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Young Adult Literature 1

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Alice in Wonderland
Assignments: A2, B3, C5.
I found some songs that remind me of the book and I’d like to share them.
Looking Glass" by Hypnogaja

There's a place where the garden can take you

Through the looking glass

Find a way with the plants - they can take you

To your path

Chase away all the funny pain

Down the rabbit hole

And another world awaits behind the little door

You can go ask Alice

Just why the hatter is mad

All are welcome in wonderland

‘Till the queen screams off with your head

And life will always get twisted

When you're living it through the looking glass

There's a cat that smiles like

The crescent moon

And the caterpillar that needs a light

On top of his mushroom

You can go ask Alice

Just why the hatter is mad

All are welcome in wonderland

‘Till the queen screams off with your head

And life will always get twisted

When you're living it through

Next time you see the white rabbit run free

You might not want to follow

Lose your youth ‘cause beauty is truth

It's just harder to swallow

So go ask Alice

Why the hatter is mad

She'll turn when you see her

And laugh And laugh

All are welcome in wonderland

‘Till the queen screams off with your head

And life will always get twisted

When you're living it through the looking glass

(All are welcome in wonderland)

The looking glass

(All are welcome in wonderland)

You're living your life

(All are welcome in wonderland)

‘Till the queen, she screams, off with your head

There's a place where the garden can take you

Through the looking glass

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit
One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits

And you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Call Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard

Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion

Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;
Keep your head"

Design a cover for the novel, in such way that it gives important information about the atmosphere of the book.

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Book assignments: B


Personally, I really enjoy drawing and that’s why I liked this assignment so much! I would definitely use this one. In my opinion young children would find it a relief to draw for English class instead of making homework and boring grammar assignments. They can let their imagination go, make a cartoon or maybe a more realistic drawing.
I would definitely use it!


Fill in: I find the story: funny/boring/stupid/sad/beautiful/exciting/sentimental… (other). Explain your answer.

I find the story interesting. I think that’s the way I’d describe it. I didn’t loved it, but I also didn’t hate it. Most of the time I thought; Alice why the f-ck are you so stupid? Who would fall into a rabbit hole? And almost drowning in your own tears? She’s a weird kid, but she does has attitude that’s a little part of her that I do like.

I love to read and this was okay for passing the time in the train, but I would never read it in my own spare time. It rather read a book that’s less weird. Same goes for mystery and psychological books; they just don’t grab my attention.

Book assignments: B


I really don’t know how to use this book as subject material, but I could use a poem that was written by Lewis Carroll. I already have one in mind;

Lewis Carroll

(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
  And the mome raths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!

  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
  The frumious Bandersnatch!"
He took his vorpal sword in hand:
  Long time the manxome foe he sought --
So rested he by the Tumtum tree,
  And stood awhile in thought.
And, as in uffish thought he stood,
  The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
  And burbled as it came!
One, two! One, two! And through and through
  The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
  He went galumphing back.
"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
  Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
  He chortled in his joy.

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

  Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
  And the mome raths outgrabe.
I read this poem a few years ago in my English class, and I was in love with it! It’s like magic.

We marked the words that weren’t in correct English (like frabjous, tulgey etc). And after that we worked together in groups to find out which should be the correct English words.

On Wikipedia I found the possible interpretations of words (because I forgot them).

Here’s the link;

(It’s a long list).
I’d definitely would use this poem for subject material because it’s interesting and fun to do!

It may be a little bit hard for first years of VMBO. But I could try it with HAVO-students. (I also think that they’re more interested in these kind of things).


Try to find two poems that are connected with the theme of the book. You van either make a copy, or copy them yourself in your file. Explain your choices.

Lost in Wonderland

If I were Alice,
I would never have
chased after that


Down to that cavity
in the ground
where reality was

where Alice lost Alice.

Who would have
thought that


her Utopia,
would feed on her
steer her from home;
lost, whimpering, alone:

Not I.

Nor I said the Queen
to court
or I Mad Hatter
to guests.
Should I,
Caterpillar to


have been less
more lucid,
less Sphinx like?

And you dear child,

should you have been

more clever, less mystified,

more and less, yet not alike
tragic Oedipus?

But where is Alice?

Alice, Alice, Alice…

She’s lost in Wonderland.

An Alice in wonderland poem
And a tale told
That is so old....

Love spurned,

Love not returned,
Love unshared...and
Love with no care....

Jesters are we all,

And storytellers too...
And as the Queen
In Alice In Wonderland said,
'Off with their heads! '

For He who knows who he is....always....

June 30,2007

Scarlett Treat

I choose two poems that were written by two persons who have (I think) different opinions about the book. I think the first person refers to that Alice is a little bit silly; falling in to a hole, chasing a rabbit and crying all the time. I think the second person definitely likes the book. Because she wrote it a bit in ‘Lewis Carroll style’. The Jibber-jabber etc part. I also red some comments below the poem, and a lot of fans from the book also liked this poem. So I guess it is a poem that describes the good things about the book.
I like the first poem better. Because in my opinion Alice is definitely annoying and stupid. Who would chase after a rabbit? Fall into a big hole? And doesn’t think she’s on drugs with seeing all this weird stuff.
Book assignments: B


I think poems are great. If I’d use it as subject material I would let them write one. That would be cool. I would also like to show them de Jabberwockey poem, because it’s awesome! And it might give them some ideas; they don’t need to use ‘real’ English words, because just like the book it’s al about imagination.

