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Fairchild Semiconductor’s 40v p-channel PowerTrench® mosfet reduces Switching Losses by 50 Percent

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Fairchild Semiconductor’s 40V P-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET Reduces Switching Losses by 50 Percent

The FDD4141 Boosts Performance of Synchronous and Non-Synchronous Buck Applications

San Jose, California – February 14, 2008 – Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) provides power engineers a fast-switching solution that reduces switching losses by half with its 40V P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET. The FDD4141 offers low RDS(ON) and 50 percent lower gate charge (QG) compared to current generation MOSFETs. This  allows asynchronous Buck, battery charging and inverter switching applications, found in portable, computing, consumer and home entertainment products, to switch at higher speeds without suffering the penalty of excessive heat. Fast switching is a requirement in applications such as step-down converters that need to switch at several hundred kHz. Although other MOSFET solutions can switch at higher frequencies, these solutions have a higher gate charge, which causes more heat and less efficiency.

The FDD4141 is fabricated using Fairchild’s proprietary PowerTrench process technology, which makes it possible to put die with higher load currents into smaller packages. PowerTrench technology takes the characteristics of the N-Channel MOSFET and applies it to the P-Channel MOSFET. The P-Channel MOSFET can assume performance of an N-Channel MOSFET displaying lower RDS (ON) and lower gate charge and hence, higher efficiency, while being able to switch at several hundred kHz to meet the switching demands of step-down converters.

Fairchild’s FDD4141 is part of a comprehensive portfolio of PowerTrench MOSFETs that are instrumental in achieving energy efficiency by meeting the electrical and thermal performance requirements for today’s electronics. Fairchild's advanced-performance PowerTrench MOSFET process technology yields exceptionally low values for Miller Charge (QGD), RDS(on), and total gate charge (QG)--enhancements that result in superior switching performance and thermal efficiencies when used in synchronous buck applications.

The FDD4141 utilizes lead-free (Pb-free) terminals and has been characterized for moisture sensitivity in accordance with the Pb-free reflow requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020. All of Fairchild's products are designed to meet the requirements of the European Union's Directive on the restriction of the use of certain substances (RoHS).

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