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Extensive Tree Pruning in Corroboree Park and removal of eucalyptus bicostata

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The Residents

Adjacent to Corroboree Park

Dear Resident

Extensive Tree Pruning in Corroboree Park and removal of eucalyptus bicostata

You may have received my letter dated 27 November 2009 about the planned removal of the Eucalyptus viminalis or Manna Gum (referred to as the Tall Tree) near Ainslie tennis courts. This tree dropped a significant limb and subsequent assessments by tree experts from the Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) and two independent qualified and experienced arborists identified the tree as hazardous
Removal of the tree was initially scheduled for late November but was postponed after nesting birds were found in the tree. The nesting birds include an Australian Hobby and Gang Gangs. Para-webbing fencing was erected around the tree to provide a temporary exclusion zone while additional assessments were made including consideration of issues associated with managing public safety and the birds nesting in the tree.
Those considerations have been completed and the tree is to be made safe through extensive pruning. The Conservator of Flora ad Fauna has issued a licence, under the Nature Conservation Act 1980 that sets out conditions on how the nesting birds are to be treated. Every effort will be taken to avoid harming the birds and the RSPCA has been consulted. Any bird chicks found in the nest at the top of the tree’s canopy will be carefully removed for hand rearing by the RSPCA. The upper branches will then be removed back to the main trunk to remove the immediate public hazard while taking care not to interfere with Gang Gangs, which are nesting in the main trunk. The trunk of the tree will remain intact until consultation with the local community and the Heritage Council determines the most appropriate way to recognise the part the tree played in the heritage significance of Corroboree Park.
A dead tree located in the south west sector of the park also requires removal. This tree is a Eucalyptus bicostata (Southern Blue Gum), which will be removed early in the New Year.
As Corroboree Park is part of the Corroboree Park Heritage Precinct the Department will work closely with the Heritage Council to ensure that heritage issues are appropriately recognised. In particular they will be involved in the planning of replacement plantings. Replacement plantings will occur in autumn next year. If they were planted now they would be unlikely to survive our summer.
TAMS will also be pruning the old yellow box tree that some local residents refer to as the “Corroboree Tree”. The pruning is very targeted and will help protect the health of the tree and extend its life. The pruning, along with some other remedial actions are supported by the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment.
A condition audit focusing on the health of the trees in Corroboree Park will also be undertaken next week with the information gathered informing the long-term management approaches for tree management in the park.
If you have further enquiries please contact Canberra Connect on ph: 132281. If you are a tenant please pass this on to your landlord.
Yours sincerely

Robert Neil

Acting Executive Director

Land management and Planning

18 December 2009

GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601

Canberra Connect: 13 22 81

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