Tuck Everlasting

Assignments; C10, D4 and E6.

It there is one, compare the book that you have read with the film version.

The book: Is eternal life a blessing of a curse? That is what young Winnie Foster must decide when she discovers a spring on her family’s property whose waters grant immortality. Members of the Tuck family, having drunk from the spring, tell Winnie of their experiences watching life go by and never growing older.

But then Winnie must decide whether or not to keep the Tucks’ secret- and whether or not to join them on their never ending journey.

Synopsis of the film: The plot revolves around a 15 year old girl named Winnie, who is from an upper-class family. Winnie one day runs away into the forest and meets a boy named Jesse, drinking from a spring, she is then kidnapped by Jesse's older brother. Winnie soon falls in love with Jesse and later learns that the family can not age due to drinking water from a magical spring over a hundred years ago. As the search for Winnie continues Winnie is forced to decide whether to drink from the spring and live forever, or live a mortal existence.
Differences between the movie and the book

In the book...

In the film...

Winnie is 10

She is 15

The book is set in 1880

The movie is set in 1914

Winnie's grandmother doesn't die

She does die

Winnie's gravestone says 1870-1948 (died 78)

It says 1899-1999 (died 100)

Winnie runs away because she's tired of being cooped up

She runs away because she's going to be sent to a boarding school

To save Mae, Miles removes the window and Winnie switches places with Mae

Winnie tells the inspector that the family who "kidnapped" her is back. the inspector runs with a Shotgun to Jesse and Miles, meanwhile, distract the guard, who shoots them both, but runs away when they get back up off the ground completely unharmed.

Only Mae is sent to the gallows

Tuck and Mae are sent to the gallows

Mae and Tuck visit Winnie's grave (in 1950)

Only Jesse does (in or around 2002)

Mae, Jesse, and Miles come to "kidnap" Winnie

Only Miles does

Miles generally enjoys Winnie's company and is more relaxed around her. He fights for her attention with Jesse.

Miles does not trust Winnie with the secret and is seen as being very bitter and angry. Because he hates his immortality, he joins various wars to try and "kill himself".

Winnie "adores" Jesse, and Jesse is very taken with her. He plans to marry her when she turns seventeen

Winnie falls in love with Jesse

The Tucks disappear on a flash of lightning

The Tucks escape in a carriage

Jesse gives her a water bottle that has water from the spring and tells her to drink it when she turns seventeen

Winnie contemplates drinking from the spring after the Tucks leave

Winnie gives the water to the toad

She just doesn't drink it and doesn't give any to the toad

The toad appears more

The toad is seen 3 times

Information source:

Book assignments: B


Something that I found out when I read book reviews and film reviews;

Older people like the book better, and younger ones like the film better. But it really depends on what your taste is. (Really it does, there are also people that did not liked it at all)

I definitely liked the book, and I’m curious about the film.

I think that I would let my pupils read the book, (we could do it together, because it’s not so thick) and afterwards discuss it, and then let them see the movie. Maybe they can spot the differences. And of course they can tell me which they prefer; the book or the film.

Something else that we could discuss in class:

- If you could, would you want to live forever?

- What would you enjoy about immortality?

- What might be unpleasant?

- If you were in Winnie's position, what decision would you make?
It will make them think about the book. Which I think, is important.


Suppose you can visit the place in which the story takes place. Would you go? Explain. What would you specifically like to see?

I’d definitely would like to go! If the surroundings looked as I imaged than it would be worth it!

I would like too see Treegap. I’d like to see Winni’s house, and of course also the house of the Tuck family. I think it’s a really cute house. Also the lake near their place I’d like to see. Also the whole forest I’d like to explore, and the little spring. I’d like to go their, because I think it’s really really really pretty!

Book assignments: B

I do think I would assign the students this. It would definitely be interesting to get to know what they think about it. They could also explain how they imagine Treepgap. Is it different? Or is it more the same? How do they interpret the words that describe the surroundings of Treepgap? It would be interesting to find that out.


Write a epitaph for 3 people that occur in the book.


In Loving Memory

Robert Foster
Be of good cheer about death and know this as a truth--that no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death
1843 – 1924

In Loving Memory

Winnie Jackson Foster
"Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."

1870 – 1948

You speak blasphemy, sir’

The Man in the Yellow Suit.

1840 – 1880

Book assignments: B

This assignment was okay. I didn’t really like it, but I didn’t hate it either.

I don’t see myself assign this to them. It’s a bit to ‘dark’ for them I guess. They would learn more about death. But death is a heavy subject. You don’t know the class that well, and maybe on of the students lost someone, and than you are talking about death! That would be harsh. So if I would assign something like this, I would rather wait half a year. Because, than I would know the class better.


