chemical fertilizers and phytopharmaceutic

substances production and utilization”

    1. President of the IVth Commission "Soil fertilization and plants nutrition" - ISSS - elected at the Xth World Congress in Soil Science - Moscow, 1974

1978-1982 Re-elected President of the IVth Commission of ISSS at the XIth World Congress organized in Edmonton, Canada.

1986-1996 Member in Executive Committee of “The International Scientific Center for Fertilizers" (CIEC, elected (for 4 years) at the IXth World Congress for Fertilizers, Budapest, Hungary (then re-elected)

1991-1997 Head of the Research Section - "Isotopes use in the study of plants

nutrition, fertilizers applying and water use, in vegetal production"

Joint Division F AO /IAEA, IAEA, Vienna, Austria

1991-1997 Memberin Commissions for Professor Titles Confirmation (Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Gent - Belgium, Braunschweig - Germany, Budapest - Hungary).

1996 President of International Scientific Center for Fertilizer" (CIEC) elected as provisory president by the CIEC Presidium at Vienna, Austria June, 1996;

1997 Elected President at the XIth CIEC World Congress for Fertilizers, Gent, Belgium, in August, 1997.

2001-present Re-elected as President of CIEC at the XIIth World Congress, Beijing, China, August, 2001

2002-present Member in IFA (International Fertilizer Association) Evaluation Commission for awarding the International Prizes of Fertilizer

2002-present Member in the Steering Committee of the Union of European Academies of Agricultural Sciences (UEAA); elected at Paris, France, October, 2002.

2005 Vice-President of the Union of European Academies of Agricultural Sciences (UEAA), Sankt Petersburg, Russia

2006 Re-elected as President of CIEC at the XIVth International Congress for

Fertilizers, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    1. President of the Union of the European Academies of Agricultural

Sciences, elected in Bucharest, June, 2006, Romania

Editorial activity in Romania:

    1. Member in the Editorial Committee - ARIR Annals

    1. Member in the Editorial Committee - RICIC Fundulea Annals.

1964 Member in the Editorial Committee - volume IV "Soil fertilization and plants nutrition" - published on the occasion of the VIIIth World Congress in Soil Science - Bucharest.

    1. Assistant head editor - RICIC Fundulea Annals.

    1. Main editor and the founder of the "Theoretical and applied agro-phyto-

technical problems", Review Bucharest

    1. Head Editor - RICIC Fundulea Annals

    1. Member in the Editorial Committee - "Vegetal production - Cereals and Technical Plants" Review, Bucharest.

1998 - 2005 Member in the Editorial Committee - "Cereals and Technical Plants" Review, AGRIS Publishing House, Bucharest

2007 - present Member in the Editorial Committee of the Journal “Romanian Agriculture” (coated ISI)

International Editorial Activity
1964 Member in Editorial Committee and author of "Soil Science Dictionary", published in Romanian, English, French, German and Russian

1991-1997 Head Editor of the "Soils Newsletter" Review, IAEA - Vienna, Austria.

1997- present Member in Editorial Committee of the "Journal of Crop Production", New York, USA.
Scientific activity initiated, organized, analyzed and evaluated in the framework of the technical assistance and scientific research programs, financed by IAEA Vienna between 1991-1996 in the following countries:

  1. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt.

  2. Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Pakistan.

  3. Cameron, Turkey, Jordan

  4. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arabian Emirates, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Portugal

  5. China, Turkey.

  6. Syria, Myanmar, Iraq, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia.

Regional and interregional courses initiated, organized and coordinated for the training of researchers and university professors, participants in the technical assistance and scientific research programs financed by IAEA Vienna:
1992 Santiago - Chile (regional – for Latin America);

1993 Seibersdorf, Austria (interregional).

1994 Ankara, Turkey (regional – for Europe and or Middle Orient)

1995 Seibersdorf, Austria (interregional)

1996 Bangkok, Thailand (regional – for Asia and the Pacific Area)

1997 Seibersdorf, Austria (interregional)

1998 Addis Abeba - Ethiopia (regional – for Africa)

1999 Irapuato - Mexico (regional – for Latin America)

Published scientific papers (as author and co-author):
- Books - Treaties - Monographs 29

- Scientific papers published in scientific journals 285

- Scientific papers published in foreign language 103

- Contributions with Scientific papers at international reunions 89

- Articles for the popularization and introduction of technical progress 62

- Technical-scientific handbooks 8

- Patents - innovations 9
National and international manifestations organized and coordinated

    1. Agrophytotechnique Annual National Conferences in different areas in Romania

    1. IAEA conferences and symposia, including Acapulco Symposium, Mexico, 1994

1996 CIEC Xth International Symposium, Braunschweig, Germany

1997 XIth Fertilizers World Congress, Gent, Belgium

1998 CIEC XIth International Symposium, Pulawy, Poland

2000 CIEC XIIth International Symposium, Suceava, Romania

2001 CIEC XIIth Fertilizers World Congress, Beijing, China

2001 National Debate “Rational utilization and conservation of Romanian Soils”, Romanian Academy, under President of Romania’s patronage

