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First Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on Navigation Safety and Environmental Protection

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First Meeting of the Technical Advisory Group
on Navigation Safety and Environmental Protection


The first meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was held at 16:30 on December 8, 2000, and was led by the representative of Argentina, Mr. Jorge E. Abramian, PE. The delegations of the country members and private sector associated members that were present are indicated in Appendix A.

The following topics were discussed:

  1. Approval of the Agenda

  2. Introduction to the TAG, including its objectives, functions, rules, presidency, country members and the introduction of associated members.

  3. Election of the Vice-chairman of the TAG

  4. Proposal of the Working Plan for 2001

  5. Briefing of the seminar about VTS held in Buenos Aires, November, 2000.

  6. 2001 Budget

  7. Date and place of the Second Meeting

  8. Other issues

After the Secretary verified the quorum, the chairman welcomed the delegations and associated members, and explained the working procedures and the topics of the meeting.

Issue 1: Approval of the Agenda

Assistants discussed the agenda, which was approved with no comments.

Issue 2: Introduction to the TAG

The chairman explained the objectives, functions, rules, and the nature of the memberships of countries and private associated members. It also distributed the following documents, included as Appendix B:

  1. Agenda

  2. Objectives and functions of the Task Group

  3. Tentative Working Plan for 2001

  4. Protection of the Environment (only in Spanish)

  5. Application form for Associated Members

  6. Bank Account data sheet


Issue 3: Election of the Vice-chairman

The chairman requested that the designation of the vice-chairman be postponed because the company fitting the right profile was not able to attend the meeting. The assistants approved the request, postponing the decision to the next meeting.

Issue 4: 2001 Working Plan

The president explained that there were two issues delegated to the Sub-committee of Policy and Coordination that naturally fitted under the TAG’s working area:

  1. To elaborate a guideline for the preparation of contingency plans, and

  2. To elaborate a guideline to install Vessel Traffic Systems

The chairman explained that Argentina had prepared two documents to that end, but that it would be natural that the TAG review the documents to improve them.

The delegate of Venezuela added that nowadays the state of the art system combines AIS/VTS capabilities and therefore he suggested considering this denomination.

A long discussion followed about how to structure the 2001 Plan in view of the fifteen subjects that the chairman brought up to the meeting. During the discussions, new subjects were proposed and some of the original fifteen were tabled for future consideration. At the end of the discussion, the following tasks were approved:

  1. Translate the guidelines prepared by the delegation of Argentina for contingency plans and VTS (responsible: TRP)

  2. Review these guidelines and suggest improvements to achieve agreed-upon documents that serve as guidelines at a continental level and to be submitted to other related institutions (responsible: each member)

  3. Submit a list of technical reports available in each country about contingency management (Responsible: each member should submit a list of reports which he considers of interest)

  4. Submit the status about the acceptance of MARPOL, OPRC, and Fund in each country, including the signing and passing of national laws, if required. (Responsible: each country should submit the information)

  5. Identify training needs related to contingency management (Responsible: each member should submit the identified needs)

  6. Develop environmental management plans (Responsible: Barbados should develop the subject and prepare a proposal to exchange information about the development of these plans)

  7. Dangerous goods (Responsible: Chile should develop the subject and prepare a proposal to exchange information among members)

  8. Create a network to exchange experiences related to Port Estate Control and environmental requirements in each country (Responsible: St. Lucia should develop a proposal)

  9. ISO 14000, preparation of a specific guideline and potential certification for ports (Responsible: TRP and ABS should develop these subjects, respectively, and they will be in touch to insure a coherent approach). It was informed that Bureau Veritas elaborated an ISO 14000 program for ports.

  10. Training needs for pilots and standards (Responsible: Barbados should develop a proposal)

  11. VTS operators profile (Responsible: Port of Houston should send a report for its distribution, which is considered to be helpful to the members of the TAG)

Issue 5: VTS Seminar held in Buenos Aires, November, 2000.

Given the limited time available, this information is pending.

Issue 6: Budget


The tentative budget for the operation of the TAG was presented and it was indicated that this budget should be considered cautiously because the final budget will depend on how many associated members register with the TAG.

Issue 7: Next Meeting

It was agreed that the second meeting of the TAG will be held in Buenos Aires, in July, 2001.

Issue 8: Other

It was agreed:

  1. To incorporate the countries of Barbados, Ecuador, and Venezuela into this TAG. Also, their representatives were reminded that they should submit to the Secretary a written request to this effect.

  2. To incorporate as new working subjects those mentioned in Issue 4. Before March 15, 2001, those responsible for each task should submit to the chairman a memo indicating either the scope of each task in the Working Plan, or the results of the required tasks.

  3. To distribute to the members of the TAG the report about the VTS Operator Profile that would be provided by the representative of the Port of Houston through the representative of the USA


Appendix A






Antigua and Barbuda

Port Authority

Raphael A. Benjamin


Subsecretaría de Transporte por Agua y Puertos

Martin Sgut

Terminales del Rio de la Plata

Siro de Martini

Administración General de Puertos de Buenos Aires

Ricardo Rodriguez


Barbados Port Authority

Everton G. Walters

Barbados Port Authority

Ian Stewart

Barbados Port Authority

Ken Athelu


Transport of Canada

Pual Emile Drapean


Autoridad Portuaria de Guayaquil

Belisario Pinto Tapia

Autoridad Portuaria de Guayaquil

Xavier Velázquez


Fundación IPEC Comunidad Valenciana

Ramon Gomez Ferrer

Puertos del Estado

Nuria Paiton


Grenada Port Authority

Anthony Belmak


Departament Of Transport

Javis Jhon


Dirección General de Puertos

Francisco Pastrana



Edgardo F. Gamarra

St. Lucia W.I.

St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority

Vincent Hippolyte

Trinidad and Tobago

Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

Kelvin Harris


Office of Ports and Domestic Shipping

Doris J. Bautch

Port Authority of Houston

Thomas Kornegay

ABS Group, Inc.

Capt. Kim A. Parker


Dirección General de Transporte Acuático

Julio Peña



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