Bend it like Beckham

B: Date of viewing:

I have this film on DVD so I have watched it quit a few times. The first time I saw it was I believe.. in HAVO4 that’s three years ago. I really enjoyed the film so I bought it myself.
C: Short review:
Reviewed by Jamie Russell
Updated 11 April 2002
Teenager Jess (Nagra) doesn't want to end up as a boring solicitor. She wants to play football like her hero, David Beckham.

But being a girl, her chances are limited to having a kick about in the local park and, being an Asian girl, her family don't even agree with her doing that. As her mum says: "Who'd want a girl who plays football all day but can't make chapattis?".

If they knew she was playing with the Hounslow Harriers women's team, they'd have a collective fit.
Following on from the success of her earlier comedies "Bhaji on the Beach" and "What's Cooking?", Gurinder Chadha turns this British-Asian film about a clash between traditional values and the modern world into a fantastic feelgood movie. Chock full of wonderful characters - Jess' long-suffering mother, her promiscuous sister, and her fellow teammates - "Beckham" is a real crowd-pleaser.
Although it's set up as an Asian comedy in the "East is East" mould, it's also a great football movie, with some hilariously surreal on-pitch moments (readying herself for a vital free-kick, Jess watches aghast as the wall of defenders transforms into a line of sari-wearing relatives, all desperately trying to put her off).
It's sweet without ever becoming schmaltzy and finishes by successfully tying up every loose end. The only fault is it runs on too long; if the ref had blown her whistle earlier, it would have been absolutely perfect.
But since it's the kind of film that'll have the whole audience clapping by the time the credit sequence outtakes appear, it's easy to forgive that minor fault.
Mr Beckham ought to be proud to have his name on such a great film.

I completely agree! It’s a feel-good-movie and I really enjoyed seeing it. (even my parents loved it) Notting to add anymore

D: Use in class
I would certainly use is in class. I don’t know which fragments I would use, so I think the whole film would be nicer to show. Without the subtitles of course (Same as I did in class), because you read from the students faces it they get it or not. In some people their eyes this is quit a ‘girl’ film, but in my experience with it, a lot of boys liked it to! So their would be no problem showing it to them.

The Sisterhood of the traveling pants

B: Date of viewing
Same thing here as with ‘Bend it like Beckham’, I have it on DVD so I have watched it several times (I also have the books, so I’ve read those to). It’s been a long time since I watched it. Around the age of 15 I believe.
C: Short review
User Reviews


Movie is good, doesn't follow the book

4 June 2005 | by GOPACKGO (Appleton, WI) – See all my reviews
My 10 year old daughter and I went to see this yesterday. I haven't read the books, but she has. We had mixed reviews...I enjoyed the movie but Elizabeth was terribly disappointed. She kept whispering "Mom, that's not in the book"..."that didn't happen that way"...and apparently some pretty major discrepancies exist.

Because I didn't have any plot expectations. I thought the movie was well done. The characters were believable, the acting was great, the topics were handled in a manner that was suitable for my pre-teen to watch. The comments I overheard from the other audience members (99% teenage girls at this Friday matinée!) were positive.

My rating is a combination of my score (8 or 9) and her score (4 or 5). So just a word of caution...if you expect the move to follow the book, you may be disappointed.
My opinion is the same. The books are better than the film! I’ve read three books about the sisterhood (if I remember correctly there are four), and in those books you know what’s in their head! All the actions they take are more logical in the book than in de film. The main reason is that in de film you don’t see their characters a much as in de book, I don’t know if the director did that on purpose, but it made the film not as good as it could be.

But if you never read the books, than the Sisterhood of the traveling pants is a nice feel-good movie to watch.

D: Use in class
I don’t think I would use this one in class, the main reason is that it’s way to girly. Guys wouldn’t like this one.

I could show them the trailer, and make them decide if they want to see it or not. I have to choose a fragment.. I’d choose the one with Tibby & Bailey (the girl with leukaemia) because I think they have a wonderful friendship! And it was really sad when she died at the end. (I’d show them a better fragment of course)

Rubric for young adult literature book and film part 1


Sucks to be Me
Assignments: A7, B6 and C3.

Describe the way several important people in the story look (at least three), but purely on the basis information that you find in the book, so you must quote.

Serena: page 6 “See, Serena got into the whole Goth thing about two years ago and let me tell you there’s nothing funnier than when someone all done up in black lipstick and that thick white makeup starts making clown faces.”

Page 88: “It looks great on you.” “And it really did. A little red sundress with bright yellow and white flowers, it was such a far cry from her Goth get-up that it was just astounding.”

(Serena eventually gets out of her Goth get-up and starts dressing normaly)
Uncle Mortie: page 14 “I’m not sure what happened to the blond bombshell, but, next thing you know, he’s a fiftysome-year-old balding vampire with a pot belly.”