2001 National Debate “Scientific research and sustainable agriculture” - AAFS

  1. CIEC XIIIth International Symposium, Tokat, Turkey

  1. Second Symposium of Field Crops Section – AAFS, “Field crops research methods in Romania”

  1. Symposium dedicated to the anniversary of 115 years from the birth of academician Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti, “Priorities of research science for field crops”, AAFS, Bucharest, Romania

  2. National Debate “Agriculture present problems in the context of European integration and globalization”, AAFS

2003 CIEC XIVth International Symposium, Debrecen, Hungary

2003 National symposium dedicated to the anniversary of 75 years since the foundation of the Agricultural Research Institute of Romania (ARIR)

2004 CIEC XVth International Symposium, Pretoria, South Africa

2005 National Debate “The Romanian village – today and tomorrow”,

Romanian Academy

2006 CIEC XIVth International Congress, Chiang Mai

2006 The IVth General Assembly of UEAA, Bucharest, Romania

2007 CIEC XVIth International Symposium, Gent, Belgium

2007 Meeting of the UEAA, Simferopol, Ukraine

2007 Scientific Jubilee Session on the occasion of the 80 years since the

foundation of the Agricultural Research Institute of Romania (ARIR),

Bucharest, Romania

2008 The Vth UEAA General Assembly, Riga, Latvia

2008 BSBA Conference “Biotechnology-Science and Advance in the Black Sea

Subregion”, Albena, Bulgaria

2008 CIEC XVIIth International Symposium, Cairo, Egipt `
Main research themes and fields:

  • Improvement of soil analysis methods and elaboration of theoretical bases for fertilizer necessary settlement

  • Introduction in research thematic of modern methods for data processing concerning fertilizer influence on some soil agrochemical indices and on main crops production and quality

  • Liquid nitrogen fertilizers research and recommendation of technical solutions to use on field crops

  • Starting 1996, organization of fertilizer long-term experiences in a country unitary system for the study of chemical transformations which take place in soil-plant system and the elucidation of some theoretic and practical aspects of soil fertility evolution, yields quality and environmental protection

  • Nuclear techniques utilization in agriculture, especially the use of fertilizers labelled with stable and radioactive isotopes in experimentation and the establishment of some original formulas for estimation of radioactivity concept promotion and 15N necessary.

  • Sustainable agriculture and performance

Scientific Awards - Medals:
1972 Laureate of Romanian Academy with award "Ion Ionescu de la Brad"

1987 Order "Scientific Merit" first class

  1. Honorary member, Turkish Society of Soil Science

2000 National Order “Officer Merit”, Decree no. 556, 1 December 2000

2003 National Order "For Commander Merit”, Decree no. 627, 16 October 2003

2008 Gold Medal with SASH, “Stefan cel Mare” University, Suceava

2012 Royal Decoration NIHIL SINE DEO, His Majesty The King Mihai I, Citation for Decoration, nr 216

2013 National Order “Romanian Star”, Cavaler Degree, Decree no 810, 10 October, 2013
Member in Romanian and international scientific societies:
1961-present Romanian Society for Soil Science

1962-present Romanian Society for Soil Science

1962-present International Scientific Center for Fertilizers (CIEC)

1978-present European Society - Nuclear Techniques in Agriculture

1990-present Romanian Society of Agronomy

1990-present European Society for Agriculture (founder member, December, Paris)

1992-present American Society for Soil Science

1992-present Turkish Society for Soil Science

1992-present Malaysian Society for Soil Science

1994-present Austrian Society for Soil Science

Synthesis of scientific publications

  1. Books in Romanian language

- BORLAN, Zenoviu, HERA, Cristian, 1973, Metode de apreciere a stării de fertilitate a solului in vederea folosirii raţionale a îngrăşămintelor. Editura Ceres, Bucuresti, 487 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, BORLAN, Zenoviu, 1975, Ghid pentru alcatuirea planurilor de fertilizare. Editura Ceres, Bucuresti, 279 pag.

  • HERA, Cristian, BORLAN, Zenoviu, 1980, Ghid pentru alcătuirea planurilor de fertilizare, (Editia 2-a) Editura Ceres, Bucureşti, 341 pag.

- BORLAN, Zenoviu, HERA, Cristian, 1984, Optimizarea agrochimică a sistemului sol-plantă, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 271 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, IDRICEANU, Alina, BOLOGA, Margareta, 1984, Tehnici Nucleare în Agricultură, Editura Ştiinţifică şi Enciclopedică, Bucureşti, 302 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, ELIADE, Gheorghe, GHINEA, Lucian, POPESCU, Ana, 1994, Asigurarea azotului necesar culturilor agricole, Editura Ceres, Bucureşti, 283 pag. BORLAN, Zenoviu, HERA, Cristian, Bunescu, Ovidiu, 1990, Agrochimia fosforului – Aspecte actuale de interes practic si stiintific. Editura Ceres, Bucuresti, 239 pag. - - BORLAN, Zenoviu, HERA, Cristian, DORNESCU, Dumitru, KURTINECZ, Paul, RUSU, Mihai, BUZDUGAN, Ion, TANASE, Gheorghe, Fertilitatea si Fertilizarea solurilor - Compendiu de agrochimie – Editura Ceres, Bucuresti. 330 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, 1999, Agricultura Durabilă-Performantă, Editura AGRIS, Bucureşti, 320 pag

