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Family Stories 3 Talking Books

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Family Stories 3

Talking Books

The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.
Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan. When you return a title, you will then receive another one.
If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the Customer Services Team on 0303 123 9999 or email
If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to read, then please contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37 53 33 or email
You can write to us at RNIB NLS, PO Box 173, Peterborough PE2 6WS

Aitken, Rosemary

Against the tide. 2006. Read by June Barrie, 9 hours 13 minutes. TB 17234.

Twin sisters Winnie and Dora are accustomed to conflict. Their fisherman father has always been a controversial figure, stirring up resentment among the locals for his modern fishing techniques. His only ambition for his daughters is to see them married well, but his plans do not include Dora falling in the love with local miner's son Davy. Winnie marries wealthy businessman Nathan Zeal, whose cousin attractive older widower Zachariah shows an interest in Dora. Winnie encourages the match, and fate and family conspire to put an end to Dora's romantic hopes and her beloved job. When the Great War intervenes in all their lives, Dora, for the first time, attempts to forge a life that she wants. But can it include Davy? TB 17234.

Andrews, V C

Midnight whispers. 2004. Read by Laurel Lefkow, 12 hours 44 minutes. TB 14359.

Cutler series; book 4. Sequel to: Twilight's child, TB 14312. Happy and innocent, Dawn's daughter Christie has grown up in the safest, most loving of homes. Yet Christie can't help feeling as if a dark cloud hovers over Cutler's Cove... a cloud whose origins lie in her family's troubled history and in the many questions that no-one, not even Dawn, will answer. Only one person can always chase away her blues: Gavin, Daddy Jimmy's young and handsome stepbrother. TB 14359.

Andrews, V C

If there be thorns. 1981. Read by Judy Franklin, 12 hours 38 minutes. TB 6293.

Dollengager family; book 3. Sequel to: Petals on the wind, TB 6227. The family are still troubled by the hidden secrets of their past, as their parents' black heritage begins to haunt them once more, and torment and twist the next generation. Only if they can forgive their mother and forego their final revenge will peace return to them at last. Contains violence. TB 6293.

Andrews, V C

Fallen hearts. 1988. Read by Laura Brook, 11 hours 34 minutes. TB 9380.

Casteel family series; book 3. Sequel to: Dark angel, TB 6972. As Logan's bride, Heaven would now savour the love she had sought so long. Free from her father's clutches, she would live again in her backwoods town, a respected teacher and cherished wife. Then the ghosts of her past rise up to threaten her fragile happiness, challenging her precious love with scandal and jealousy, sinister passions and dangerous dreams. TB 9380.

Andrews, V C

All that glitters. 1995. Read by Laurel Lefkow, 11 hours 4 minutes. TB 10616.

Landry family series; book 3. Sequel to: Pearl in the mist, TB 10430. Living again in a humble shack, Ruby is determined to make a secure and happy home for her daughter, Pearl. Paul Tate, her first love, whom she was forced to abandon - is at her side once more, now a man of dazzling wealth. When he whisks her into his grand house, it seems their future is assured. As mistress of Cypress Woods, Ruby can forget even the shocking reason she and Paul must wed in a secret ceremony and remain husband and wife in name alone. TB 10616.

Armstrong, Thomas

Our London office. 1966. Read by Stephen Jack, 14 hours 51 minutes. TB 103.

The Crowther chronicles; book 4. Sequel to: Sue Crowther's marriage, TB 492. Simjoss, youngest son of the Crowther family, comes to London to start up his business. TB 103.

Bates, H E

When the green woods laugh. 1960. Read by Raymond Anderson, 4 hours 30 minutes. TB 7056.

The Larkins series; book 3. Sequel to: A breath of French air, TB 7032. The full Larkin orchestra is back on the rural fiddle in Kent and - with Angela Snow around - the Brigadier may be too old to ride but he is young enough to fall! Pop is as sexy, genial, generous and boozy as ever and Ma is a worthy match for him in all these qualities. TB 7056.

Bennett, Arnold

Hilda Lessways. 1976. Read by Eric Gillett, 12 hours. TB 1231.

Clayhanger trilogy; book 2. Sequel to: Clayhanger, TB 1230. Hilda's own story shows why, though in love with Edwin Clayhanger, she married another. TB 1231.

Bennett, Arnold

These twain. 1976. Read by Peter Gray, 17 hours 45 minutes. TB 2494.

Clayhanger trilogy; book 3. The story of Edwin and Hilda's marriage and Hilda's son George. TB 2494.

Bennett, Jonathan

After Battersea Park. 2001. Read by Geoffrey Pierpoint, 4 hours 45 minutes. TB 17671.

Curt and William are identical twins, separated at the age of four, unaware of each other's existence and of the fact that they have been adopted. The suicide of Curt's adoptive mother unlocks the secret of their parentage. Called to a reunion in Hawaii, they finally meet their biological parents and learn of the tragic circumstances behind their separation. Contains strong language. TB 17671.

Berry, Michelle

What we all want. 2001. Read by Ann Saunders, 8 hours 18 minutes. TB 17668.

Three siblings gather to bury their mother. Billy and Thomas fled their mother's agoraphobia long ago, but Hilary remained at home. Reunited, the siblings are each keeping a secret. A reunion between Hilary and Dick Mortimer, the funeral director and her former childhood sweetheart, provides them all with a renewed sense of possibility and a release from the past. Contains strong language, violence and passages of a sexual nature. TB 17668.

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