Page 78: “Okay, Uncle Mortie isn’t exactly a pretty boy..”

Aubrey: page 31 “Oh. My. God. Okay, you know what I said about vampires not looking like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or those actors on Buffy? It’s obvious I was really, really wrong because walking through the door is the most gorgeous hunk of man-flesh I have ever seen (well, besides Nathan). And he even looks like the stereotypical movie vampire guy- tall, thin, longish brown hair that perfectly frames his face. Intense green eyes”.

Page 32: “Prefect long fingers. Clean nails. Lovely hands”.

Page 45: “I sigh and draw up Aubrey in my mind like I have a thousand times already today. Okay, hair like Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire and eyes like Tom Welling from Smallville, except green. A body like Christian Bale in, I dunno, anything. And a kind of an Orlando Bloom-ish vibe. But more Pirates of the Caribbean than Elizabethtown.”

Page 60: “Aubrey’s pretty tall”.

George: page 27 “the guy is just normal-looking (pretty good hair, a little taller than me, but definitely not an A-lister- he looks too friendly), another vampire-unlikely”.

Page 45: “He’s actually not so bland when he smiles”.

Page 46: “He’s kind of cute” (Serena) “George?” (Mina) “Yeah, I a bookish kind of way” (Serena).

Page 272 (George is turning) “Once he drinks the blood the guy offers him (he didn’t hesitate at all), his transformation is almost instantaneous. It’s like he was blurry before and know he’s come into focus. New muscles. His hair even seems to fall a little better. Nobody’d describe him as ‘just a guy’ anymore, especially his eyes. They turn almost aquamarine.

Page 283 (The prom night) “George comes in right on her heels, all decked out in a dark gray tux with tails and carrying an iris corsage in his hand. He looks incredible.”

Page 286 (At the prom, and George is a vampire now) “The whole turning thing was definitely a good move for George. He was all right before, nothing wrong or anything. But know he’s really kind of hot. Hot and nice.”

Nathan Able: “It’s something about his eyes (warm chocolatey, velvet brown) or maybe his hair (classic Californian blond with natural sin streaks) or maybe just the whole package (built, but not too built; thin, but not too thin; and a butt that I think even my mom would look at twice)”.
Book assignments B:

It was a really nice assignment! Took some time to look up the quote’s, but I didn’t really mind. You get to search with a goal for stuff in the book, quit nice actually.

I would use this assignment. It makes the student search for the looks of important people in the book; so you have a purpose to look things up. I think they’d also find it funny to look at characters in this way.

They still have to pass with effort. They have to read the book, or else they could be searching forever.


Copy a sentence or a passage from the book that strikes you in some way, and explain why.

Mina,” Mom says, “We need to talk.”

If you’re wondering, yeah, they named me after that girl in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. How cheesy van you get? I mean, hello? Obvious, anyone?
There are a lot of these kind of sentences in the book. (almost everywhere and this sentence was only on page 2. The book got a total of 293 pages) Its actually fun! It made me laugh out loud, so I bet other young adults (around 15) will do to.
Book assignments B:

It’s a small assignment, you can use it as an extra task for them to do. I do think that kids don’t need to put much effort in it. They chose which ever sentence they like. Still they have to explain why they chose that specific sentence and motivate it. That’s the only ‘hard’ part about this assignment.


Write a short story with the same theme of the book.

(Instead of the theme ‘vampires’ I use theme ‘fantasy’ which is also a theme in the book)
I was walking through the forest when I heard a strange sound. It sounded like a person, no an animal that was howling. Although the sound came near squeaking most of the times. I knew where it was coming from. The sound led me all the way to the open spot where in the summer little children play in the small lake, but which now is covered underneath a tick lay of ice thanks to the winter season. Right in front of the water I could see a red fibre in a pile of snow. My footsteps only made the sound of crushed snow. When I came closer I saw that the pile of snow was actually a living creature, breathing. I looked at the red fibre. It made me swallow. It was wounded. The creature lifted its head and was staring at me, with big ice-blue eyes, wondering. I stared right back into the young wolves its eyes.

