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Faculty Senate Agenda and Minutes Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Faculty Senate Agenda and Minutes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3:15 PM to 5:00 PM, Accokeek 221 (Gwynn Room)
1. Attendance: Please check-in on the attendance roster.
In attendance, Senate officers and delegates—Mark Hubley (FO President), Swazette Young (FO Vice President), Eldon Baldwin (at large), Daniel Jones (at large), Alan Mickelson (at large), Mirian Torain (Learning Foundations), Rosanne Benn (Learning Foundations), Laura Ellsworth (Public Safety & Law), Len Sekelick (Liberal Arts), Darlene Antezana (Liberal Arts), Scott Huxel (Mathematics), Charlie Thomas (IET), Janet Carlson (Educational Development), and Leon Weaver (Student Services). Guests—Micheal Emmanuel (student representative), Lindsey Dodson, and Jackie Sumner.
2. Review the Agenda for the 3/4/10 meeting.

  • Approved

3. Review the Minutes of the 2/18/10 meeting.

  • Approved

4. Calendar
Spring 2010 important dates
A. College closed or no classes

i) Presidents’ Day, college closed, Mon. 2/15

ii) Spring Break, college closed, Mon. 3/29—Sun. 4/4

B. Other important dates

i) Last day to withdraw from 15-week classes, Fri. 4/23

ii) Final exam week, Tue. 5/18—Mon. 5/24

iii) Grades due, Wed. 5/26

iv) Commencement, Thu. 5/27

March/April important dates
E. Senate meetings

i) Thu. 3/4, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221

ii) Thu. 3/18, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221 (possibly another location)

iii) Thu. 4/15, 3:15—5:00 PM, Accokeek 221

F. Board of Trustees meetings

i) Thu. 3/11, 7:00 PM, Kent 262

ii) Thu. 4/8, 7:00 PM, Kent 262

G. College-wide Forum

i) Tue. 3/2, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B

ii) Tue. 3/16, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B

iii) Tue. 4/6, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B

iv) Tue. 4/20, 2:00—3:30 PM, LSC B

H. Academic Council

i) Thu. 3/11, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133

ii) Thu. 3/25, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133

iii) Thu. 4/8, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133

iv) Thu. 4/22, 3:00—5:00 PM, CAT 133
5. Attachments

  1. Minutes from the 2/18 meeting

  2. Draft revisions of promotion and tenure procedures

6. Reports
A. Senate President

B. Senate Vice President

C. Academic Council

D. Representative from President’s Leadership Team

E. College-wide Forum

i) Representative from Faculty Organization

ii) Facilities Committee

iii) Human Resources Committee

iv) Budget Advisory Committee

v) Campus Culture Committee

vi) Learning Committee

vii) Technology Steering Committee

viii) Strategic Planning Committee

ix) Assessment Committee

F. Chairs’ Council

G. Adjunct Faculty

H. Representative from the Student Governance Board
7. Old Business

  1. Tenure and promotion revisions

    • Proposal by Chairs:

      • No portfolio required for promotion past full professor if 2 successive evaluations of exceeds expectations

      • Mark Hubley reported that VP Dunnington did not approve of this proposal.

      • Hubley recommended removal of this proposal from the draft

    • Concerns expressed regarding fairness of changing standards for existing faculty

    • Discussion of changes in requirements:

      • Remove EPPE = Equivalent Pertinent Professional Experience

      • Remove PFE = Postsecondary Faculty Experience

      • New requirements based on degree, additional credits, and years in rank.

    • Discussion of possible accommodations for phase in of new criteria:

      • Apply in spring 2010 based upon eligibility by start of Fall 2010.

      • New criteria to be evaluated during preceding year, but evaluation during fall 2010 OK if needed.

      • Portfolio due in October

      • Proposed Board approval in July.

      • Need to verify what is currently in the code that needs Board approval before changes can be implemented.

      • OK to implement non-code changes prior to Board approval.

      • Alternative: Implement in spring 2011.

    • Still need to discuss existing accelerated promotion criteria for qualified hires who are not hired as full professors.

    • Problems with existing criteria:

      • Current process is unfair to some.

      • Changes are intended to make the process more fair and streamlined.

      • New eligibility standards are intended to be no more stringent that than existing standards.

    • Discussion to be continued in two weeks.

B. Elections

C. Tech Express

D. Adjunct faculty retreat?

8. New Business
A. Elections for CWF and Collegewide Promotion and Tenure Committees

B. Other new business?

  • Greg Weiss briefly shared proposal to rename Business and Accounting as the “School of Business.”

9. Agenda Items for Upcoming Meetings
A. Suggestions?

10. Adjournment

  • 5:00PM

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