- HERA, Cristian, 2000, Metode de Cercetare în Cultura Plantelor, Editura Agris, Bucureşti, 201 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, SCHIOPU, Dan, 2001, Cercetarea Ştiinţifică şi Agricultura Durabilă, Editura AGRIS, Bucureşti, 365 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, OANCEA, Ioan, 2002, Folosirea raţională şi conservarea solurilor româneşti, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 215 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, DOUCET, Ilaria, (coordonatori), 2002, Priorităţi ale Cercetării Ştiinţifice în domeniul culturilor de câmp, Editura CERES, Bucureşti, 150 pag. HERA, Cristian, OANCEA, Ioan, 2003, Probleme Actuale ale Agriculturii, în Contextul Integrării Europene şi al Globalizării, Editura AGRIS, Bucureşti, 99 pag. -- HERA, Cristian, DOUCET, Ilaria, 2003, 75 de Ani de la Înfiinţarea Institutului de Cercetări Agronomice al României, Editura AGRIS, Bucureşti, 261 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, 2006, Lumea rurală – astăzi şi mâine, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 313 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, 2007, Cercetarea ştiinţifică în sprijinul agriculturii, ICAR 1927- 2007 ASAS, Editura Academiei Române, Bucureşti, 694 pag

- HERA, Cristian, 2012, Agricultura Romaniei – prezent si viitor, Editura Academiei Romane, Bucuresti, 187 pag.

- HERA, Cristian, MOCANU, Constantin, IONESCU-SISESTI, Roxana, 2012-2014, Gheorghe Ionescu Şişeşti-Jurnal, vol. I, 700 pag., vol. II, 747 pag., vol. III, 630 pag.
B - Books in English
- KlRDA, C., MOUTONNET, P., HERA, C., NIELSEN, D.R., 1999, Crop Yield Response to Deficit Irrigation. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London, 258 pp.

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- HERA, C., SCHNUG, E., ERSAHIN, S., GUNAL, H., 2003, Fertilizers in Context with Resource Management in Agriculture. Gaziosmanpasa University Press, Tokat, Turkey, 650 pp.

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- HERA, C., HOFFMANN, V., RIVZA, Baiba., 2008, Renewable Energy Resources, Production and Technologies, “Zinãtne” Publishers, 191 pp

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C – Some articles published in Romanian language
- PAVLOVSCHI, Gheorghe, HERA, Cristian, 1958, Fenomenul de adsorbţie ca mijloc de cercetare analitica, Revista de Chimie, nr. 6, Bucureşti.

- PAVLOVSKI, G., HERA C., 1959, Contributii la studiul conditiilor de fixare a azotului amoniacal in sol in vederea controlului incorporarii . Revista de chimie nr. 5, Bucuresti.

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- HERA C., Manuca, O.,1960, Metode de analiza in serie a solurolor, in vederea aplicarii ingrasamintelor. Analele Institutului de Cercetari Agronomice, Bucuresti XXVIII, A pag. 251-253.

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- HERA, C., SUTEU, G., 1966, Determinarea eficientei ingrasamintelor cu azot 1a cu1tura porumbului prin folosirea N15 . Analele LC.C.P.T. - Fundulea, XXXII, B, pag. 137-149.

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- HERA, C., SUTEU, G., BOLOGA, Margareta, 1969, Studiul eficientei ingrasamintelor cu N si P 1a porumb si al coeficienti1or lor de uti1izare prin folosisea 15N si 32p. Anale1e ICCPT Fundulea,XXXV, B, pag. 469-480.

- SUTEU, G., HERA, C., BORLAN, Z., BOLOGA, Margareta, 1969, Stimularea absorbtiei de catre pommb a azotului aplicat in benzi impreuna cu superfosfatul. Analele LC.C.P.T. Fundulea, XXXN, B, pag. 481-493.

- HERA, C., TRIBOI, E., ISFAN, D., 1971, Contributii la metodica interpretarii rezultatelor din experimentele cu ingrasaminte (metoda suprafetelor de raspuns). Analele LC.C.P.T. - Fundulea, XXXVII, B, pag. 53-66.

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- HERA, C., BURLACU, G., TRIBOI, E., 1973, Studii privind levigarea azotului din ingrasaminte prin folosirea 15N. Ana1e1e LC.C.P.T. - Fundulea, XXXIX, B., pag. 13­20.

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- FLAIG, W., HERA, C., SOCHTIG, H., SALFELD, CR., ELIADE, G., GHINEA, L., 1977, Une1e modificari ale sistemu1ui substante10r humice sub influenta irigarii si fertilizarii. Publicatiile SNRSS, Craiova, 1977, pag. 16-41.

- HERA, C., TONCEA, 1., 1977, Unele aspecte ale eficientei economice a aplicarii ingrasamintelor la grau si porumb. Ana1ele LC.C.P.T. - Fundu1ea, XLII, pag. 119-128.

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