The big-blue eyes were causing a weird tingle all over my body, I couldn’t decide if it was a positive feeling or not. The white wolf started too softly howl again and closed its eyes. I made my decision not so fast after that. I unzipped my winter coat and ripped a stroke of a t-shirt I was wearing. I kneeled beside it, who had opened its eyes again. The ice-blue look of the young wolf was a surprised one, and also scared. I reached out my hand to let the young sniff at it. It did. It made an approving sound and I carefully and slowly wrapped the t-shirt shred around the open wound. ‘Done’ I said. I could swear that the wolf was making a relieving sound. It was trying to stand up again but it immediately fell back into the snow. ‘My dad is a vet, a really good one. He even knows how to take care of a bear if necessary. I know he could help you too’. The eyes turned big again. ‘If you don’t want to I understand. But if you want help just howl or something.’ It became silent, and for a second I thought that it didn’t wanted my help. I was already trying to get up and leave when I heard a woeful cry coming from it throat. It took me by surprise and I believed even the young wolf was surprised by it’s own action. A big grin appeared on my face. I’ll be gentle’ I said. I picked up the wolf and slowly started to walk again. The young wolf closed its icy eyes and started to breath in and out in a peaceful way. I could feel its strong and steady heartbeat when we struggled through meters of snow. The walk took longer than normal of the extra weight I was carrying. When I finally saw my house at the edge of the forest a felt a huge relief. I was sure that my father could cure this little one. ‘Dayvd, Dayvd! What took you so long, it doesn’t take that much time to go from your friends to home right? And besides…’ My little sister Corliss abruptly stopped when see saw the wolf. ‘Dayvd… What ís that?’ I snorted. ‘It’s a wolf, obviously.’ Corliss was already tying to interrupt me again but I was faster ‘I’ll explain later, tell Dad that I have a young wounded wolf which needs treatment.’ Corliss raised her left eyebrow and then immediately ran back to the house, this time being a bit more silent. She left the door open and after a few seconds I stood in the doorway hearing my Dad made all kinds of noises in search of his equipment. My Mom sneaked a peek around the corner and glared at Soyala. I decided to call it this way, even though I didn’t knew its gender. The moment my Mom got a glimpse of Soyala I could see her eyes melt. They looked soft and warm instead full of hatred when wolfs became the topic. Guess she fell for it, I mean who wouldn’t? I could hear Dad bumped against something and after that a dull thud. He had putted his equipment on table. Mom looked over her shoulders to Dad and then back at me ‘I think he’s ready, maybe a bit to excited’ she smiled. She reached our her arm and putted her right hand between my shoulder blades. ‘Come on, the young wolf is going to be fine again when your Dad takes a look at it’. I nodded and together we walked to the dining room. My little sister Corliss was sitting on the draining board. Curiously peeking a Soyala. Dad patted on a gown that he put on our wooden table. ‘It’s going to be alright’ I whispered. When I took a step closer to the table I felt the same strong heartbeat again; beating faster. ‘I mean it, he will cure you’. I softly laid Soyala on the gown. My Dad had a syringe in his hand and said to me with no words that I had to keep Soyala calm. So I did. My Dad injected Soyala. The wolf led us hear a soft cry full of pain and slowly fell to sleep. Dad looked at us, we all knew what to do. Leave the room because things could get gory. My mom beckoned Corliss and they leave the room, Corliss looks back over her should, her eyes full of worry. She’s still younger then my, by five years, but she knows exactly how I feel, worried. I feel my Dad’s eyes piercing

right through my head. ‘You want to stay?’ I lift my head up high ‘Yes’ I answer. Hoping that my voice sounds as strong as I wanted it to be. Dad understands. He gestures to the chair. And I take a seat, knowing that I can’t stand on these tired legs for long. Then he starts. He unwinds the improvised bandage that I make. The wound looks terrible, it’s bloody and it smells a bit. Dad makes a grimace. An infection probably. He starts to give Soyala another injection, after that he starts to clean the wound. His hands move patiently as he stitches. His forehead sweaty. A new clean bandage is put one and the paw is put in a splint. I watched the whole scene from begin to end, didn’t close my eyes one. I stand up and walk to the fridge getting a soda for my Dad. ‘Here’ I say. ‘And thanks Dad, I owe you one’. Dad gives me a pleased smile. ‘You owe me nothing son, glad I could help you’. Soyala’s body moves up and down to the rhythm of her heartbeat. The most beautiful movement I’ve ever seen. ‘She’ll be fine’. Its silent for a moment when I realize what he means. Turns out that the name I made up really is suitable for her. I smile. Dad chuckles because of my slow reaction and my weird facial expression. Dad looks outside, through the sliding French window. Its already dark outside and the moon is shining bright high in the night sky. Time flew by. ‘Go get some sleep’ he says. ‘You’re tired and I need you fully awake tomorrow because I got some question for you kid.’ His smile is curious, as usual. But I’m glad that he’s letting me rest, for now. It had been quit a few tiring moments. With care I pick up Soyala and the gown. I’m making sure that I’m holding her in such way that it wont hurt her. ‘Goodnight Dad’ Dad nods’ and start to clean is equipment. I walk up the stairs to my room. Mom just closes the door to Corliss’s room. She makes a sign to keep quit. Gives me a kiss on my forehead and walks downstairs to Dad. I open the door to my bedroom, don’t even brush my teeth. I drape the gown on my bed, and carefully put Soyala on it. I tuck her in, get undressed and get into bed. I want to stare at her for a longer time but my eyes are feeling heavy and not long after that I fell into the darkness of sleep.
I’m having a really weird dream. About an earthquake, a lot of shaking. Its annoying. It reminds me of the way my Mom wakes me up if I’m late. I hear someone hiss. ‘Get up, you lazy dog.’ I mumble. ‘I’m not your Mom, please wake up.’ The voice sounds so desperately that I have to wake up even if I don’t wanted to. ‘Sure, sure. Could you give me some light’ I mutter. A weak flash appears and I know that the lamp on my nightstand is on. I open my eyes, they still feel heavy. I turn my head to the person who just woke me up. My breathings stops, so does my heart, I do not move at all. I’m staring into the ice-blue depths, my gaze follows the line of her face, smooth, feminine but strong. She has white hair or maybe it’s silver I can’t really see it well. I follow the other lines of her body. She’s naked, underneath the gown that see wrapped around her body. I lift my head towards her face again. Looking in her gaze of endlessness. I’m looking in the eyes of Soyala.

