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Faculty of international relations council of young scholars

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Third International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference

«International Relations in the 21 century:

modern theory and practice»

February 11, 2014
Dear Colleagues!
We invite scholars, scientists, post- and undergraduate students and practitioners from Ukraine and other countries who carry out research in the field of International Relations to take part in the Third International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference «International Relations in the 21 century: modern theory and practice» to be held on February 11, 2014 at the Faculty of International Relations of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
What is an internet conference? It means that the participants do not take an active part in the conference. They only send their materials, which are considered by the reviewers and then published.

Working languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Polish.

Registration fee: 80 UAH for the publication of abstracts, 150 UAH for the publication of an article (mailing fees not included).
The conference will be conducted in the following sections:
Section І. International relations, regional studies and international tourism:

International relations and world politics;

Regional studies and international tourism;

Section ІІ. International law:

Public International law;

Private International law;

European law;

Section ІІІ. International economy:

International economic relations;

World economy;

International trade and finance.

Participation and registration:
To take part in the conference, participants must till February 7, 2014 send an e-mail to with:

  • filled in application form; 

  • article or abstract;

  • images and photos (if they are used in the report), which are attached as separate JPEG or JPG files;

  • students and graduates (NOT PhD students): a scanned copy of the review by the supervisor (person with the academic degree, university lecturer), certified with the stamp of the Faculty.

In the subject of an e-mail please note the title and the date of the conference – ІІІ ISPIC 12.02.14. The names of the files should contain the surname of the participant (Ivanenko_abstract/ Ivanenko_article, Ivanenko_application).

Organization Committee of the conference reserves the right to select and edit the received materials, without changing their substantive content. Reports, arranged without complying with the requirements or sent after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

NOTE! All materials will be checked for plagiarism! If such evidence is discovered, the materials will not be published!
Requirements for arranging the reports:

  • The text of the report should be presented in Microsoft Word (*doc).

  • Volume of abstract – up to 5 pages, article – up to 10 pages.

  • Page format – A4, no numbering of pages.

  • Fields: top, bottom and right – 15 mm, left – 20 mm.

  • Paragraph indent - 1.25 mm.

  • Formulas should be given in a separate line with 1 cm space on the left and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right side of the page, aligned with the right edge. Do not leave any additional space before and after the formulas.

  • Tables and illustrations should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Captions for figures, tables and text titles should be given in font Times New Roman Cyr, 9 pt. The word "Table ..." – is given in a separate line on the right. From the new line should be given the title of the table. Notes to the table should only be given in the text. Illustrations are signed below. Captions for tables and illustrations are centered. All tables and figures should fit the size of the text!

  • Figures and illustrations (black and white, with shades of gray) should be put in the main text of the report and attached additionally as separate JPG or JPEG files.

  • Bibliography list should contain at least 3 items. Sources should be given without repetitions in the order they appear in the text. Bibliography references in the text are given in square brackets specifying the number of the source and page(s) (example [3, p. 154]).

  • Articles should contain summaries and key words in two languages (English and language of the report). Abstracts do not need summaries and keywords!

Registration fee is paid after receiving confirmation of acceptance from the Organizing Committee. To get additional information, please contact the coordinators of the conference.

Example of arranging the report:
Maxim Perebiynis

PhD student

Department of International Law

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Problem of nuclear-free zones in the modern world
Summary and key words in the language of report.
Summary and key words in English.

  1. Давыдов В.Ф. Безъядеарные зоны и международная безопасность / В.Ф. Давыдов. – М.: Международные отношения, 1988. – 192 с.

  2. Буткевич В.Г. Генеза доктрини міжнародної правосуб’єктності індивіда / В.Г. Буткевич // Право України. – 2010. – №2. – С. 44-54.

  3. Довідник з історії України. [Електронний ресурс]. – Режим доступу:

application form (example)

Name, surname of the participant (author/authors of the report)

Maxim Perebiynis

Author’s status (post, scientific degree, academic rank/ student, PhD student, etc.), name of the organization where the author works/ studies

PhD student at the Department of International Law of the Faculty of International Relations of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Information about the supervisor (name, surname, post, scientific degree)

As. prof. Alexander Klimovich, Candidate of Sciences (Law)

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Post address of the participant

Ukraine, Lviv, Sichovych Striltsiv St., 19/1

Index 79000





Problem of nuclear-free zones in the modern world


II, international public law



Organizing committee coordinates:
79000, Ukraine, Lviv, Sichovych Striltsiv St. 19,

Faculty of International Relations

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Coordinators of the conference:
Zoriana Zazuliak

Chairman of the Council of Young Scholars

Andrij Moskalyk

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scholars

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