And I only have eyes for her.

Book assignments B:

I loved it! It’s create to use your creativity in such a way a this one. I see myself assigning this to my students. They could even make drawings along with it. And I could help them with their spelling-check, right word order, word choice etc. Maybe I’ll tell them there is a maximum amount of words, or else the stories could get to long (just like mine, though I don’t mind).

The Freedom Writers Diary

Assignments: B1, C7 and D3

Explain in a few sentences why it is worth keeping this book that you have read, so that people can read it one hundred years from now.

Erin Gruwell gave her students hope they never thought they would have or deserved to have. Erin encouraged each of her students, who were torn apart by families, race, colour and social status, to each keep a diary.

It should be kept. Because even hundreds of years from now young students can still be torn apart. And this book could make them see the light.

Book assignments B:

I think this is a great assignment! Kids should have had read the book to actually know what their talking about. Also it makes them think about what they have just read.


Check the book on reality or truth-value. What could really have happened in daily life? What is very unlikely? Also state your reason.

This book is 100% true, I can guarantee you that. All the things that these kids are writing about, have really happened in their lives.

I never had that kind of bad stuff happening to me, so I never knew that it even could happened. But that doesn’t mean that it never happened to these people.

This book is real.

Book assignments B:

This assignment is quit rare to do with a book that everybody knows is true, so I wouldn’t assign this to my students if they read The Freedom Writers Diary.


If you were able to give the book an award, which award would you choose?

- Other
Dear film lovers! Tonight we are here to give an award to the book; the Freedom Writer Diary. Thank you, writers, for sharing your views, your thoughts and your feelings with us. You guys are remarkable and the world will never forget you. Thank you Erin Gruwell for being their light as you guide them. With these words I give to you: The Other Award!’
Book assignments B:

It’s quit the short assignment (my own fault, I wasn’t that creative with it). If I’d use this assignment I’d make it bigger. Make them present in front of the class which award they would give to the book.

The Sweet Far Thing
Assignments: C12, D5 and E3

Look up an art reproduction that you think fits the book. Put it in your file and explain your choice.

I couldn’t decide which piece would fit better. I really like both of them. The first picture makes me think of the realms, were magic is overflowing. And the second picture makes me think of the way that Gemma feels; she would love to be free.

Both pictures really fit the book because in both pictures you can see and feel the main theme of the book: wanting freedom, the choice to do so.

Book assignments B:

It is a nice assignment, but maybe a bit to easy? Well it was for me.


Imagine you’re a writer for the school paper. Write a review about the book in which you discuss what you thought of the book. Mention at least two things you really liked about the book and motivate your choices, and quote your favourite passage and explain why you chose this.

The Sweet Far Thing

A review by Marianne de Jong
This was one of the hardest reviews to write. How can let everybody know that this was the most lovely book I have ever read in a few hundreds words? There is so much good here that I can’t possibly address it all.
I liked to read about how London looked like in 1895, I like the theme’s that Libba Bray writes about: history, love, freedom and a little bit of magic. It fits each other so well that even the book could have been magic.

I read the last passage with a lump in my throat. “When I dream, I dream of him.” There was so much love in that last page (818-819) that it made me so shy that I had the urge to look away from the page our else I would have been interrupting their love.
The trilogy is finished but it has such an ending that maybe, with a little luck Libba Bray could even write a fourth one. I can’t wait for that to happen!
There happens a lot in the book, to much to mention. If you like to read about themes like history, love, friendship, freedom, magic then I would definitely recommend it. But you do have to start with A Great And Terrible Beauty, because this is the first book.

Book assignments B:

This one is quit useful! I could give them information about how to write a review (for their test or writing file) and after that they could make a review about a book they have read.

Make a collage of the story

(The collage is on the next page)
For this assignment I chose to pick as well pictures of ‘real people’ as drawings, because I thing both fit. Some pictures have sentences on it, these sentences are actually quotes form the book. I will explain some quotes, also I’ll explain the pictures that need some explaining.
The picture with the grapes says ‘choice’. If you eat berries in the realms when you’re still alive, you have to live there for eternity and you will never die. Pippa, one of the girls in the book, actually does this.

Even still Pippa gets destroyed that’s when Gemma says: ‘you will love again, Fee’ and Felicity answers ‘No not like this, never like this’. After Pippa is destroyed (by herself) Felicity is heartbroken because she was in love with Pippa.

The drawn picture of four girls in a cave looking at paintings is actually a scene that occurs in the first book (A Great And Terrible Beauty). Were the girls and their teacher Miss Moore (Who turns out to be very evil) went to see these hand-made paintings.

The small picture which says; ‘lady hope’ is about Gemma. Some creatures call her Lady Hope.

The drawn picture which has a girl in a red sari in it, is a scene of Gemma in India, the place where she lived until her mother died there. The sentences are a passage from one of the three books (unfortunately I can’t remember which one).
It was really weird to look up these pictures. I never thought there were any. I found out that there was going to be a film about the first book! But it’s not really happening, though they still made a trailer, and thus so there are pictures. (of the actresses and some scene’s)

Book assignments B:

This was a lovely assignment. Most kids love to make collages. They could use pictures of the internet, or just cut them right out of magazine’s. It’s up to them to decide. I would use this one (I think I have to start collecting some magazine’s…).

Book assignments C.

This is hard, I liked most of them. Here are they in order: A2, A7, B1, C3, C5, D3 and E3.

Of the assignments that I chose I thought these were the most fun to do, and were students could learn the most from. Also, some of these assignments are a way to express yourself, they’re creative. I would use all of these in class

I didn’t like the epitaph at all. Boring, no fun, sad etc. wouldn’t assign that to anyone.

I don’t think this is a hard one. Tuck everlasting, Alice in Wonderland, Sucks to be me and The Sweet Far Thing all got to do something with magic and/or fantasy. I remember that most guys in the ‘brugklas’ hate this genre. So I would use The Freedom Writer’s Diary, a true story. I would introduce it with the trailer; it grabs their attention immediately. After that I’ll tell them about Erin Gruwell and her class, that they made a difference in each others lives, that it is a true story and that we are going to use their book in class which consist of diary entries of her students. We could read it together, or after each lesson I give them an assignments, I which they have to had read the book, or else they would never know the answer. Assignments like A7 for example; you need to quote. So you need the actual lines, you can’t just make something up. Also D3 would be nice to do with this one. We could make a little show out of it! Would be fun. Maybe B3 would be useful to, but only after they have read the whole thing. They can give their opinion about the book.



For the films of part 2 my choice consisted of films that I had never seen before.

Diary of a wimpy kid (2010)
B: Date of viewing
On the fifth of January I watched this movie online. I’ve also red the book I was wondering if they differ from each other.

C: Short review
Based on Jeff Kinney's bestselling illustrated teen fiction series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a moderate kids' comedy, starring Zachary Gordon as Greg, a nerdy kid obsessed with making it out of the "unpopular" ghetto. He is horrified when he sees his fat best friend, whom he had comfortably assumed was an even bigger loser, suddenly blossoming into a brilliant and much-loved class clown. It's an interesting idea, deserving of a more interesting treatment, but this is just dopey and patronizing. What is even more dispiriting is to see Steve Zahn, once a force to be reckoned with in independent pictures, playing the bland role of Greg's dad.
I completely disagree with this review! The film made me laugh out loud. Especially when Greg’s brother says in one of the scenes ‘Let go, you baby hippo!’. Genius! And even the ‘pee scene’ was brilliant. But maybe that’s just my type of humor. The book is only a bit better because I liked the book from beginning till and. With the film this is different, the end is a bit dopey, not really fun and also not interesting.

But if you still got that little kid living inside your heart, then this film would be great!

D: Use in class
I would use it completely. Maybe let them read the book first (it’s an easy book, full of cartoons). And afterwards show them the film. We could talk about the aspects of remembering the feeling of entering the ‘brugklas’ for the first time. Or how they would react in certain situations: wrestling with a girl, the school play.

Playing this film is also a nice way to end the year right before summer vacation.

Easy A (2010)
B: Date of viewing
I watched this film on 13 January 2011. I was searching for young adults films, and especially for those that I haven’t see yet, and then I noticed Easy A. I tried to find out if it really was as interesting as it sounded.
C: Short review

Easy A, a modern-day and mildly raunched-up version of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter (1840), is a high-school comedy that comes on both sassy and cute, dispenses snappy one-liners with abandon, and will likely be embraced by adults who can still recall the pains of being pure at heart.

It’s not hard to work out which films director Will Gluck and screenwriter Bert V. Royal have been watching recently, and while it’s not quite as memorable as Clueless (1995) or 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), it’s a merry affair — smart, sometimes surprising, and delightfully performed.

Emma Stone plays Olive — an anagram, as she points out, for 'I love’ — a Californian teenager busy doing what a lot of teenagers do: talking about sex, but staying in her bedroom not having any. One day, bored - and a little eager to impress her best friend, blonde-haired blabbermouth Rhiannon (Alyson Michalka) — she pretends that she’s no longer a virgin. Word spreads across the campus. Boys heh-heh and ogle her. Girls — most notably Marianne (Amanda Byrnes), monstrously judgmental leader of a Christian prayer group — bitch about her

This was the most awesome teen-movie I ever saw! (Although I do have to say that I do like 10 Things I Hate About You is also very brilliant) I made me laugh out loud, it made me feel sad and it even made me feel the feelings that the characteristics were feeling. This film is far more original than people thought a teen-movie could ever be. It’s a film that teens could watch, people around my age and I bet even my parent would love to see it.

D: Use in class

I definitely use it! When my students are around 15/16 though. I don’t think that the principle would be happy to hear that I’m showing a film about sex (fake, but still) to 12 years olds. I think they could even learn something from it. I’m not sure about the assignments I should give. Maybe showing one scene in a lesson and make a listening exercise of it? Or would that be to big? I don’t really know. I could use scene’s but also the whole movie. I think that a third/fourth year class really wants to see the full version.

Remember Me (2010)
B: Date of viewing

On the 16th of January I saw this movie. I’ve already seen a lot of comedy’s. So I chose this specific genre; drama, romance.

C: Short review

Remember Me is a film that's shot through with the pain of death, from a brutal opening segment that could be dropped wholesale into a 1970's era Charles Bronson flick, to its characters who dwell on losses from which they'll never recover. "We leave fingerprints on everyone we touch," says hunky-broody Tyler Hawkins (Twilight's Robert Pattinson), underscoring an overarching theme that death reverberates through the lives of those who are left behind.

Positioned as a Nicholas Sparks-style tearjerker and starring two current pop-culture faces -- sparkly vamp Pattinson's love interest is Emilie de Ravin of TV's Lost -- it comes as a surprise to find that Remember Me is literate, sensitive, often quite funny, and altogether engaging, despite its formulaic underpinnings. Pattinson is very good as the Rebel with Little Real Cause, burning with daddy issues thanks to his older brother's suicide and a father (Pierce Brosnan) who's distanced himself from Tyler and his smart, awkward little sister (Ruby Jerins).

After a standard-issue James Dean-ish kerfuffle that leads to a busted-up face courtesy of an angry police officer (Chris Cooper), Tyler takes the rather dumb advice of his best friend and chats up the cop's daughter, Ally (de Ravin). Naturally, the two fall in love. Naturally, she has issues of her own, going back to the murder of her mother, on a subway platform, when Ally was ten. Naturally, Tyler fails to tell Ally about his history with her dad, and what follows is predictable.

Where Remember Me rises above its schmaltzy B-movie roots is in Will Fetters' script and the direction by TV veteran Allen Coulter (The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie), who turn this into a far more earth-bound and believable love story than most movies of this genre. Pattinson and de Ravin have genuine chemistry, and both are allowed to exhibit more grit and complexity than called for by the base story; their courtship is playful, passionate, and sometimes uncomfortable, with a foundation in their shared history of grief. Tate Ellington, as Pattinson's roommate, brings wild, irresistible energy to the "funny best friend" role, almost making it seem like a fresh construct. Likewise, Jerins' take on the equally overused preternaturally-intelligent-younger-sibling character is absolutely delightful.

As the fathers, Brosnan and Cooper could probably have phoned it in, but like everyone else in the cast they actually bring their full game. Cooper is bitter, over-protective, yet all of his mistakes come from love and pain. Elsewhere, Pattinson has a fine scene with Brosnan who, sighing at his son's sullen resentment, raises an eyebrow and reminds him, "You could do worse than have a father who bails you out of jail." These are characters that could have been one-dimensional villains, but Fetters has written them with far more depth, and both actors inhabit their roles beautifully.

Much will be made of the film's ending, which can be read as either tasteless or pandering, depending on your point of view. Indeed, it's a little cheesy; it's definitely a surprise (if you don't read the many, many spoiler-laden reviews before you see the film), but powerful nonetheless. It's perfectly in keeping with the old-school melodrama that forms the basis for Remember Me, but it does take the risk that viewers will find it off-putting.

I’ve got to be honest. Most films don’t make me cry, but this on did. In a good way. The ending was so incredibly sad and powerful. Not cheesy at al. That’s a part of the review that I disagree with.

Pattinson and Ravin really do have genuine chemistry. It’s amazing to see those two act together on screen. Their play is so real, in every scene I could sense their feelings.
I was amazing.

D: Use in class

I think it would be hard to use this one in class. Firstly; there is a really passionate sex scene in it. Secondly; the genre is drama, romance and I think most guys wouldn’t be interested in it. And Thirdly; the ending is very sad. It has to do with 9-11.

If I would use it, I’d use scenes of it. Scenes between the leading actors and their dad’s. The fights, the bullying. And I would only show it to the 17/18 year old students. Because I think they could appreciate this movie.
Maybe have a discussion about life.
For the 12 – 16 years old I’d rather use comedy.


Rubric for young adult literature book and film file part 2



1. Things I would change if I were to do this course again:

I wouldn’t change anything, I found it all quit interesting! Literature itself really grabs my attention because I really enjoy reading (same with films).

I also really liked the assignments we did in class.

2. Are you satisfied/pleased with yourself about the way in which you performed during this course?

Yes, because I always did my very best! I performed the best I can during this course, and I really enjoyed doing it.

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